Why the demotion?

A friend pointed out to me tonight that Nick Ayers’s wiki-bio has been updated. Though still the ED of the Republican Governors’ Association, he apparently is no longer “one of the most powerful people in the country.

Also gone is any mention of the “singlehanded guiding of Karen Handel to victory in 2003.” In fact, the whole thing looks to be about half as long as it was before.

Never fear, though; he’s still the “younger version of Karl Rove” — a title apparently conferred upon him for “his work in getting Purdue [sic] elected twice (As the first Republican since Reconstruction) and the Republicans in power in the Georgia Lower House.”

I honestly don’t know if I could tell you what that whole sentence is supposed to mean. Then again, I also would have thought that the Governor’s name would be spelled correctly in his campaign manager’s bio. Oh well.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    The Governor is just going to have to change his name to match the spelling in Wikipedia. After all, everything written in there MUST be 100% accurate, right?

  2. Old School Politics says:

    This is such a serious issue I think we need to let Chrisishardcore go in and fix the Wikipedia issues so that they have the correct info about Nick. Just Kidding! Wikipedia is such a waste of time.

    I still hold to my original position, Like him or hate him, Nick is at the right place at the right time and will continue to benefit from that. We all wish that in our twenties we could head such a powerful organization like the RGA. Glad to see a Georgian do good. Go Nick!

  3. Mad Dog says:

    Old School,

    “Nick is at the right place at the right time and will continue to benefit from that?”

    Are you helping prepare his DUI defense?

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