Is Ben “Fixed Earth” Bridges Also Convinced the Earth Is Flat?

Here is Texas State Rep. Warren Chisum’s letter to his collegues circulating Rep. Ben Bridges (R-Cleveland) memo.  Chisum says he knows Bridges through the National Council of State Legislators.

Here is a link to Bridges actual memo with cites to

Rep. Bridges now denies he had anything to do with the memo.  Not true says Bridges friend, Marshall Hall, whose wife was Bridges campaign manager and who distributed the memo in Bridges name.

“I gave him a copy of it months ago,” said Hall, a retired high school teacher. “I had already written this up as an idea to present to him so he could see what it was and what we were thinking.”

While Bridges is denying responsibility for the memo he says he doesn’t necessarily disagree with it.

“I agree with it more than I would the Big Bang Theory or the Darwin Theory,” Bridges said. “I am convinced that rather than risk teaching a lie why teach anything?”

Bridges has so far resisted apologizing for the memo sent in his name.

“I regret that these people have been offended, but I didn’t offend them because I didn’t put the memo out.”

Where are the Georgia Republican leaders demanding that Bridges apologize?  And where are the lazy Democrats on this?

Thank you Steve for pointing me to this source information.


  1. commonsense says:

    Grassroots means… never having to respond to the other side

    There’s no need to be agressive just wait for the state to come back to the Democrats

  2. Decaturguy says:

    Have you really no been keeping up Jeff?

    Maybe he should apologize for blaming the teaching of evolution in schools on a religious conspiracy by the Jews. I don’t know, just maybe.

    You know, you guys get so stirred up when someone from the left makes what is portrayed as an anti-Semitic remark, where is your outrage here?

    I will freely admit that Jimmy Carter deserves criticism for what he said in his book, and that Cynthia and her father are anti-Semitic bigots What do you have to say about one of your own?

  3. Bill Simon says:

    I’m not sure about how Bridges feels about the geometry of the Earth as much as he probably thinks that HE is the center of the Universe, and, therefore, can dictate what everyone else should believe or disbelieve.

    Someone needs to remind me again why Georgia is close to dead last in education in America…?

  4. Mad Dog says:


    If the earth is flat, like Europeans told Columbus, which side of the flat earth is Georgia’s side?

    I’ve always wondered about that Center of the Universe thing Mr. Bridges has going on. I mean, if Ben Bridges drives from Georgia into Alabama, does the sun back up an hour?

    Seems like more than just the people in charge of time zones would have a problem with letting the guy move around freely in society.

  5. hankreardan says:

    How come the republicans keep voting for people like this.I bet if he ran tomorrow he would do better in the race than any of else could imagine if not win. So why should he change .

  6. Decaturguy says:

    I’m not certain about that Hank. Folks like Nancy Schaefer continue to win, but in that district she should get larger margins of victory that she is getting. She only got 53% in 2006. I would suspect overall Republican performance in her district would be much higher than that. I refuse to believe that voters, even Republican voters in the mountains, identify with the crap Bridges put out there.

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