Can We Keep Them All Straight

Let’s see, so far, we now have:

Ralph Hudgens
Jim Whitehead
Doc Eldridge
Tom Chasteen
Terry Holley

Maybes include:
Barry Fleming
Max Burns
Vince Dooley

We may have to have a daily feature to keep track of who all is in and who is pretending to be in and who just has a toe in the water.


  1. memberg says:

    Isn’t Doc the former mayor of Athens?

    Also, I think it’s worth annotating the list of candidates as to who is creating a special election.

    Also, if the special election for Congress is before the special election for the recently vacated seats, then there’s nothing stopping the losers from running for their old seats.

  2. I know we’re all in love with the status quo, but is “resign to run” how we would do it if we were starting from scratch.

    Georgia didn’t have resign to run until Zell Miller (who was LG and didn’t have to run for re-election until 1982) challenged Herman Talmadge in the primary for Senate in 1980. Zell lost, but then so did Talmadge eventually in the general election. Talmadge’s allies in the legislature, and Zell’s enemies (who were one in the same) didn’t like that Zell or anyone else could run risk free for something like this, afterall Zell was still LG after he lost the Senate primary.

    So they changed the law. But most states don’t have this law. Actually, I don’t think we should have it either, even George W. Bush didn’t resign from being Governor of Texas until the Supreme Court ruled.

    Maybe the legislature could revisit that, although I think you’d need a Constitutional amendment? Can anyone clarify that point?

  3. memberg says:

    The office of any state, county, or municipal elected official shall be declared vacant upon such elected official qualifying, in a general primary or general election, or special primary or special election, for another state, county, or municipal elective office or qualifying for the House of Representatives or the Senate of the United States if the term of the office for which such official is qualifying for begins more than 30 days prior to the expiration of such official’s present term of office. The vacancy created in any such office shall be filled as provided by this Constitution or any general or local law. This provision shall not apply to any elected official seeking or holding more than one elective office when the holding of such offices simultaneously is specifically authorized by law.

    GA CONST Art. 2, § 2, P V

    So, yes, it takes an amendment to change that.

  4. memberg says:

    Courtesy of American Jurisprudence (26 Am. Jur. 2d Elections § 259)

    “Resign to run” statutes:

    State statutes or constitutional provisions which provide that the holders of certain offices automatically resign their positions if they become candidates for any other elective office generally do not violate either the Fourteenth Amendment or the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Constitutional limitations arise only if the challenged provision creates an invidious classification scheme or significantly impairs interests protected by the First Amendment. See Clements v. Fashing, 457 U.S. 957, 102 S. Ct. 2836, 73 L. Ed. 2d 508 (1982).

    So, I know that doesn’t go to how many of the states have such laws, but I think the general concept is that the states are free to have such a law or not.

  5. JayHanley says:

    Doc Eldridge is a former Athens-Clarke Mayor and Commissioner. He would run as a Republican. He was a Democrat as Mayor, but changed parties after leaving office. He briefly ran for Insurance Commissioner while John Oxendine was in the race for Lt. Governor.

    Tom Chasteen is a former Athens-Clarke County Commissioner. He placed third in the 2006 Mayoral election. I’m not sure what party he would run with. He ran as a Democrat for Athens-Clarke County Commissioner then the elections were changed to non-partisan by the time he ran for Mayor. I have heard it said that he may run as a Republican for Congress.

    Terry Holley is a jeweler and the 2006 Democratic nominee against Norwood. He’s also Chairman of the Tenth District Democratic Party.

  6. mainstream GOP says:

    I still feel uncomfertable discussing this since the Congressman has not been laid to rest yet, but I wanted to interject that if Vince Dooly ran, I would send him $1oo, I never would have thought about it..but he would be a great candidate.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Why do you think that, Mainstream? And, please come up with something other than “he coached the Bulldogs for so long”…

    He is an avowed Democrat, in case you did not know that…

  8. joe says:


    It is interesting tha Dooley is an avowed Democrat. His wife (who I think is a better candidate) made a viable run against Burns in the primary 6 (?) years ago,

  9. Bill Simon says:

    And, Joe? Haven’t you run into enough married couples where one is a Republican and the other is a Democrat?

    Again, I am saying Vince Dooley is an avowed Democrat. I’m not really sure what Barbara Dooley is, nor is it relevant to what Mainstream’s comment was.

  10. mainstream GOP says:

    Vince, a Democrat? I havent heard that anywhere before, how do you know?..ohh, well..some things are just more imprtant than a man’s party (Just kidding).

    I guess if he didn’t run, or ran as a Democrat, my second choice would be Berry Fleming.

  11. hankreardan says:

    Hey guys the It looks like us Libertarians will be putting some one up also. I believe it will be the first time in Ga we have ran for a US House seat.
    Here is a clip of the email

    Yesterday, Dr. James Sendelbach, of Rockdale County, agreed to be a LP candidate for the 10th Congressional District formerly represented by the late Charlie Norwood
    You can out more by clicking my name and scrolling a couple of articles.

  12. Lane Watts says:

    mainstream, I remember, growing up back in the ’80’s, that Georgia Democrats tried very hard to recruit Coach Dooley to challenge Senator Mack Mattingly in 1986. He eventually decided not to run, but I do recall him saying he was a Demo.

  13. mainstream GOP says:

    That’s why I never heard that then, I lived in Michigan in ’86..I didn’t move here till that I think about it, the first person I voted for here in Georgia was a Democrat, Zell Miller.

  14. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Amelia says:

    HEY GUYS!!! On Monday at 10:00 am in Columbia County Jim will have his official campaign announcement! If anyone can come, just give me a call on my cell at 770.314.7888!!!
    You can expect to see Max Burns there to endorse Jim and to make a donation to his campaign! I hope to see you there!

  15. serving egos says:

    Being half-facetious here, the only way Vince Dooley runs for Congress is if UGA President Michael Adams throws his hat in. But seriously, Carol Jackson may be the best candidate the Dems have; however, she has the problem of running for too many succeeding offices…secy o’state, state sen., Ga. Dem Chair…at what point does she lose candidate credibility and become another Ralph Nader or Akhtar Sadiq? Of course, she could become the Dems’ Johnny Isakson.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    Coach Dooley USED to be a Democrat, which most Georgians USED to be a Democrat.

    In all honesty, it would be nice to see some non-traditional candidates step out and run for this seat and open up the log jam of politicians serving in DC.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Bull…he was still a Democrat as of 2004. So, that’s quite a bit different than the folks who switched parties after Sonny’s win in 2002, ‘k?

    And, unless you’d like to claim that you are in direct, daily contact with Mr. Dooley right now, I am sticking with the presumption of his remaining a D. Which would mean that if he were to run, and get elected, he would be joining the “D” caucus in the House.

  18. saltynuts says:


    Are you sure that your ideological problem with Dooley isn’t more UGA v. Tech than Dem v. GOP?

    I also think it’s quite possible that someone like Dooley might get elected as a nominal Dem, then go to Washington, see the group of Martians calling themselves the Democratic Caucus and turn GOP like Nathan Deal (and arguably Zell, though ZZZM never took the “D” off from behind his name).

    Finally, IIRC, Vince Dooley voted in the GOP Primary in 2002 (or whenever it was that his wife ran).

    Anyone able to pull Vince’s Primary voting record?

  19. mainstream GOP says:

    Salty that’s a good point, If anyone here has access to Voter Vault we can pull up his primary voting record…theoretically speaking, even if he were to run as a conservative Democrat, they already have a sizeable majority..if he supports conservative legislation and then even as you have suggested switched parties out of frustration..I don’t see how party will matter all that much, but we’ll just have to see first if he runs, and then how he runs.

  20. Jmac says:

    Tom Chasteen is still a Democrat, though a moderate one. He’d be a pretty popular pick from both sides of the political aisle in Athens-Clarke County, though I don’t think he’s officially declared, is he?

  21. Jeff Emanuel says:

    No, not yet. However, there was talk that if he ran on a larger stage than Athens-Clarke, he might cross the aisle.

    In the 47th, which is largely a GOP district, the “D” tag would be more of a detractor, and a moderate like him might be able to do better under the Republican banner.

    I don’t see him outperforming, say, a Brian Kemp regardless what his declared affiliation is, though.

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