Rep. Bridges Equates Teaching Evolution to Indoctrinating Students in Ancient Judaism

Apparently not content to let Rep. Steve Davis be the most wacked out member of the Georgia General Assembly this week, State Rep. Ben Bridges apparently has been circulating a memo, which found its way into the hands of the Texas Legislature this week, arguing that teaching evolution in schools “amounts to indoctrinating students in an ancient Jewish sect’s beliefs.” 

Here is an excerpt from Rep. Bridges memo in the Dallas Morning News:

“Indisputable evidence – long hidden but now available to everyone – demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution science’ is the Big Bang, 15-billion-year, alternate ‘creation scenario’ of the Pharisee Religion,” writes Mr. Bridges, a Republican from Cleveland, Ga. He has argued against teaching of evolution in Georgia schools for several years.

He then refers to a Web site,, that contains a model bill for state Legislatures to pass to attack instruction on evolution as an unconstitutional establishment of religion.

Mr. Bridges also supplies a link to a document that describes scientists Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein as “Kabbalists” and laments “Hollywood’s unrelenting role in flooding the movie theaters with explicit or implicit endorsement of evolutionism.”

Found via Blog for Democracy.


  1. Skeptical says:

    Seriously, is it in the GAGOP handbook to make this state the laughingstock of the entire nation. I mean really…it’s getting awfully hard to make fun of Alabama and Mississippi anymore.

  2. Scotlion says:

    Whether creationism or evolution is true, this type of unintelligent rhetoric only serves to stiffle productive dialogue about religion and the state.

    For a even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square visit

  3. David says:

    We all have to remember that we live in one of the most backassward states in the union. With Sonny “Boss Hogg” Perdue, to no alcolhol sales on Sunday and with student test scores only slightly higher than that Hoggzilla they killed the other day. Most of the folks here, including many in the legislature, operate with significantly fewer than the normal set of chromosomes.

  4. grabbingsand says:

    Holy Sh!t.

    The cited website not only endorses the teaching of creationism in schools, it also … well … I’ll just copy and paste the statement:

    The Earth is not rotating…nor is it going around the sun.

    That’s right. Their goal is to destroy the “counterfeit Copernican Model.”

  5. StevePerkins says:

    LOL… that STR website is a very entertaining read. Under its etiquette discussion, check out this example they offer of how to “graciously” tell a homosexual friend that they’re not welcome on your property with their fag partner:


    I need to let you know that although we love you and look forward to seeing you, we don’t want you to bring your friend with you. We have nothing against him personally. If he were visiting as an individual under other circumstances, that would be another matter. I don’t believe in ostracizing others whose behavior I disagree with.

    This situation is different, though. In so far as the two of you are in the relationship you’re in, welcoming you both as a couple would be treating as good and normal a relationship which is neither.

    Our concerns may cause you to cancel your visit. I hope not. We’d like to see you. However, in good conscience we must insist on this principle in our home.

    Your Name Here

  6. newworld says:

    Now, I say this as a Christian and a Republican.

    16 And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners? 17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
    Mark 2:13-17.

    I would think that the greatest goal of a Christian would be to be Christ-like. Just because one disagrees with another person’s life-style choice does not give him or her the right to reject that person from his or her household. This is simply not Biblical.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Apparently you’re not from ’round Georgia, are ya?

    You cannot quote parts of the Bible that do nothing but slap the faces of the “righteous” political Christians in this state with driving gloves. Doing so is akin to calling one of them ‘yeller.’ 😉

  8. Scotlion says:

    While anyone is free to argue the biblical interpretation of the aforementioned letter (linked at:

    My point is that the letter is written in a civil and polite tone. When someone explains their faith or morality they should do so like Greg Koukl does in this letter, not like Rep. Bridges did in attacking the Jewish religion or insulting scientists.

    Incidently, I am baffled why StevePerkins used this quote:
    “Under its etiquette discussion, check out this example they offer of how to “graciously” tell a homosexual friend that they’re not welcome on your property with their fag partner” in his post.
    Mr. Kokul, nor I, would ever use such a degrading term in expressing our disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle.

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