Let’s Conversation!

Though I really think it should be called “Let’s Conversate,” SpaceyG and her lovely southern accent has a good bit to say about Rudy making a run in South Carolina.

Folks, you mock my words, er . . . mark my words, Rudy will not have to explain his position on abortion, his position on gays, or his dressing up as a drag queen. He can explain each of those as being mayor of New York and recognizing these as local/state issues best left up to the state and locale.

Rudy will, however, be forced to answer for his record on guns — an issue that will dog him all over the south.

[Ed. — Dude, this ain’t got nothing to do with Georgia Politics. Keep this crap off the front page.]


  1. GOPeach says:

    Sacey’s family has been in South Carolina ever since WHITE PEOPLE have been on THE PLANET!!! LOL

    Sooooo who was the first WHITE PERSON?
    That is a great question!

  2. DeacfromGA says:

    We are crazy if we don’t have Rudy run for President in 08. Otherwise we are giving the presidency to Hillary.

    Just ask yourself this question…Who would the terrorists fear the most?

  3. DougieFresh says:

    I am not entirely happy with Rudy, but unless some other Republican steps up, he is the only one that stands any chance. No one is going to vote for the other empty suits and lunatics.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Georgia. South Carolina. Is there really a huge difference, Editor Dude? SC says “Jump” and GA says “How high?”

    I personally feel it IS front page-worthy. But I doubt you’d be “sponge worthy”… (Remember THAT Seinfeld episode?)

  5. Amber says:

    *I* remember it, SG, even if no one else does.

    I have my theories on what constitutes “front-page worthy” here at the Peach, but for now I shall keep them to myself.

  6. JRM2016 says:

    All contenders other than McCain are D.O.A. in South Carolina. All of the Bushies from last time have switched to McCain. The money guys, the party guys, etc. are all for McCain. Giuliani, Romney, should focus on other southern states.

    And yes, South Carolina RTL will care about Rudy’s pro-choice stance. Who would have thought John McCain’s adopted children, some of whom happen to have dark skin, would have been an issue in 2000? But they most assuredly were.

    Rudy prancing around in drag, his pro-choice and most importantly his pro-gay marriage positions will be played over and over and over in South Carolina and he will lose everywhere…except Charleston County.

    McCain will win South Carolina, and probably the GOP nomination because we vote for people who have paid their dues and its his turn. Unless someone enters from stage right with real credentials (Gingrich?) it is McCain’s to lose.

  7. DeacfromGA says:

    JRM, then GOP voters in South Carolina are truly stupid. Last time we ran a person whose turn it was we lost big time…Remember Dole/Kemp?

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