Is Barry Fleming 2007’s Manchurian Candidate?

I don’t really know much about Rep. Barry Fleming, so I headed over to his Legislative Bio Page.  Man, this guy has worked for a lot of Democrats in his lifetime.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his father (former Columbia Co school board chair) was a Democratic before Columbia became a super-Republican county and politics necessitated a change.

I guess my question is, do Georgia Republicans care about RINO party switchers anymore.  I know they used to, but would you guys look at someone’s prior leanings and associations in making a decision about who to send to Congress?  Georgia is seemingly proudly “red” — do you guys want to send a message to the Congress, or someone who might be a Democrat if they lived in North Decatur instead of North Augusta?


  1. jsm says:

    Lee Hawkins took a lot of heat from “RINO hawks” in his bid for State Senate 49, because he was a party switcher. His late father headed the local Democratic Party for eons, and Lee had even given money to some Democrats. However, those of us who know his principles knew that the Democratic Party had left him and that he belonged in the GOP. To me, the RINO designation is determined by what a person believes.

    I don’t know much about Fleming, and I would rely on his voting record to decide whether I could support him.

  2. MrGOPJr says:

    To answer chrisishardcore’s question, No, it makes no difference to me that Rep. Fleming has worked for Democrats in the past. Many of us who grew up in Georgia and the South came from families that were Democrats at one time. I did and I am as conservative and Republican as they come. For many, many years, almost everyone in Georgia and the South was a Democrat. As many will say and have said, “I didn’t leave the party, it left me.”

    The point is Rep. Fleming is a Republican now. Besides, I think our GOP legislators are smart and politically savvy enough to not elect a closet Democrat as Majority Whip.

  3. MrGOPJr, if you remember the Manchurian Candidate movies, you will know that we Democrats will not activate the latent Democratic tendencies of Mr. Fleming until he is seated in Congress. Not even Mr. Fleming is aware of his potential, which is how he can run for and win the GOP whip’s position 🙂

  4. Old School Politics says:

    If the worst thing that Barry Fleming has ever done is work for Democrats like Governor Joe Frank Harris then I say there is no issue here.

    Barry is a true Republican and a good and decent person. Georgia will be well served by his leadership in Washington should he get elected. Go Barry!

  5. drjay says:

    seriously–he interned for nunn and harris in college and you are worried he’s a closet liberal or something–he wasn’t working for andy young or wyche fowler!!! i love and admire oue ga gop forebearers like coverdell and mattingly and isakson–but seriously have of the ga gop is made up of former dems if you think about it—look no further than our governor for heavens sake…

  6. DutchDawg says:

    Jen – sorry about that. I figured as long as we’re speaking in generalities…when in Rome. I have met (and corrected) many people from Harlem and Thomson who claim to be from Augusta. I guess if you’re in a 40 mile radius of Augusta National, your an Augustan

  7. GAWire says:

    >>”””Is Barry Fleming 2007’s Manchurian Candidate?”””

    Who the hell is Barry Fleming?!? I’m more concerned about Barrack Obama!

  8. Jen says:


    You’re right that most people claim to be from the bigger area (Augusta, Atlanta, etc). I do it fairly regularly when I’m outside of Georgia because I figured most people won’t be that aware of Georgia geography…

  9. RuralDem says:

    I’d just like to say that to any Republican who is hesitant about accepting party-switchers, just think, if it wasn’t for the party-switchers, you guys would still be in the minority.

    Georgia is a conservative state, there’s no doubt about it, but there’s still a decent size of old school conservative Democrats who have not switched parties.

  10. RuralDem says:

    Georgia is a conservative state. I’d say socially conservative/fiscally moderate. Party affiliation in Georgia is much different than elsewhere because of the longtime rule of one party. The whole red/blue (in the sense that it’s a Democratic state or a Republican state) argument about this state is pointless.

  11. jsm says:

    Calybos, somehow that map doesn’t look very scientific with its “election results.” Who drew the big Paintshop blobs on there?

  12. Tommy_a2b says:

    I do not know much about Barry Flemming but what I do know is that he is ver ambitious. Nothing wrong with that. I know of the candidates being bounced around or the ones who have announced I will have to support Sen. Jim Whitehead unless he says something dumb like I am for giving all illegal free: education, healthcare, and housing. Wait, they already get that. Barry seems nice enough but I am really tired of Lawyers right now and he is one. Do we not have enough Lawyers in Congress?

  13. drjay says:

    whatever calybos–suffice it to say w. has won the state twice about 60-40, we have 2 gop senators, even a lot of our dems are fairly moderate–like marshall and miller–but they are pretty blue dots i suppose…

  14. IndyInjun says:

    Dutchdog wrote “I guess if you’re in a 40 mile radius of Augusta National, your an Augustan”


    I am from Evans and have always said so.

    Other than the spectacular golf tournament, Augusta has been mired in mediocrity for decades, although the recent leadership of Mayor Copenhaver shows great promise to return the city to respectability. The people are great, but the politics and social stratification are pretty darned intransigent.

  15. Craig1 says:

    I have known Barry personally for many years. He is a Republican and a conservative. His father was also an honorable man and a friend. I would be proud for him to take Charlie’s place.

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