General Note & Apology

In the past week I have gone from Macon to Atlanta to Washington to Atlanta to Macon to Atlanta to Missouri to Kansas to Missouri to Atlanta to Macon.

I apologize for being both absent on the front page all week and negligent in responding to accumulated emails and tips.

I’m back now.


  1. DougieFresh says:

    I think you are improperly adding Atlanta (and Missouri) to your itinerary to garner sympathy. If you just went to the airport in Kansas City and Atlanta, they don’t count.

    Here is the corrected version….

    “In the past week I have gone from Macon to Washington to Macon to Kansas to Macon.”

    Which reduces by the transitive (or is that the distributive) property to “I went to Washington and Kansas this past week”.

  2. Doug,

    He is using the distributive, dimminutive, emphatic equalization affect. i liked the first version with seven “to(s).” Since we are starting our own demican language here at PP, maybe next time Erick can just say i went tooooooo
    such and such or if he goes by spaceship; which is his preferred means of travel, may i suggest: “i went to 7xo.”

    All i want to know is “WHERE ARE THE PICTURES, SHOW US THE PICTURES and what kind of shoes are the fem de la creme flight attendants wearing these days and are the costs covered by Delta and were they all ready when Erick was?”


  3. Mad Dog says:

    Did your shoes slip on and off at the correct moment?

    Did your water bottle find the trash before it was trashed in the news? (I’d guess yes to the last)

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