A venomous rant against a very sick man

And from the former chairman of the Oconee County Democratic Party, no less.

Dan Matthews, Jr., who once chaired the Democratic Party of Oconee County, and who blogs at Oconee Politics (hosted at OconeeDemocrat.blogspot.com – the former official site of the ODP), posted some very poorly-thought-out comments about Representative Charlie Norwood, who, as was reported here, declined further treatment in Washington for his failing health, and has returned to hospice care at his Augusta home.

Showing his personal stripes as a hateful, callous “progressive,” Matthews, under the title “Charlie Norwood coming home; won’t resign seat,” made such sensitive and appropriate comments about Norwood as, “Oddly he may actually make a case for Dr. Kevorkian style euthanasia in his waning days,” and “…if he is refusing treatment, the least he could while still alive is to resign the seat with dignity intact” (emphasis added). That last had the obligatory “We certainly wish the best for Congressman Norwood” tacked on to the front of it, but, given the context, it does not seem possible that any eight-word phrase could ring more hollow.

Referring to options in that seat in the event that Norwood passes away during this term in Congress (something which we have done here, as well), Matthews said that “Governor Perdue will have to call a special election after Norwood’s evidently eventual extinction” (emphasis added), and offered up Terry Holley, the Democrat nominee whom Norwood defeated 67.4% to 32.6% in November, as a candidate, citing the fact that it will be “a non-partisan election so he may actually have a chance this time.”

On that count, Matthews is calling on Terry Holley, should he choose to run, to do so under the dishonest pretense that he is a non-partisan or independent candidate. The qualifying form for the special election specifically asks party affiliation, leaving it as a blank to be filled in. However, a candidate can voluntarily check the box next to “independent” and run as a non-partisan — even if he was the Democratic nominee only three months ago, and even though doing so would clearly be an attempt to trick people into voting for someone who claims to be independent to mask the handicap (in that district) of being a Democrat.

With regard to the post in question, though, Matthews ends with this incomprehensible conclusion: that the sickness of a man whom he has just called on to resign or be the victim of “Dr. Kevorkian style euthanasia” in his “eventual extinction” somehow “proves an old adage one step further: Republicans want to control how you are born, how you live and how you die, and now it seems control your life after they die.”

Figure that one out. The only thing conclusive and comprehensible about that comment — and about the post that preceded it — is this: Dan Matthews, Jr. is so full of sickening hatred for an unwell old man that I really do, very simply, feel sorry for him. It must be excruciatingly painful to live every day under the weight of that much hate.

Again, I offer best wishes to Mr. Norwood and his family — and the hope that they can be comforted, at peace, and sheltered from vitriolic rants such as this in their final time together.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Quick note – before other “progressives” in the mold of Mr. Matthews attempt to morally equivocate about this by bringing up Senator Tim Johnson’s unfortunate medical condition, let’s look at how Republicans like those at RedState responded to that situation: by uttering such hateful, repugnant statements as “Our thoughts and prayers are with the senator and his family. We wish Senator Johnson a speedy recovery,” and, “Our thoughts and prayers remain with Senator Johnson.” Yes, that’s the same.

  2. Jeff,
    As it’s early, I’ll give you one free “typo” pass. It’s “VenOmous,” not venEmous, m’kay?

    I clicked over and read that idiots blog. If he has put a coherent thought together, it was well-hidden.

    If you think it’s painful to live under the weight of that much hate, you really must weep for Matthews living under the weight of all that stupidity.

  3. My previous comment disappeared, so at the risk of double posting: Jeff, it’s venOmous.

    And that Oconee Democrat blog is pathetic for being stupid and incoherent. While Matthews is obviously gleeful at Rep. Norwood’s illness and the prospect of his death, you have to look past a lot of run-on sentences and non-sequitors to see it. Not worth the time.

  4. John Galt says:

    To quote Ann Coulter, “Are liberals evil or just stupid?”

    I hope there is a special ring of hell set aside for the evil lot.

  5. commonsense says:

    If this blog devolves into pointing out every stupid thing that’s said in politics there isn’t going to be room for much else

  6. Skeptical says:

    I would like to point out that true progressives are wishing for his recovery, and in lieu of that, hoping that his final days are comfortable and filled with joy at being home and with his family. That hate filled little man from Oconee is not representative of anyone with any sense of compassion or decency.

    This is from an earlier post on this subject in the thread “It is crass, but…”:
    Skeptical // Feb 8, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    Even though Congressman Norwood and I are on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum, I do wish him well and hope that he is as comfortable as he can be here at home. I truly admire his wanting to spend his remaining time with his family at home. He and his family will be in my thoughts.

  7. ABB says:

    “Governor Perdue will have to call a special election after Norwood’s evidently eventual extinction.”


  8. Jeff Emanuel says:

    rugby: NO. This is one person, and I am not in any way attempting to make him into a broad brush with which to paint all — or, hopefully, any other — Democrats.

    I do think it very noteworthy, though, that he is the former (recent) chair of the Oconee County Democratic Party, and that his blog, on which these statements were posted, is the former official site (same domain and url) of the county Democratic Party.

  9. serving egos says:

    The content and opinions expressed by Dan Matthews, Jr. or published on any website, blog, or other form of electronic media by Dan Matthews, Jr. do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are
    they endorsed by the Oconee County Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Georgia, or any of their affiliates.

  10. TigerLily says:

    Obviously this moron doesn’t understand what hospice is and what that means for the patient.

    There is a special place in hell for sick people like him.

  11. Mad Dog says:


    I don’t think God sends sick people to Hell. I sort of kind of thought God tries to heal the sick.

    Unlike Nancy Schaefer who thinks God punishes evil people with cancer, hurricanes, and various blights.

    If you don’t want people passing their judgements on the dying, don’t be passing your judgements on the living.

    That make some sense to you?

  12. MrGOPJr says:

    I believe TigerLily was referring to “sick” as meaning “despicable” or “twisted.” That describes Mr. Matthews perfectly.

    I think we can all agree Mr. Matthews’ comments were incredibly inappropriate and insensitive. He should be ashamed of himself.

  13. Mad Dog says:


    If you want to put words in TigerLily’s mouth, go right ahead.

    Given the filth coming from Ann Coulter’s mouth on a daily basis,and others labeling all the dead in New Orleans rightfully dead in the wraith of God Almighty, etc etc etc … I guess one man’s insensitive and indifferent opinion is too much the the junior GOP and the mainstream GOP to handle.

    Damn all the bleeding hearts, eh?

  14. TigerLily says:

    Mad Dog:

    The “sick” person I was referring to was the man spewing venom about Congressman Norwood, Mr. Mathews, who in my opinion is twisted beyond comprehension.

    As for the rest of your nonsense comments, I am not taking the bait.


  15. DougieFresh says:


    Mad Dog is just a juvenile delinquent, and it is pointless to try to reason with him. He knew exactly what you meant and was trying to cause trouble, or his grasp of English is as poor as his grasp on reality.

  16. DougieFresh says:


    You are right, that no matter what religion or lack of religion you hold sacred, it is quite presumptuous to think to know who will be sent to hell. However, TigerL’s comment was more or less a figure of speech, than some form of bible thumpery. I seriously doubt that she was attempting to invoke God’s wraith in order to cast Mr. Matthews into the pit of hell.

    The part of your comment that I had a problem with was your claim that she was criticizing Norwood, which is obviously not the case.

  17. Mad Dog says:


    I understood that Tiger Lily was not criticizing Charlie Norwood.

    I was upset with using “sick” to describe people who have no illness.

    I read the “source” remarks and found them very mild given some different information and perspective.

    I’ll accept that Tiger Lily was using a couple figures of speech to express herself.

    Will you accept that opinions vary on what the written word means based on not only content, but perspective and information?

    You can email me if you wish at [email protected].

    I’d be glad to hear from you.


  18. becky_v says:

    While I find Dan’s comments offensive, I’ll defend anyone’s right to say what he thinks. However, I’m not sure how long someone carries the title of “former” chair of the Oconee Democratic Committee. He is no longer the chair and certainly does not represent the thoughts or positions of those on the committee. Congressman Norwood was our elected Representative to Congress. I respected him, despite many differences in policy positions, and I respect the office that he held. More importantly, my thoughts continue to be with his family and friends as they seek comfort in their loss.

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