Hudgens, Kemp and things to come

State Senator Ralph Hudgens has said that he would run for Congressman Norwood’s seat, should it become vacant. I think that is a given at this point.

Who will replace Hudgens? A friend sent me something he’d heard at the capitol, that Brian Kemp would run for the open State Senate seat. Kemp previously represented the 46th district, but due to the redistricting that took place in the Athens area last year, he nows lives in Hudgens district.

I mean no disrespect to Norwood or his family by posting this.


  1. mitchmartin says:

    Since we are all faceless bloggers that use fake names, I don’t think there is any harm in speculating.
    I really thought Harbin had his eye set on that seat, but it appears as Barry Fleming will be the only House member to run. Fleming vs. Hudgens isn’t exactly a barn-burner, huh?
    Kemp running for Hudgens’ seat makes a lot of sense to me.

  2. hankreardan says:

    Question if there is a race for his seat will it be non partisan?
    OK I am not Hank Reardan I am Doug Craig (Libertarian)

  3. bowersville says:

    The Times quotes Hudgens (Pye’s link above) “When there is a vacancy, my intention is to run….” Tacky, I agree with the statement of Senator Douglas.

    Murtha insinuating military budget cuts over Pelosi’s plane. Juvenile.

  4. MrGOPJr says:

    Correction to the Times article: Doc Eldridge is a former, not current Mayor of Athens and a Republican, not a Democrat as reported. Eldridge was a Democrat as Mayor, but switched to the GOP after leaving office.

  5. atlantaman says:


    Are you saying it was Hudgen’s who gave free advertising space. I’m not disputing it, just looking for clarification.

  6. bowersville says:

    Is the billboard accurate? That is the question for Murtha? As an young Marine, always a Marine, I believe it is. Semper-fi!!

    Don’t give me your CRAP on the military must always follow the orders of civilians. We know that.

    The question is, does Murhta speak for the civilian authorty?

  7. Nicki says:

    I hate those billboards. I hate them because they take a discussion about a debate and make it personal. Murtha’s comments are about the military’s functions, and those billboards are all about Murtha. Also, a billboard is the more cowardly option.

    As for who’s running, I’m disappointed that Max Burns is not running. I’m actually quite fond of Burns, though of course I prefer Barrow — I’d be perfectly willing to vote for him if he were up against almost anyone else.

    I sincerely hope Kemp isn’t running because he’s a lying snake. He has a few good characteristics, but not many. But I have it on decent authority that he may not run — he apparently didn’t enjoy his run for Ag. And Ralph Hudgens? Yuck. Totally irrational, a shameless panderer, and has little understanding of either the legislative process or what topics are appropriate for that process.

  8. jsm says:

    I’m hearing lots of criticism regarding those eyeing Norwood’s seat, but I think that is misplaced. I understand that Norwood doesn’t want to be put in the grave before his time is up. However, I would think that considering his medical condition and the fact that he has put himself into home hospice care, he would understand and acknowledge his greatly increased odds of being replaced before the end of his term. I would also think that he would be working behind the scenes to bolster the person he would most support to replace him should the worst happen.

    While we pray for Congressman Norwood’s healing, I think good candidates should prepare to take up his mantle. Thirty days is a short campaign, and a viable candidate will have to be prepared on day one.

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