Some legislators willing to discuss GDOT vote

A while back I posted on the secrecy of GDOT elections. Today the AJC has a list of 23 legislators that are open discussing their vote and what they think of the voting process.

Many of them compare it to voting in a regular primary or general election. I could not disagree more, virtually every vote taken on legislation in the General Assembly is recorded and available on demand. GDOT should be no different. I believe it’s matter of transparency and open government. But those are my two cents.

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  1. Josh D Ondich says:

    my two cents on this issue is why can’t the state legislator divide the GDOT board into districts,then allow voters from each district to vote on who should represent their district in the GDOT every 4 years. no term limits necessary, just each district voters vote every 4 years on their district’s representative.

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