1. Adam Fogle says:

    so what if all three of you p in the same place.


    There is not yet an internet acronym that properly captures some of the stupid crap you write. “WTF” does no justice to my thoughts whenever I attempt to read your “genius” comments.

    I can honestly say that I never seen you post anything – ANYTHING – that makes a lick of sense to a rational person. Do you posses the ability to at all effectively communicate using the English language?

    Maybe we should hook you up with Mr. and Mrs. GOPeach and the rest of her cast of delusions so y’all can form some kind of love octagon.

  2. GOPeach says:


    I am NOT Liberty and you know that!
    Soooo don’t start with that again or I will have to
    got the BFD and leave PP.

    They are wanting me to hang out with them now.

  3. GOPeach says:

    Adam –

    I absoutley hate to agree with you but…

    I am glad you pointed this out about Victor –
    He is way over my head with his random phrases.
    It’d hard for me to connect the dots. I thought you guys “got him”. I sure as heck don’t.

  4. Adam Fogle says:

    No GOPeach, we can easily confirm that you and Liberty Belle are one in the same. The IP’s are identical. What more information do you want?

    Should we publish your e-mail and IP address on here to confirm?

  5. Bill Simon says:

    I thought IP address only stays the same if you are hard-wired to the Internet. If you have a BellSouth, or an AOL, or a Comcast connection for your DSL service, every time you re-boot your system, that IP address changes, no?

    And, in order for one to have a permanent IP address, one would need a static IP address, such as one from a T1 or T3 connection, right?

  6. Adam Fogle says:

    See GOPeach, that’s 5 consecutive comments… why do you think you annoy people? Try gathering all of your crazy thoughts into one nice, concise comment, and post that rather than 5-10 straight sporadic thoughts.

    Anyway, to the point, there’s no way that someone else can have your IP address, especially not within the extremely close time period that you went back and forth between Liberty Belle and GOPeach.

    But if you want to continue to be a moron, then I think we’ll be more than happy to make public not only the IP address in question, but also your e-mail accounts, so that PP readers can flood your inbox with pleasant e-mail detailing their thoughts on you.

  7. mainstream GOP says:

    Bowersville, I seriously doubt it…what “anti-republican” would know that much about Cindy, she is obviously a very close friend.

  8. GOPeach says:

    If Erick revealed my e-mail-

    He would be going back on what he promised me.
    He said he would not reveal my personal e-mail address.

  9. GoPeach,
    it almost sounds like boy Fogle is obsessed with tracking you down and borderline stalking (see definiton below) you with threats of flooding your email. Guess that’s what you get for being a woman that doesn’t know her place and talks back on the big peach.

    Hope this is easier for you children to uderstand:

    Stalking Defined Georgia Code

    OCGA 16-5-90:

    A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person.

    For the purpose of this article, the terms ‘computer’ and ‘computer network’ shall have the same meanings as set out in Code Section 16-9-92;

    The term ‘contact’ shall mean any communication including without being limited to communication in person, by telephone, by mail, by broadcast, by computer, by computer network, or by any other electronic device;

    and the place or places that contact by telephone, mail, broadcast, computer, computer network, or any other electronic device is deemed to occur shall be the place or places where such communication is received.

    For the purpose of this article, the term ‘place or places’ shall include any public or private property occupied by the victim other than the residence of the defendant.

    For the purposes of this article, the term ‘harassing and intimidating’ means a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes emotional distress by placing such person in reasonable fear for such person´s safety or the safety of a member of his or her immediate family, by establishing a pattern of harassing and intimidating behavior, and which serves no legitimate purpose.

    This Code section shall not be construed to require that an overt threat of death or bodily injury has been made.

  10. GOPeach says:

    Mainsteam …

    Cindye is spelled Cindy E !

    We are friends but not REAL close. I just supported her in 2 campaigns and you get
    to know a lot about someone when you
    work with them.

    Cindye stays busy with het family and her
    business. She is a public speaker and owns
    a statewide tutoring company. She is on
    the go a lot …. BUT You can ask Bill Simon
    She will always call you back or respond
    to e-mails. VERY responsive. She makes
    everyone feel important.

  11. So Fogle posts 4 long comments

    (with improper tensed english such as “i never seen”)

    about Gopeach’s 8 short comments;

    does this mean he is half as nutty as he is accusing GP of being?

    Chill chillun, the Saturday morning cartoons will be on in about 6 hours…

  12. mainstream GOP says:

    sorry about misspelling her name, my Aunt is named Cindy so I am just used to spelling it that way, I’ll have to say, I dont think I’ve seen another Cindy spelled CINDYE..but I’ll try to remember from now on

  13. Oh and to clarify the above post questioning EE about the rumor that Erick is considering running for Pres of Macon City Council:


    “Moffett “Strongly Considering” Race for Macon City Council President”

    mid ga moderate said…

    I think there are several good options with people currently sitting on council that would make a good choice – Mike Cranford, Nancy White, Wilette Hill-Chambliss.

    It seems that you need to have some experience with the issues to be effective.

    -On a very strange note, I hear Erick Erickson is considering a run.
    3:52 PM

    Erick hasn’t denied it yet… and i’ve asked him twice, so this rumor may have some roots…

    If you get the urge to argue anymore, go listen to some roots music and take a tour of the Ocmulgee National Monument Indian Mounds at:


    to clear your head…

  14. Brian from Ellijay says:


    Isn’t this the same exact thing I got my front page privileges revoked for? How is it different?

  15. Know Nothing says:

    Wow, peach pundit has gone to shit.

    First there are all these dumb posts about Capitol Interns (I think like 3 front page posts) and now there are all these posts about GOPeach.

  16. Rick Day says:

    I would expect this bantor and repartee during the off season. Not in the MIDDLE OF THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION!

    I don’t know who scares me more, you distracted people who are supposed to be running the gummit, or GOPeach!

    (snapping fingers) come on, snap out of it!

    Damn cabin fever!

  17. DougieFresh says:

    Too much obsessing over GOPeach. Sure she is obviously Liberty Belle, or at least someone in her household is, but who really cares?

    Maybe if the blog had an ignore user comment, people can get on with their lives, but I fear everyone would end up talking to themselves.

  18. Liberty Belle says:

    I am not “GOPeach”. Trust me. There is only one “GOPeach”.

    I agree with Rick. Let’s not make GOPeach or Liberty Belle or anyone else a focus. Let’s stay focused on the issues at hand.

    For instance SB 5 –

    In 2005, the U.S. Congress passed H.R. 1268 provided certain standards that state driver’s licenses or identification cards must meet by May 11, 2008 in order to be recognized by the federal government. The Real IDs must include, at a minimum: name, birth date, sex, ID number, a digital photograph, address, and a “common machine- readable technology” that will be selected by the Department of Homeland Security. The card must also contain “physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes.”
    However, there is a concern with the Real I.D. Act in regard to privacy. This bill recongnizes that this one- size-fits-all approach may compromise the privacy of individuals and may lead to a higher vulnerability to conterfeiting. Senate Bill 5 authorizes the Governor to delay compliance with certain provisions of the federal REAL ID Act until the Department of Homeland Security guarantees that implementation of the Act will not compromise the privacy of Georgia’s citizens.

    S.B 5 also requires that any non-citizen applying for a drivers license or ID card be verified through the SAVE system provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

    You can see the SB 5 here:


    Who supports this ? I sure do!!

  19. Bill Simon says:


    How much would you like to bet that more than one person can have the same IP address in the same proximate time period?

    Before you ponder how much you would like to lose, I will tell you that in a LOT of companies, there is only one connection to the Internet and, everyone piggy-backs onto that connection with the SAME IP address.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    The reason I point this out to you, Adam, is that Liberty Belle and Peach write ENTIRELY different from each other…which is why I believe they really can be two different people on the same IP connection to the Internet.

  21. Erick says:

    there have been four people in the history of Peach Pundit to use that same IP address.

    One of them is GOPeach, the other three have served as sock puppets getting on to echo a previous comment from GOPeach or to praise GOPeach’s bravery or to sing the praises of Ralph Reed.

    Three of the email addresses connected to the IP address have common identifies linking them to one person.

    Given all of the similarities, etc., and the fact that the IP address was a static IP address, I can only conclude that these multiple people are the same person.

  22. Adam Fogle says:


    As Erick pointed out, we went back and searched GOPeach’s IP address in our records and found, as he said, “the other three have served as sock puppets getting on to echo a previous comment from GOPeach or to praise GOPeach’s bravery or to sing the praises of Ralph Reed.”

    First, let me say that we have NEVER done this before and ONLY do it when something funky is going on… and with GOPeach, it was.

    The similarities in writing (yes, Bill, she did attempt to conceal her identity with Liberty Belle by changing her style, but not with the other two names), coupled with the reasons laid out above by Erick, led us to investigate the situation.

    Second, as has been pointed out, we have been paying a great deal of attention to interns and GOPeach lately, but that was only a result of demand.

    People like posting on those threads, they come back to check those threads, and it can be interesting stuff. Plus, to an extent, it is rather cathartic for all of us to purge some of the less pertinent stuff so we can focus on Georgia politics.

    And nobody gets hurt – except maybe the crazies and those who play themselves into it. But it’s their fault for playing themselves into it.

    Bottom line: the threads can be off topic, and if you are distracted by them, read other posts. At the end of the day, we are still covering Georgia politics and still offering users a chance to stay updated and be opinionated.

  23. mainstream GOP says:

    it’s called acting Bill, obviously she tried to have a different style of writing to throw us off…has she really fooled you?

  24. debbie0040 says:

    Is it improper for me to point out that GOPeach has a husband and other members of the household?

    Is it improper for me to point out little old thing like NAT?

    Remember the whole episode with the Handels and Brian Laurens and Brian releasing the IPs of several posters and saying it was the same person? Remember it was found out it was not the same person? You relieved Brian of his posting abilities for releasing that information. Double standard.

    You seem to forget that and are on some inquisition against GOPeach and it is disgusting!

    You men are really intimindated by her, aren’t you?

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