Carter to Discuss Book

President Carter will be on Emory’s campus on February 22, 2007, at 11 a.m. to discuss his new book, Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid.

The speech will be in Glenn Memorial. The public is welcome. No Jews Allowed.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Well, I guess I’m eligible (although my youngest brother is STILL trying to convince me that he and I — but not our parents or other two brothers — are Jewish); however, I think that I can safely say that I literally would not be caught dead there.

    We already had our three-day “Lessons of the Carter Presidency” coronation ceremony up here in Athens, anyway.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Balls! Well Erick, you can’t claim he lacks balls…he’s walking into a virtual bee hive considering the demographic make up of Emory’s student body.

  3. Skeptical says:

    Why does it take balls to walk into a situation in which you know you are right?

    The truth may hurt, but it is still the truth nonetheless.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Yeah, those Jews should have called the five minute rule before leaving to wander the desert for forty years. Man law would have dictated that they get their spot back.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    I know you’re just joking around, Erick, but it’s simply not true that President Carter is an anti-Semite or is dodging Jewish protesters. His speaking tour has deliberately included Jewish colleges and other predominately-Jewish audiences… he’s answered questions directly and candidly of his critics, and has promised to change some poorly-worded passages in future printings of the book.

    I don’t feel educated enough on the details to offer an opinion of whether Carter’s ideas are wise or grossly misguided. However, I’m certain that the man is no bigot, and I believe it’s a serious political problem that American leaders can’t question the Israeli government at all without being smeared as anti-Semites.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    “His speaking tour has deliberately included Jewish colleges and other predominately-Jewish audiences… ”

    I heard that he personally requested they book engagements at delis, banks, accounting firms and talent agencies. He even called Jesse Jackson for directions to “Heimie-town.”

    “I’m certain that the man is no bigot”

    Me too.

  7. Calybos1 says:

    The common notion that Israel = the U.S., and that we therefore must agree with everything they do, is a poisonous one that can only cause trouble.

    No country is perfect (including our own). Why should we unquestioningly back everything Israel does and insist they have no responsibility for ANY of the bloodshed in their own backyard?

  8. mainstream GOP says:

    I would like to read this book when I get a chance, I agree with President Carter that Israel is not a true Democracy in that it treats people of Arab decent (both Muslim and Christians) as 2nd class citizens..they force Palastinians to use secondary roads rather than those Israelis can travel on and the Israeli government is natorious for destroying Palastinian apartment complexes to build a random road, and then giving those displaced Palastinian families a UHAL trailer to live in, not to mention this wall that is the equivalent of the Berlin wall, and many people don’t know it cuts off 1/3 of the West Bank from Palastinians…so I can clearly see what he means by peace not apparthied, the Israeli government is not innocent, it is an obsticale to peace..Not as bad as the Hamas government of the PLO, but they are not innocent in the least..I rarely agree with President Carter but Im glad he is a Christian that is putting his faith aside when he evaluates this issue…Both Democrats and Republicans need to fully understand this issue rather than blindly support Israel 100% of the time…if they did we would probably have more respect in the Middle East.

  9. bowersville says:

    Mainstream GOP,

    I am-pro-zion, please quote your sources, you shithead, You are full of it. Pro-Carter, mainstream, I beg to differ, give your argument, please by all means, kiss my ass, right in the crack, you bastard.

    Tell me about apartheid, What do you know about it? Obstacle to Peace, asshole like Mainstream, travel to Hartwell and kindly kiss my ass, right in the crack.

    And if you don’t agree, I’m available for you to meet me, one on one, and you…well you decide, I’ll give you the opportunity!

    I’m here, you want some, come get it!

    Palestinians? What’s your source, asshole mainstream, anti-Zionist pig?

  10. gatormathis says:

    I encourage you guys, in the spirit of competition, to meet, greet, and beat the hell outa each other.

    Loser is “crack-kisser” for a day.

    Talk about tetchin a nerve………wow!

  11. mainstream GOP says:

    Bowersville..WOW!..chill out man, you sound like a drunk spiting out random obscenities.

    I think I’ll pass on the offer, thanks anyway..Im not that passionate about it…and I can not understand how you can misconstrue what I said to be “anti-zionist”..the truth is although both sides have major areas to work on if they truly want peace, Israel deffinatley does more than Palestine in order to promote critisism is not of the Israeli people, but their government…however, I think Ehud Olmert is doing a slighly better job than Ariel Sharon did.

    My mother and her family are from Lebanon, they are all Christians. I was in Lebanon 2 years ago, and me and my family wanted to follow the foot steps of Jesus and visit Israel, we drove from a northern suburb of Beiruit south to the Lebanon-Israel border..we had all of the proper documents such as our American Passports to prove we were American citizens, however the Israeli border patrol would not allow us to come through..we don’t look Arab, so it couldn’t have been from profiling..and even after I told them they were welcome to search the car, they wouldn’t budge, not to mention I had 3 kids in the car so they certainly couldnt assume we were attackers. So, I had to drive all the way back to Beiruit and we did end up seeing Israel on that trip, but we had to fly from Beiruit to Athens (4hr lay over) and then change planes and fly into Jerusalem. Driving would have been much faster and much cheaper…so I hope that gives you just a glipse of how the Israeli government treats those who arn’t Jewish…not just Muslims, but Christians.

    I am Christian, I believe the Israelites were God’s chosen people..but like President Carter, I am willing to put my faith aside when I assess foreign policy.

    We Americans supply Israel with the most advanced weapons possible, and I agree with us doing that because if they did not have these weapons as if nothing else detorants..Iran or Syria would have deffinatley taken them out by now….but I can not understand for the life of me, how when they have these extremley advanced and accurate weapons…were talking missles that can reach the exact desired target with in a 6ft radius..why do they wipe out entire Palestinian appartment complexes (killing women and children) in order to kill 2 or 3 members of Hamas in the same appartment..there is no exscuse for this carlessness, if we did this in Iraq..we’d never hear the end of it.

    A perfect example is this mini-war they had against Hezbolla last summer, they had all these state of the art missles and planes and yet they killed more innocent Lebanese people (including women and children) than they did Hezbolla fighters..not even by a little, were talking a 5 to 1 ratio..and they left thousands of people with destroyed homes, with no financial aid to help clean up the enormous mess they I said this carelessness is unacceptable, and if we did this in Iraq there would be severe consequences, yet we just sat by and watched it happen on CNN and didn’t even call for a cease fire…and we wonder why so many of these people view America with hate, they need to know we don’t just blindly support Israel and that we have the ability to say when they are wrong.

    Your use of such crude language shows you have no real grasp of the situation over there..and I encourage you to start researching, find the one side is innocent and neither are fully committed to peace in the really do need to research this and develop youre own oppinion, rather than rely on Pat Robertson to tell you what to think…Im no expert, but I know, I’ve been there, I’ve met the good people that are living in the middle of all of this..they have many various view points, but we need to wake up and find a real solution to this problem

    Youre not going to hear the full truth from an American politician (Democrat or Republican) because they are so affraid of offending someone, and they want to tell the people what they want to hear..and they know AIPAC will line the pockets of their opponents if they dare speak against Israel, and you wont hear it from much of the American press because it happens so often and the story gets old to us after a while, and they too would face mass comlaints if they spoke in a bad light of the Israeli government.

    So yes, I don know what Im talking about..and I hope if you comment back you can find some more advaced vocabulary.

  12. mainstream GOP says:

    by the way, those two Israeli soldiers thate were kidnaped which sparked the mini-war against Hezbollah are still in captivity, and the numbers of the non-Hezbollah Lebanese that were killed during that conflict was 900+ (women and children includes; Muslim and Christian)..this neglegence would never be tolerated if we were to do it in Iraq.

  13. bowersville says:

    Main, I have been there, have close friends there, correspond there (email), sorry to come off as a jerk.

    I don’t listen to Pat Robertson at all, but I am pro-Zionist…I should leave it there.

    Next time you get a Katusha (sp?) in your back yard or I get one in my back yard, perhaps we can speak of this again.

    Until we live in the Middle East, I don’t think any of us will understand.

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