Yes, Memberg Made Me Do It

Getting a Facebook Account that is.

A couple of observations. One of our front page writers’ accounts at Facebook is filled with pleasing eye candy.

Apparently if you are male and have a Facebook account your picture must either show you with an attractive female or an adult beverage in your hand (excepting Capitol Interns who would never do such a thing).

It actually gets kind of addictive trolling through your friends’ friends’ stuff.

Who is Chris Dempsey? All of my friends are friends of his and I don’t know him.

Lots of people will be at CPAC this year. And they all have Facebook accounts. I’ll be there too.

I think I’m too old to really get it.


  1. Know Nothing says:

    Erick you are correct in saying that a capital intern would not have that. A few of my friends work in different staffs (federal level, state level) and their bosses specifically asked them to get a facebook account so they could look up people who applied for internships. A few were actually denied the internship because of the facebook profile.

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