1. Skeptical says:

    We can spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on a fool’s errand in Iraq, but we can’t make sure that the most vulnerable among us have health care.

    The more I think about Bush refusing to grant emergency funding for GA and a dozen other states, the more it pisses me off.

    No Child Left Behind…whatever.

  2. lmc in south georgia says:


    Peach care is a nightmare of bureaucracy. Six years ago when my dh taught at a private school (read: no benefits) we opted for Peachcare. After 6 months,
    he went to work for the public school system and we then had the pitiful insurance that the state offers. At that point, I let PC know that we were no longer eligible and to please take us off of their rolls. Six years (and no premium payments!) later and they still will not stop “covering” my children. Even after numerous phone calls where I explained to them that it was ILLEGAL for us to accept Peachcare when my dh works for the state.

    There is no telling how much money has been wasted through this system.

  3. Mad Dog says:


    Are you indicting private schools for providing no insurance? Meaning private industry screwed you and your “dh.”

    Or, maybe you’re bragging by complaining because you still don’t have ‘enough’ insurance?

    So you can’t get enough insurance? In private industry or through public employment or by being in Peachcare?

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