Okay, Stop It!

Yes, yes, Chan Gailey is going to retire and run against Nancy Shafer as a Democrat. You can stop telling us now. Good grief.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Chan. Did you ever know that you’re my hero??!!! Heck yeah! I’ll even blog for free for your campaign, but you’d likely just fire me within a coupla days (for my personal blog history of course. Just like those Edwards’ gals.). Still, I am, like, TOTALLY, behind your campaign here at the SGR.

    “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!!!” …. oh, I can’t wait to sing that loud and proud. One day we shall, out here in Munchkin Land.

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    If Chan is elected state senator, Mark Richt will run for Lt. Governor so he can continue his domination over Mr. Gailey and those little boys from Georgia Tech.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    I support many schools rugby fan. I am also fond of Georgia Southern, UGA and (usually) Georgia Tech among others.

  4. ColinATL says:

    Demonbeck sounds like one of them milquetoast flip-floppers, kind of like Mitt Romney. What are you, Swiss? 🙂

  5. Demonbeck says:


    My point was that both Clemson and Virginia Tech are engineering schools in the ACC with ethically-challenged (at best) sports programs.


    There are many reasons I could have Demon in my name.

    I could be a DePaul Blue Demon fan as well. Or perhaps I just read too much JK Rowling as a child and have reverted to worshipping Satan.

    Scientists occasionally invent hypothetical entities with special abilities as part of a thought experiment. These “demons” have abilities that are nearly limitless, but they are still subject to the physical laws being theorized about.

    Perhaps the name mocks those who claim to “cast out the Demons” so often in politics. By placing a “Demon” on these boards, I am sticking a thumb in their eye – saying that there is one Demon who refuses to be cast out.

    Perhaps I wrote for the nation’s oldest humor magazine with the name Demon at Harvard. http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~demon/

    Ever think of that? Huh? I thought so.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    In case there are some Demon Deacons on these boards, I just want to say, though, that Arnold Palmer is the greatest golfer who ever lived and always will be, “Brian’s Song” is second only to “Pride of the Yankee’s” as the all-time greatest sports movie, Jon Abbate is a young man of whom all Georgians should be proud and Billy Knight is an imbecile for not picking Chris Paul.

    Al Hunt is still a bastard though.

  7. buzzbrockway says:

    So Coach Chan Gailey (CCG) has the best recruiting class he’s had while at Tech, is coming off a 9 win season and a trip to the ACCCG and he’s going to resign to try to become a State Senator for the minority Party? What are these people smoking?

  8. Mad Dog says:

    Someone spelled her name wrong.

    People outside the 50th know her as Nancy Schaefer.

    Within the district, every one knows her by a single name and it rhymes with ditch.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    Demonbeck, I considered all of those. I also considered the very distinct possibility that you could be possessed.

    Then I did a Google search for demonbeck.

  10. bowersville says:

    I was in Habersham county Wednesday night and I didn’t hear any talk of this BS. By the way, I graduated from a Habersham high school in ’69. So, if Chan wants to return home to Habersham at the behest of the Democrats, so be it. But first Chan, check the landscape.

    There was not a single candidate for any office in Haberahm in the D column other than Carol Jackson and she lost.

    So Chan, the Democrats apparently agree with me. REGGIE SUCKED!

  11. jsm says:


    A 9-win season and a loss at the ACCCG is underachievement considering the talent Gailey had to work with. I’m not very hopeful about him coaching up this new recruiting class, either. He needs to be fired. Tech needs a coach that can consistently win games and that fans can get excited about.

    I hope this rumor comes true.

  12. dingleberry says:

    I think the Rumor is BS. However, Gailey is building a house on Lake Burton in Rabun County, part of Nancy’s district.

    Maybe it’s a cooincidence?

  13. dingleberry says:

    What if the source is wrong?

    What if he plans on running as a Republican against NS in the primary?

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