It’s Time for Prayer, Not Politics


When all is written about Charlie Norwood, one thing stands out in my mind — he fought for individuals. He was a tireless fighter for the rights of individuals to choose their healthcare options. He was a tireless fighter for our military. It does not seem right to say “was,” but those day are not sadly past. He is home now with his family. We honor Congressman Norwood and wish him God speed.

I asked Todd Tibbets to write up something about Congressman Norwood. Below are Todd’s thoughts:

Because of Congressman Norwood’s current condition, we should pray for him and his family. Prayer is what his office asked for yesterday in the PR mentioned earlier on this site.

For those who want more information about his life, this is a link to his bio.

Congressman, your enthusiasm for life and your spirit for doing well for others has been appreciated and seen by many, including us. Thank you for serving your country in many ways and creating a path for others to follow.

God Bless you Charlie, Gloria, and your family.

Your family is in the prayers of our family.


  1. Rusty says:


    “It’s Time for Prayer, Not Politics”

    Sentences 2 and 3:

    “But for Charlie Norwood, HillaryCare might very well be law today. He was a tireless fighter against it.”

    Do you even read what you post here? Please at least offer a pretense of following your own advice.

  2. PT_Windsor says:

    I found this garbage as I was perusing the blogs in Norwood’s district. I’m trying to find the right words, but this guy, Daniel Matthews, is truly a classless bastard. Read on:

    Congressman Charlie Norwood will be coming back to Augusta, GA “to let God do what He may”, according to the ailing Dentist. The Congressman has refused treatment in Georgetown to come home to a 24-hour hospice care. Oddly he may actually make a case for Dr. Kevorkian style euthanasia in his waning days. Governor Perdue will have to call a special election after Norwood’s evidently eventual extinction. Terry Holley would like you to consider him for the position, if you please. There will be a non-partisan election so he may actually have a chance this time. Holley addressed the Oconee County Democratic Committee meeting the last two months and talked about Norwood’s increasingly grave condition. We certainly wish the best for Congressman Norwood, but if he is refusing treatment, the least he could while still alive is to resign the seat with dignity intact. Death is a tremendously difficult subject to write about, and it proves an old adage one step further: Republicans want to control how you are born, how you live and how you die, and now it seems control your life after they die.

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