Ethanol for Georgia

And jobs for Soperton. I’m not really a fan of ethanol, but this is good news economically.

A biofuel plant planned in Soperton would turn wood chips into ethanol in a project billed Wednesday as a first-of-its-kind use of new technology.

Gov. Sonny Perdue announced the initiative Wednesday. It was quickly hailed by development officials and alternative fuel proponents alike, who called it a giant step forward for the small rural city and Georgia’s burgeoning alternative fuels industry.

Range Fuels Inc. plans to build the new plant in phases, initially employing 69 people to convert the remnants of harvested pine forests into ethanol, which can be used to power vehicles, company CEO Mitch Mandich said.

Mandich said he couldn’t put an exact cost on the investment his company plans to make, but that Perdue’s estimate of $225 million was reasonable.


  1. Cotton Boll says:

    It is worth noting that Governor Perdue chose the legislative breakfast event put on by Gary Black and the Georgia Agribusiness Council to make this announcement. It’s all about moving agriculture forward. Where have you been Tommy Irvin???

  2. DougieFresh says:

    Erick, from a economic conservative point of view, do you think it is wise to use tax money to help fund a technology that is nothing more than a handout to farmers? And make no mistake the only reason any of these plants are going forward is the subsidies and grants from the federal government.

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