1. Erick says:

    Yay! Let’s let a freshman congressman dictate policy for the military.

    Perhaps he can also do a resolution telling the military where to direct their nukes. I’m sure they need micromanagement from Congress in that area too.

  2. Adam Fogle says:

    Well, apparently he won’t be carrying on the precedent set forth by his predecessor of only introducing slain-rapper-related legislation.

    Unless I missed a section.

    Either way, good luck Hank. What’s the over/under on this “reasonable solution” making it out of committee?

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I’d say “worse” than Johnny Isakson’s repeated attempt at an enforcemen-first immigration amendment’s chances of ever making it through the full senate.

  4. bowersville says:

    This is to easy to decipher. 1st Hank’s proposal, then my answer.

    Hanks proposal; “the conduct of street patrols should be the sole duty of trained Iraqi troops.”

    Iraq “has become a civil war.”

    Our troops should; Hanks words, not mine,

    “fortify sensitive areas in Iraq.” and

    “respond to destabilizing emergencies throughout Iraq.”

    We should; again Hank’s words, not mine,

    “dialogue with Iran, Syria and other countries…”

    My response;

    Withdraw to Kirkuk, protect the oil flow, withdraw from the street patrols of Baghdad, allow the civil war, once the slaughter is over, tell the other countries the US is here to stay.

    I can’t see waiting any days or months for Hank’s proposal to pass. It’s a gem, and my proposal is completely within Hanks frame work.

    Good job interns!

  5. kenneth1 says:

    I’ve read the Iraq Study Group report and it sounds like Hank has too. His resolution emphasizes an area vital to security in Iraq – an area that seems to be ignored by the president. No, Congress does not need to micro-manage our wars, but the Republicans have been crying for some time that Dems don’t have a plan. Well, here is a plan.

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