Commemorative Capitol Intern Open Thread

Having stumbled out of someone else’s bed, chugged a little more beer to cure the hang over, walked through the rotunda to bask in awe of themselves, and sucked up to a couple of legislators in the hallway this morning, the Capitol Interns’ day is over. Now it’s just a countdown to more free beer.

So here’s an open thread to pass these boring hours away.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Ahhhh…. our future. How proud we are of their preening skills. Rivaled only by MBA candidates over at Emory. I think global warming is surely man-made, caused by the ludicrously-inflated egos of our bright-young-things.

  2. Tator says:

    Actually, it is more like I removed myself from my own bed, poured me a glass of sweet tea and showed up at the office at 7:15. After taking a few minutes out for a cup of coffee, I started my day’s work. Now, it is time to challenge myself to do the best job I can throughout the day. I don’t make impressions by sucking up to legislators in the hallways. I make impressions by proving that I do my job so well that I am ready for something bigger.

  3. Scotlion says:

    Having gotten out of my bed (next to my wife and newborn son) this morning, I poured a Dr. Pepper to try and stay awake during my hour and a half commute.

    I did walk through the rotunda to bask in awe of this place and what it stands for prior to sitting down at my desk to get some work done around 7:45am.

    Unfortunately I decided a few minutes ago to take a look at Peach Pundit…a practice I may soon discontinue. I was hoping to read about some important piece of political news…but it seems that grown men with law degrees (and other upstanding associates) can’t let the intern issue die. Probably because we are the most interesting thing to happen on this website in a long time.

    Alas, 7 hours from the present the Capitol Interns’ day is over. Now it’s just a countdown to the next imbecilic comment attempting to debase what is apparently the most interesting thing in the state…the personal lives of my fellow interns.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Yes, Rugby Down South, I believe that’s the case. Should best just be left to schadenfreude fer sure. (Love that word! Now I’m going to have to go use it in a blog post.)

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Hey Rugby, you’ve got Andrew Sullivan schadenfreude envy? Hmmmm… what does that tell us?! (His blog is insanely popular; in the Top 100 now I think. I wish more “real” writers would blog, but they’re all such narcissistic, preening as*holes, as a rule, they think they’re just too good to blog. Arrogant you-know-whats.)

  6. rugby_fan says:

    What does that tell us? That I am jealous of him being one of the most influential Catholic bloggers (and I am not in said company).

    We also share many similar thoughts on the death of conservatism (a blog post is sure to be written in the coming hours on this very topic)

    I do, however, thoroughly disapprove of his rugby allegiances.

    But, I do agree that this is the greatest try ever scored (if only for the commentary; “If the greatest writer of the written word had written that, none would have believed it”)

  7. Tator says:

    Sorry, no time for rugby today. I have committee meetings for which I must prepare. Maybe I’ll have a chance to watch it this weekend though. Wait, I have to work this weekend too…

    I don’t suppose you could post a link to some simplified rules (hand signals used by the officials, etc), could you? I went to a match last weekend and had no clue what was going on…

  8. GAWire says:

    Having stumbled off of my office couch, poured a glass of scotch and straightened my tie, I yelled out the office for one of those suck up interns to stop staring at the female intern and go to Starbucks for a venti. Also told him when he gets back he better stop messing around online and open all the mail that’s coming in. Meanwhile, I have to go sit through a committee hearing … maybe I can skip out to go have a drink and send that lazy a** intern in my stead …

  9. memberg says:

    Cut the shit, Tator. If you are being intellectually honest when you say that you are intent on “proving that I do my job so well that I am ready for something bigger,” then I pity you.

    Think about what your work is:
    Preparing for a committee meeting entails nothing more than making copies (if you didn’t just pick them up from the Clerk) and maybe delivering them and maybe posting a notice on the bulletin board. And mayyyyybe calling some people who told you they wanted to testify when a certain bill was on the agenda.

    Interns do almost no policy work whatsoever. And the amount of office/clerical/grunt work they do is governed by how strict the legislator’s secretary is, i.e. she (or he, I guess) can easily do all the work if she wants.

  10. Know Nothing says:


    I want to state for the record that you are completely wrong about the interns and it is obvious you never were one….

    No self respecting intern would ever wake up in someone else’s bed and then immediately chug a beer to cure a hangover. A self respecting intern would always choose a Bloody Mary, after waking up in someone else’s bed.

  11. memberg says:

    An addendum and a disclaimer:

    Addendum: I support the internship program, and I believe that 95% of the benefit is to the intern, with 5% to the legislators.

    Disclaimer: Law students far surpass interns in the realm of doing nothing all day.

  12. Tator says:

    You are right. Preparing for a committee meeting is not glorious work. But, it has to be done to make sure those who DO deal with policy can focus on THEIR job. My job is to enable them to focus on their important work without having to worry about this “trivial” work being completed.

    Tell me, is it so wrong to reach for excellence in everything thing I do, without regard to its level of triviality? Or should I just accept and embrace the mediocrity and apathy that is so prevalent in our society?

    There are many things about politics that seem trivial. During a campaign, knocking on doors, making phone calls, stamping mailers… none of it seems important. But when was the last time you saw a major campaign that neglected these tasks?

    If the grunt work goes unfinished, the government will not cease to function. It just will not function as well. The work of everyone in this building is vital, from the janitorial staff all the way up to the Governor.

  13. GAWire says:

    In some ways I agree with Tator (although not really). It is seriously scary how much policy is affected by staff people making $20K a year (at the federal level – there really is no such thing as effective policy at the state level, as of late).

    Kids who studied polisci (i.e. beer, partying, etc) come out of school to either “gain experience” or “build resume” and they find themselves advising MoCs on legislation … let’s say intelligence or healthcare related policy.

    Now, take a kid who is barely making above the poverty line, living with 5 other people in a 2 bedroom apt on the Hill, more concerned about the softball game against another MoC’s staff on the Mall … do we really want them working on that sort of stuff?!?

    It really makes me think … about having another scotch.

  14. Walt-G says:

    Awww.. Were you old farts made fun of in high school? Its ok, we interns understand that some people are not privileged enough to intern at the state capital. And you get paid to make fun of 20 year olds? Wow, you have come far in your career endeavors. Where can I sign up? Actually, I’ll keep my internship. You know, meeting powerful people, working on legislation, and building a resume (something you forgot to do when you were young). It’s ok, let me know if you need a promotion or if you want me to put in a word for ya. I will see what I can do.

  15. Jen says:


    I’m wondering if you were completely serious when you said, “You know, meeting powerful people, working on legislation, and building a resume (something you forgot to do when you were young).”

    If so, damn did I have a good laugh with that.

    A former Capitol Intern.

    PS. Someone please tell Erick that his resume is sorely lacking in Capitol Intern experience and that if he had that, who knows what he could have done with this life!

  16. memberg says:

    Walt, I too thought I’d be able to leverage some sort of permanent position out of a job in the Senate (I was not an intern), but at least I wasn’t arrogant about it. That made it a lot easier to swallow when I discovered that is impossible. You will receive no significant favors/patronage from being an intern, and you definitely cannot grant any. Better that you figure that out now.

    And Tator: Don’t change the subject. Obviously, grunt work is immeasurably important to a campaign. But back to the General Assembly: NONE of the office work is ever done by the members, and ALL of the office work could be done by the year-round staff, save having to run around and deliver stuff. That said, I always say that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Just don’t keep patting yourself on the back.

  17. Know Nothing says:

    Interning is just another form of hazing. When I am done LS, I cannot wait until I have my own interns to do all the filing, answering phones, and of course, picking up my dry cleaning.

  18. Walt-G says:

    Yeah the arrogance was for fun.. and I wanted to add to the negative stereotype that this blog created for interns. It seems that everyone is enjoying it, especially toward Simpson. I just dont like when people knock on a guy who speaks what he feels. Whats wrong with enjoying a job?

    And no, most of us do not try for a permanent position after the internship. Its about learning, networking, building relationships, and most importantly, law/graduate school applications.

  19. GAWire says:

    >>”””we interns understand that some people are not privileged enough to intern at the state capital.”””


    If I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d be pissed that you just made me spill my afternoon Starbucks on my nicely pressed shirt!

  20. GAWire says:

    >>”””It’s ok, let me know if you need a promotion or if you want me to put in a word for ya. I will see what I can do.”””

    Damnit! Now all of my coffee is gone AND its my pants are going to need to go to the cleaners!

  21. Scotlion says:

    On a serious note…

    What do all of these folks who post every 3 minutes do for a living?

    I mean, as a drunk, womanizing intern I must have far less work to do than anyone else associated with state government (even including the nice older couple that provides “security” at the CLOB)…however, with all my free time I still can’t seem to find the chance to write a comment on PP 8-10 times an hour.

    Perhaps it is my inexperienced youth (and insobriety) that has me so perplexed…please educate. Thanks.

  22. GAWire says:

    Uh, I get paid to make fun of interns on political bl0gs? Aren’t you jealous now, byotch!

    >>”””Perhaps it is my inexperienced youth (and insobriety) that has me so perplexed…please educate.”””

    In due time … in due time.

  23. Know Nothing says:


    Law School is a time to sit on computers and do absolutely nothing during the day but wish you weren’t in law school.

  24. memberg says:

    I disagree. That may apply for the first year, but second year (and I imagine third year) you cling onto to the non-reality that is law school. Basically, once the stress of being a 1L goes away, everyone realizes that law student life is better than lawyer life.

  25. Josh4507 says:

    On a lighter note, I would be interested in hearing from all former interns who actually got jobs from thier internship. I even returned the next year as an aide and ended up as a ED of a small non profit. Granted, it was mostly a clerical position, I had a great time.

  26. Ben Marshall says:

    Memberg and Jen, I am curious as to how bad of a time you had as an intern? I know plenty of people that were interns and enjoyed it and used it to transition to something else. Often times, people have used to get another internship somewhere else, and follow such pattern to get a job.

    Memberg if you thought you’d get a job straight as an intern, than you just set yourself up for disappointment, and that’s your own damn fault. Plenty of others have used it as a stepping stone.

    So, don’t blast these kids now because of what you failed to do.

  27. Jen says:


    I never said I had a bad time as an intern. On the contrary, I had a GREAT time for precisely for the reasons Erick has stated – having lobbyists pay for your lunches, hanging out with other interns.

    My point is that a lot of these interns take themselves too seriously.

    I interned while in college and later worked there during law school, mostly out of my addiction to politics. I never planned on working under the Gold Dome. Trial work is much more interesting.

  28. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I like tator’s attitude. The rest of you need to take your next lunch break and go buy a friggin sense of humor.

    You sound like College Republicans with all of that sanctimonious “I’m doing something with my life!” stuff. Grow up, fellas. Enjoy your internship for what it is, learn from it, and apply it to your future decisions and endeavors. Do NOT pretend like you are important, or like your job is. You could be replaced by anybody, at any time, and nobody would ever know the difference; however, if you learn well from this and other experiences, you can develop a skill and a work ethic which could serve to make you indispensable in the future.

    Most of all, you can learn what you enjoy to do, and what you don’t.

  29. gatormathis says:

    Mostly it is about the prestige of hanging out in the midst of the legislature, while in session.

    It’s the “Lawmakers” show, except it’s live.

    The AJC Political Insider………..except you just happened to be standing there when the bill that was passed, just started gaining momentum.

    Some page somewhere got to pass out a 1st draft HOPE Bill one day. I wonder if he/she still has a copy of it?

    When you stand next to folks, and see them face to face, somehow it’s a lot easier to remember them.

    You get to live out picture book and newspaper life, ……..except it’s “live”………..

    Besides, when you’re young, it is wonderment.

    When you get older, you’ll know you’re” paying for it”.

  30. GAWire says:

    Hey Emanuel … what do you know? I mean, all you’ve done is serve in the Air Force, go into special operations, fought in the war on terrorism, etc.

    Maybe if you intern in the General Assembly, then you can talk to us!!!!

  31. Jeff Emanuel says:

    In all seriousness, I agree with Gatormathis, and I love tator’s attitude.

    Keep drivin’ on, tator, and do everything you can to the best of your ability, man. 🙂

  32. not an intern says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to correct the record.

    “You sound like College Republicans with all of that sanctimonious “I’m doing something with my life!” stuff. ”

    Ouch Jeff! I don’t think it was that long ago when you wanted to run the UGA CR’s, either by strong arming executive committee meetings or by dating the chairwoman. Just to bring recent history back to mind, didn’t you use to be one of “those” sactimonious guys? But remember, you’ll never be able to get away from your friends in Athens!

    And who did you support for Lt. Gov? Be honest now Jeff. What was on your mind Pre-July?

  33. Demonbeck says:

    Don’t lambaste these kids for taking their duty to their state to the point of ridiculousness. Their sense of pride in their workmanship should be applauded.

    They aren’t picking up dry cleaning for a paycheck, they are picking up dry cleaning to create a better State of Georgia.

  34. Tator says:

    Just for the record, I haven’t had to pick up dry cleaning… That’s a good thing.

    The shop would wreak havoc on my hangover… 🙂

  35. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Yeah, I’ll bite.

    Ouch Jeff! I don’t think it was that long ago when you wanted to run the UGA CR’s, either by strong arming executive committee meetings or by dating the chairwoman. Just to bring recent history back to mind, didn’t you use to be one of “those” sactimonious guys?

    Sorry, friend, look somewhere else for that. I did my time, did my job, and left when my term was up, and you know what? I’m glad I did all of those things — I learned a lot, especially about the vast majority of the kids in the club (not just at Georgia) who think that it’s a real “power,” “policymaking” organization, and who think that politics = causing drama — two things which are patently false, and which occur only to people who harbor ambitious delusions of grandeur.

    “Dating the chairwoman” (of a college club) as a means of acquiring power? Wow. Good to know where your priorities are. I’ve had the same girlfriend for over a year, and if you’d like to insinuate some “power play” there, you’ll just look like more of a fool.

    “Wanted to run the UGA CRs”? Do NOT make me laugh any harder, or I won’t be able to type any more. I have a suggestion: Grow. Up. Real life, and real success, is a bit more than “running a CR chapter.” Not that you’d know that, of course.

    Oh, and nice job of using a real name to post here – sure takes a lot of bravery to call out someone who puts there own name out there, from behind a pseudonym. Coward.

    Anything else, partner? 🙂

  36. GAWire says:

    I don’t believe anything Not An Intern says because … well, he’s not an intern. I only put stock in things Georgia Capitol interns say.

    I mean, seriously think about it … can you really trust anyone unless they’re an intern?!?

  37. Tator says:

    Ah Jeff… If you only knew…

    Tator comes from an old nickname. In one of my previous [student] leadership positions, I had a problem with being a dicTator. So, I’m not really named after a snack food. 🙂

  38. Scotlion says:

    Thanks for the service Jeff. I served 96-04 and it was a great experience that really defined my work ethic. Unfortunately I also got a alcohol problem…which of course made me perfect for my current intern position.

    btw: for the record I am not a CR…being in associations cuts down on the drinking time 🙂

  39. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Thanks yourself, Scotlion. You know that nobody does it for the thanks, but it’s always nice to hear. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, partner. For all the crap we dish out here, it’s all good-natured and in good fun.

  40. Tator says:

    Scotlion, I would have thought being an intern would cut down on our drinking time. Evidently not… 🙂 CR’s is not any different; haven’t you already seen how much the two are alike?

  41. Demonbeck says:

    Yeah, the only difference is that you have to bring your own mixer to CR’s – Coca-Cola provides you mixers at the Capitol.

  42. not an intern says:

    Jeff, your articulate use of the English language almost scared me out of responding. Then again, I am a coward, so that should go without saying. You have called me worse though, so I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. To the other points:

    You know who I am. If you didn’t before, you’re going to check IP’s in a minute anyway. It will tell you.

    In reference to paragraph three, line two; an insinuation of my priorities would mean that you would have to know me, so, either you do (which would lead to the logical conclusion that I’m not hiding behind a false pseudonym, and conclusively not a coward according to your recorded logic), or that perhaps you misread the statement (which was an insinuation about your motives for dating, not mine sir.) Psychology 1001 would have taught you that this is a fallacious argument, by attacking the person, you are indeed attacking the argument, but such is not the case.

    In paragraph 3, lines 3 and 4, you committed another flaw in logic by stating the if I did insinuate that which you accused me of insinuating, I would look like more of a fool. Again, back to Psych 1001: in order to look like more of a fool, I would have to first look like a fool, and, though all your buddies on here will soon post attesting my foolishness and insanity, all my original post did was remind you that there are folks who know your past so make sure you always say the same thing, regardless of the crowd.

    Well gentleman, hack away at me. How does it feel to be put on the other side of the fun wagon?

  43. GAWire says:

    *flag* I think there could be some violations in documentation of Not An Intern’s references.

    Is that MLA or Chicago style? You don’t want to run into the same problems with plagiarism that your boy Ralph Reed had.

  44. dingleberry says:

    not an intern:

    You are a f***ing moron. Go away. Your existence is pointless. You should realize that God only created you so he could have a good laugh. It troubles me that I have to breath the same air as you. You are a drain on society, and you have no friends. Eat shit and kill yourself.

  45. Walt-G says:

    Not an Intern:

    Congradufuckinlations…. You took philosophy “critical thinking” and you listened during the logical fallacy lecture.. If your point was to win an argument by breaking down someone else’s, you lost. Because now you look like an idiot.

    One more thing.. Your not even an intern.. So shut the f*ck up… I hate to say it, but I like dingleberries…

  46. Donkey Kong says:

    Not an intern,

    Let’s talk about looking like a fool. Did you ever take an intro Psych course? It’s intro PHILOSOPHY classes that discuss logical fallacies, not intro Psych classes. Don’t believe me? Check out the syllabus here:

    So, here’s some logic for you: either you didn’t take intro Psychology and thus are talking out of your ass, or you took it at some school other than UGA. If you didn’t attend UGA, then you obviously don’t know Jeff as well as you thought when you said “you’ll never be able to get away from your friends in Athens!”

  47. Emerald Isle says:

    not an intern –

    Please get off your high horse and remember that you are talking about a college club, a club in which members are volunteers and are there to LEARN about politics – not to go around parading like they know everything.

    And remember, not an intern, politics aside, nobody likes a whiner. So post about something that’s worth our time or don’t post anything at all.

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