1. Chris says:

    I’m thinking if you want to promote church attendance, you have to deal with the hangover. Thats what usually keeps me in bed on Sundays, repenting and praying for mercy.

    We should legalize Sunday Sales, and ban sales on Saturday.


  2. jsm says:

    I just don’t understand all the wrangling over this. I’m disappointed that so much time has been spent on it at the capitol. Legislators should kill the Sunday ban and move on to the issues that matter.

  3. blazer says:

    Don’t we all know they just added liquor so that it would be more easily justified when they kill it????

  4. rugby_fan says:

    blazer do not give up hope. We think that liquor will make it impossible to pass this bill but I have a different take.

    From my experience, liquor, in fact, makes the impossible, possible.

    Ergo; this too, shall pass.

  5. ColinATL says:

    This issue is great, because it’s a total wedge issue for Georgia Republicans. Moderates think this bill is obviously a good thing. Theocrats think it’s blasphemy. No matter what they do, someone’s gonna think they’re idiots.

  6. GOPeach says:

    Jeff, Bill, & Demon —

    There were NO COMMENTS and I just had to break the ice!!! LOL

    Seriously fellas-

    I thnk we NEED TO PUT THIS ONE ON THE BALLOT!!!! Let THE PEOPLE decide!!

    That is the BEST PLAN!

    ( I actually AGREE with CHRIS FARRIS) –

    I belives The Sabbath is Saturday and we
    should outlaw booze on the day God rested
    if at all!!!)

    I do NOT DRINK – and I am a RIGHT WING
    NUT JOB …. but I believe I do not think drinking
    is bad for everybody, I just need every brain cell I can possible hold on too –

    And all the people said —-


  7. jsm says:

    GOPeach, please tell us that you have yet to leave a serious post in this thread. That last post was one of the strangest things I have read.

  8. GOPeach says:


    You said —

    “Legislators should kill the Sunday ban and move on to the issues that matter. ”

    I agree 100% THANK YOU!!!

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