Has There Ever Been A Greater Group of Fools

The Macon City Council has not taken the hint and is trying to keep the hotel deal alive.

Macon City Council on Tuesday backed off a vote that would extend its formal relationship with the developer picked to build a hotel next to the Wilson Convention Center and Macon Coliseum.

Instead, the council referred to committee the resolution to sign a new memorandum of understanding with Atlanta-based Noble Investment Group. The Public Properties Committee will take up the issue when it meets later this month.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera showed up to interview the Mayor of Macon about becoming a muslim.


  1. ColinATL says:

    Oh Erick, good post, but that last bit equating terrorists and muslims is showing poor form. Not even GWB, as idiotic as the man is, would make that joke.

  2. Calybos1 says:

    Gosh, mistaking “muslim” for “terrorist.” That’s so very clever. And so funny! And so original!

    It’s a good thing we know the Constitution was “just kidding” when it talked about freedom of religion. Them muslim types should be excommunicated from Amurrika!

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