Watch Time Pass Very Slowly

Peach Pundit hears from multiple sources that the legislature might just pack it up and go home early. Well, not really, but slow down.

They only meet 40 days a year. The problem is, they want to save PeachCare. The state of the state’s budget depends on whether the federal government funds it. That could take a while to resolve and the state isn’t going to pass it’s budget without making sure PeachCare survives.

So, what are they to do? Well, slow everything down so they don’t run out the legislative clock. Start looking for lots of recesses and long breaks while they watch Washington and possibly rewrite the budget.

BTW, can I point out the irony of the Georgia Republicans waiting on the D.C. Democrats to save their budget plan?


  1. RuralDem says:

    Hrmm last time I checked, it was President Bush who denied Perdue’s request. I was going to say “but Erick you forgot that….” but I doubt that is the case 🙂

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