Okay, so since we’ve mentioned it in the past, I’ll bring it up again. The kids over at UGA can’t really figure out what to do with their SGA Constitution and, for that matter, hardly any of them voted in that election anyway.

I don’t know what’s going on, but something is, so if you are interested you can dig around.

Kids these days.


  1. uga_alum_93 says:

    I went through Athens last week and picked up the latest issue of the Red & Black. While they touched on the SGA issue the main issue was the building of Tate Center II. In the new Student Center they are looking for a restaurant to come in. The big debate was Waffle House vs. Steak & Shake. I would’ve loved a Waffle House right in the heart of campus when I was there so I hope Waffle House (or WaHo as the students call it) does come…it will be nice to eat scatterd, covered & smothered the morning of the Okie State Game

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