Shawn Hanley endorses Everhart.

Shawn Hanley, candidate for Fulton County GOP Chairman, has endorsed Sue Everhart for State GOP Chairman. Hanley sent out the following statement today via email:

England has Lady Thatcher, America has Elizabeth Dole, and we in Georgia have Sue Everhart. A woman of grace and guts, Sue has selflessly served our Republican Party for over three decades. Now is the time for all of us to make this Grand Lady our next State Party Chairman.

We all know what a tireless worker Sue is for the Republican Party, and those of us who know her well know she has the determination and experience to keep growing the majorities we first began achieving in the 2002 elections.

Our top priorities in the next election cycle are re-electing Senator Saxby Chambliss and dumping John Barrow and Jim Marshall on the dustheap of history. Sue is the one candidate for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party that will make that so.

I call on all Republicans in Fulton County and across Georgia to get off the fence and get behind Sue Everhart for state Party Chairman. She has my full endorsement.

The Peach Pundit endorsement is already having an impact. 🙂


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Um, exactly how long has Nancy Coverdell “served” the Republican Party of Georgia? As in, done more for more people by getting her hands dirty to help tons of people get elected across this state?

    I don’t mean just lending her name as the widow of a deceased Senator to a campaign (and, after Ralph Reed lost with her name behind him, let’s see if she seeks to risk that embarrassment again) …I mean working for people behind the scenes, taking-on projects and delivering them ON time and ON budget many times over for many candidates and political entities.

    Do let me know of the research you turn-up on answering this question, Erick.

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