Peach Pundit’s First Official Position Statement

&#8220Individuals voting for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party should be encouraged to vote for Sue Everhart.&#8221

We don’t take official positions here at Peach Pundit, at least we haven’t until today. While we have in the past listed our preferences for candidates in the various primaries based on a poll of our front page writers in each party, we’re going to go further than that today.

After polling the Republican activists who write on our front page with regularity, Peach Pundit is going to stick its nose in the business of the State Republican Party. We, all of us who participated in making this decision, have been heavily involved in the various areas of the state party, from chairing the state College Republicans, to running local parties, to building YR groups, to door knocking, to driving people to the polls, to raising money, to providing pro bono legal services to the party. We are committed to the growth of the Georgia Republican Party.

As it stands today there are two candidates for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, Anthony Scott Hobbs and Sue Everhart. Anthony has been very active in Cobb County and sits on the State Committee. Sue has been a tireless champion of the GOP throughout Georgia and is First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

We, the front page writers of Peach Pundit who are affiliated with the Georgia Republican Party, fully endorse, support, and make it the official position of Peach Pundit that those individuals voting for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party should be encouraged to vote for Sue Everhart.

Sue Everhart has paid her dues. She’s earned this position. Through her tireless work throughout Georgia organizing down to the grassroots, raising money, supporting candidates and the cause, and through sweat equity alone, Sue Everhart has proven herself to be just the person the Georgia GOP needs and deserves.

For these reasons, Peach Pundit is pleased to endorse the candidacy of Sue Everhart for Georgia Republican Party Chair.


  1. mercergirl says:

    This is kind of off subject but…. I didn’t realize yall were involved with the forming of YR groups. I could really use some help with what I’m trying to do with the YRs in Macon. We were doing well for about half a year in regards to meetings and such, but I’m frankly too busy to get it up and going again by myself. If anyone is interested in helping please please let me know.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Will be interesting to see if your endorsement stands if the Governor comes up with a candidate from South Georgia. Some of you will blindly support whatever Sonny and Company tell you to support.

    Both Hobbs and Sue are good candidates. They just have different management styles.

  3. Philly says:

    My how things change. I hope you all stick to your endorsement of Sue after Burns announces.

    Look at the delegate count from the donut counties. It is time we elect another chairman from the donut area again. I hope they all stick together on who they will support.

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