If You Think The Interns Were Whiney

Check this out. The UGA CR’s Chair sends out an email urging participation in student government to make sure SGA doesn’t push lefty agenda items and people go crying to the Red & Black.

Um, hello?! It’s the UGA CR talking to other CR’s. Suck it up or join an intern program.

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  1. Today’s Red and Black ran my response to Mr. O’Connell and Mr. Ponsell’s letters.
    Five days ago, I sent what I thought would be an uninteresting e-mail to the University’s College Republicans’ listserv. My post simply encouraged members of UGA CR – one of the largest student-political organizations in the United States – to apply for positions in the new Student Government Association administration.

    Some of the language I used in this message, however, apparently offended some of our listserv subscribers. I would like to use this opportunity to address a few points raised by Andrew O’Connell and Mario Ponsell in their letters to the editor.

    I noticed that Mr. O’Connell is in law school. I hope that at some point his professors teach him that it is important to carefully evaluate evidence in order to avoid making an outrageous allegation in a public forum.

    The message I received from the leaders of SGA was completely apolitical. It might as well have been sent to the president of UGAnime.

    There was nothing in my e-mail or the note I received from SGA that indicated that student government applications would be screened using “a right wing litmus test.”

    Also, while I would love to see the SGA fight for academic freedom, I, contrary to Mr. O’Connell’s unwarranted claim, have no desire for the organization to “attack?liberal professors.”

    Instead, I simply hope that UGA CR, the largest student organization on campus, can work with a wide range of partners to ensure that both students and professors (of all ideological perspectives) can freely participate in the marketplace of ideas without facing persecution for expressing their beliefs.

    My commitment to the marketplace of ideas happens to be the reason that I support Mr. Ponsell’s call for a more diverse student body. However, I believe that SGA should implement more effective policies in order to achieve this noble goal.

    The student government could, for example, divert funding from symbolic events and devote those resources to high school and middle school outreach efforts. Many talented minority students choose not to apply to UGA because of its reputation as being “a white school.”

    By sending recruitment teams to parts of the state that are traditionally underrepresented at the University, the University could potentially increase the regional, ideological and racial diversity of future freshmen classes.

    Additionally, SGA should ask President Michael Adams, a figure with some clout in the state legislature, to endorse comprehensive education reform.

    Georgia’s broken education system (which is funded with property taxes) promotes a form of de facto segregation that, unless addressed, will make it impossible for the University’s student body to adequately reflect Georgia’s demographic profile.

    If Georgia changes the way it funds public education and promotes school choice, I predict that the era of white suburban Atlanta’s domination of the University will come to a close.

    If you disagree with me on this point, I encourage you to come to the next CR meeting and challenge me to a debate on the issue.

    Mr. Ponsell and Mr. O’Connell, I believe that you are two intelligent individuals who sincerely wish to improve our society.

    I hope that you will choose to become active members of the UGA College Republicans. Assist us with our efforts to strengthen our state, nation and campus.

    – David Ballard is
    the chairman of UGA College Republicans

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