Just wanted to clear the air here. A lot of you have come under the impression that GOPPeach is Cindye Coates. I myself had thought that, but I can confirm that GOPPeach and Cindye Coates are not the same person.

I’ve spoken to both people and sadly, I don’t think Cindye actually reads Peach Pundit 🙁


  1. Adam Fogle says:

    Well, GOPeach did manage to proselytize not one, but TWO SEPARATE Super Bowl threads.

    If that doesn’t fit the Cindye Coates MO, then I am not sure what does.

  2. GOPeach says:


    Cindye Coates does not
    proselytize on Super Bowl

    Unlike you and I, she has
    a life! Sorry to disappoint

    It’s funny how the feeding
    frenzie stopped when Erick
    finally came forward to confirm
    that Cindye was not on
    Peach Pundit as GOPeach.

    Now EVERYONE owes he a

    Cindye Coates will be the next
    Chairman of the Cobb GOP.
    I will make sure of it.

    She has what it takes to lead
    the Army into 2008!

  3. Adam Fogle says:

    *Now EVERYONE owes her a

    Yeah… let me get right on that.

    And by “Army” do you mean the Republican Party or your “Army” for the elimination of all non-Christians or perhaps even the “Army” of Waco-loving cultist voices in your head?

    Because anyway you put it, it’s pretty damn scary.

    I really miss the secular GOP. Why has your cult ruined my party?

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:


    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE type normally, like the rest of us? As in, using the full line, performing at least a perfunctory spelling check, and not simply posting stream-of-consciousness ramblings?

    Oh, and I think that there are a lot of folks who, even on top of all that, take your suggestions/recommendations with a mouthful of salt — especially after your vigorous defense of the character of a known con man the first half of last year.

    OK? 🙂

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