1. blazer says:

    I’ve got the Colts in the biggest blow out in Super Bowl History 🙂 or 7 whatever as long as the colts come out on top.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    I have Tom Brady making a miraculous play to win the game in a Patriots uniform .

    The commissioner steps in after the play and says; “Manning was lucky, the Bears are over rated, and the Pats are, as we all know, the best team in the NFL”.

    Dynasty, thy name is the New England Patriots.

  3. GOPeach says:

    Okay Rick-

    You have censored my
    pregame show.

    I am going to have
    to report you to the
    front office and get
    this thing cleared up.

    Sheeeeeeeeeeze –

    John 3:16 🙂

  4. GOPeach says:

    The faith of the entire Dungy family would be put to the test in December 2005, when Tony’s oldest son James was found dead in his apartment in Tampa, Fla., just days before Christmas. Throughout the whole ordeal, it was Tony’s faith in Jesus Christ that allowed him to carry on, saying, “A personal relationship is the only way I’ve found true peace, joy and forgiveness.”

    “Football is a profession that is judged by performance and results,” says Tony Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. “However, those things come and go so quickly that, as a coach, I have to base my career on something more.”

    Tony Dungy is admittedly a devout Christian and relies on his belief in God to strive for excellence. “I think it’s great to be able to show the world not only that African-American coaches can do it, but Christian coaches can do it in a way that, you know, we can still win. I want to show people that being a Christian and being successful are not mutually exclusive.

    “When people ask me, ‘How do you stay so calm on the sideline?’ I have to tell them it is Christian maturity and Christ working in me. It’s not natural. It didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. I know how powerful God’s spirit is. I know He can change people. And I know that He will do that if we allow Him to.”

    A personal relationship is the only way I’ve found true peace, joy and forgiveness.”
    It is no surprise that Tony is a popular figure around the NFL. He remains in close contact with many former players and coaches, evidenced by his friendship with Super Bowl XLI opponent, Coach Lovie Smith. Tony often sends encouragement to his current and former players with a simple text-message that reads, “What are you doing to be a better husband and father right now?”

    GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. rugby_fan says:

    Wikipedia can not confirm that GOPeach, so I must say I do not believe you.

    But honestly, who was in charge of the meeting where Prince was decided as being the SOLE halftime entertainment?

  6. Rick Day says:

    first dibs on congrat’s to the Colts for finally winning the big one again.

    And BTW: that Prince show was the best SB half-time performance. Ever.

    In the rain. Great Caesar’s Ghost, what a pro!

    And he is a devout Christian, to boot!

    God is a Prince fan. If God did not approve, it would have been easy to fry P on the stannic, er, pagan, er, commercial symbol where the young hotties worshiped him up on his Princely pedestal.

    It didn’t even mess his ‘doo.

    Fo sho!

  7. CHelf says:

    I think Manning passed the crown of Choke King to Grossman. As a big UT fan, nothing makes the end of football better than to see a Volunteer outperform a Gator. Sorry Rex, but you just don’t have it. It was good to see two SEC QB’s running the offense of both SB teams.

    Again, congrats to a Volunteer and a class act like Peyton. I’m not sure what winning the Super Bowl will do for his endorsements since he’s already in every commercial out there. And congrats to Tony Dungy. No better coach out there to win this than him.

  8. mainstream GOP says:

    I lived in Chicago for 2 years after college, so I was pulling for “Da Bearse”..but I really was impressed by the faith in Jesus that the Colts Coach displayed as he accepted the Vince Lombardi trophy, it was a good game!

  9. Jace Walden says:

    Did anyone else think that this was one of the most non-entertaining Super Bowls in recent history?

    I mean, the Pre-Game Show was horrific–Unless of course you like Circus Performers prancing about in pastel colors to get you pumped up about some football. There was only about 1 or 2 good commericals. The game wasn’t even entertaining. All in all, I give this Superbowl a 3 of 10.

  10. mainstream GOP says:

    I would have to disagree Jace, I thought it was a very entertaining Superbowl…the one I disliked the most was the NY Giants vs. the Baltimore Ravens…it was awful, not to mention not a single funny commercial.

  11. Jmac says:

    … the one I disliked the most was the NY Giants vs. the Baltimore Ravens …

    That one was awful, but more than the 49ers and Chargers in the mid-1990s? That game was terrible.

  12. grabbingsand says:

    Prince won the 2007 Super Bowl.

    Is he a Republican? His last donation was in 1990 to Rudy Boschwitz’s ill-fated campaign against Paul Wellstone. In the sixteen plus years since, I doubt he even concerns himself with such things.

  13. mainstream GOP says:

    I was amused that when Prince was singing as the Camera panned over the crowd of fans, they were all College kids looking like they were at a rock concert…Prince was way before their time, and Im sure none of which were true fans, but hey I dont blame them one bit!….I hope they can come up with a much better half time show for Superbowl XLII, allthough the FX were kind of neat!

  14. gatormathis says:

    Prince, he’s pretty much a musical genius. Writes a lot of his own music as well as songs, and usually more complicated than “row your boat”.

    The songs he sang will fill a dance floor in whatever age dance hall you’re in.

    His biggest mistake was(remember this folks) making his name into a “symbol”.

    When you make your self into a “symbol”, it needs to still be a “common Keyboard” symbol.

    Make youself an asterick or something.

    Prince made himself into a “symbol” that could not be displayed without ease. It dosen’t exist on a keyboard, typewriter, cell pad, or any other writing program. I always wondered where he got it.

    So, in effect, he made himself unreachable to the media and the masses, the very folks he “needed”.

    To report on Prince, the media used the term, “The artist formerly known as Prince”, to report on Prince. Instead of simply being able to say”Prince”.

    Once in a great while you would see a reporter had gotten bold, and would have the symbol included in an article. This required scanning the “symbol” into the computer, and then upon wanting to add it into a sentence, you would have to reduce it and insert it into the line of font.

    Now who wants to do that very many times?

    The reporters, boosted by low Prince “news flow”, found easier cats to comment on.

    They wrote about Kid Rock(any of them could spell that), Black eyed peas, and many others as “the artist formerly known as Prince” quietly drifted away.

    I figure it was all due to royalties, contracts, mood swings and such. In other words, it usually takes money to move these kinds of things around.

    When it’s all said and done, all this fuss over people like “Prince”,these football games, and other such over-priced activities, could be energy and money better spent, say curing cancer and such.

    Instead, we’ve got escorted “thugs” chasing each other in the rain for a mark in the sand that is virtually meaningless.


  15. rugby_fan says:

    He got the symbol by combining the male and female logos with each other. Learned that on Wikipedia last night.

    What is the name of that symbol?

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