Westmoreland and Hobbs in Gwinnett.

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and State GOP Chairman hopeful Anthony-Scott Hobbs both addressed the monthly breakfast meeting of the Gwinnett GOP this morning. Also speaking briefly was Chris Carr, Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Isakson.

Westmoreland spoke about how, in his view, the National GOP has lost it’s way. This abandonment of principle led to the defeat at the hands of the Democrat this past November. To prove his point, the Congressman mentioned how the Contract With America called for the elimination of the Federal Department of Education. However, George Bush has greatly increased it’s budget and gave it greater powers through the No Child Left Behind Act. Westmoreland urged the Party to get back to it’s smaller government roots and predicted electoral victory if they do so.

After the Congressman finished, Anthony-Scott Hobbs spoke. Hobbs touted his experience as a two term Chairman of the Cobb GOP and his success as a fundraiser and grassroots leader as reasons to support him for the Chairmanship of the State GOP. Hobbs said his prowess as a fundraiser for Sonny Perdue (during Perdue’s first run for Governor) allowed him to quickly rise in status within the Cobb Republican Party, eventually become it’s Chairman.

Hobbs says the State GOP was disconnected from the grassroots during the election last year and that the Party’s infrastructure is not growing. He promises to change that and points to his days as Cobb’s Chairman where he claims membership is at 500, up from less than a hundred when he took over.

According to Hobbs, the State Party still behaves as if it is in the minority and thus is at a crossroads. Will the Georgia GOP embrace the future and behave like the majority or remain stuck in the ’60s and fall out of power?

Anthony-Scott outlined five things he will do as Chairman of the Georgia GOP. You can listen to them in detail at his website which can be found right here. Basically, Hobbs wants to; double the membership of County Parties in his first six months, give activists control over how the State Party’s money is spent, enhance communication with activists, and give better support to candidates. He is critical of current Chairman Alec Poitevint’s management style and promises to put the grassroots back in charge of the Party and make it live by it’s rules.

Hobbs also claimed an effort to draft him to run for Chairman took place two years ago. He said he refused in the interest of Party unity. That’s not quite how I remember it. He also claimed he attempted to force the Party to obey it’s rules and hold a State Committee meeting last fall, yet was mocked for his efforts. I suppose he was talking about my post found here. I was not attempting to mock him, but rather express my opinion about the poor timing of his efforts since the election was upon us.

Please understand, I have no ax to grind with Mr. Hobbs. I do have a different opinion about how the Party should be run. Generally, I think the Georgia GOP is in good shape and needs to build on it’s prior successes. Things are not perfect, but when are they? I don’t know that claiming the Georgia GOP is in shambles will be well received by the people who’ve worked hard over the years to bring the Republicans to the majority status we now enjoy. Nevertheless, I’ve been wrong before and I could be wrong again.

I’ve tried to present Hobb’s comments as accurately as I could and welcome opinions that differ from mine. Hobbs is correct when he says the Georgia GOP is at a crossroads. Whom we choose as Chairman this May is of critical importance.

One final note: Sue Everhart, the other announced candidate for State Chairman will speak to the Gwinnett GOP next month, according to Gwinnett GOP Chief Greg Howard. I’ll report on Sue’s comments at that time.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, I thought you were a smart person. I guess you’re really not.

    ANY TIME Anthony Scott Hobbs, he is lying about whatever he is saying.

    Thank you, though, for your “man on the ground” report. Maybe you’ll be the next Anderson Cooper.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    ANY TIME Anthony Scott Hobbs says anything, he is lying about whatever he is saying.

    He didn’t raise jack for the Cobb GOP. The disclosures prove it.

    He “prowess” in the political world back in 2002 fails to mention the fact that he used the Cobb GOP for political gain by the Perdue campaign in a contested primary.

    And, subsequently, one would think that such “prowess” would have led him to obtain a peachy appointment in the Perdue administration. But, it didn’t…a funny thing happened on the way to him getting an appointment.

    When Hobbs discovered he had to submit to a background check by the GBI, he swiftly withdrew his name from consideration.

    Last week at a coffee in Gwinnett County, Hobbs was asked “why are you running?”

    Hobbs answered that “Johnny Isakson recruited him to run.”

    Well, folks, lemme tell ya. There ain’t NO WAY IN HELL thta Johnny Isakson would “recruit” or support Anthony-Scott-Lying-Hobbs.

    During the 2004 U.S. Senate primary, Anthony used the Cobb county party’s resources to promote support for Mac Collins. For the debates that he set-up for all three candidates for Senator (Herman Cain, Mac Collins, and Johnny Isakson), he was quite crafty in what he did.

    First, he called the Isakson campaign whereupon he told them he was interested in getting a debate together in Cobb County. He asked the Isakson scheduler when Isakson would or would not be available. He took away form the conversation when Isakson would NOT be available.

    Then, he would set up the debate by contacting the Mac Collins people and the Hermain Cain people. They would decide on a date and he would make sure the date coincided with one of the dates Isakson definitely had another appointment and could not/would not cancel it.

    Then, on the day of the debate, he and his pals Edwin Nelson, Frank Molesky, and Calvin Rhodes made sure that the stage was set-up so that Herman Cain and Mac Collins had seats, but they would set-up an empty chair for Johnny Isakson and stick his name on it.

    They would then tell the Cain people and the Collins people thta Isakson wouldn’t bet there. Hobbs went so far as to state “I called the Isakson campaign about this debate.”

    Well, yes, Hobbs DID call the Isakson campaign to discuss the debate. He did so he could set-up and screw Johnny Isakson. The campaign knows it, _I_ know about it, and you can very well bet a million dollars that U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson sure remembers it.

    And there would be NO WAY on earth that Isakson would 1) “recruit Hobbs” to run for ANY office, and b) recruit Hobbs to run against Sue Everhart.

    Anthony-Scott Hobbs is the biggest swindler in the state. He has many more lies that I will be exposing.

    But, for YOU, Buzz, to act all neutral in this race and “fair” to a repeated, lying jackass like Anthony-Scott Hobbs is to demonstrate a depth of ignorance beyond the pale.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    Any members of the GOP who need to be (at this point) told that the DCGOP “lost its ways” deserves to be purged from the party. As fascist as that sounds, stupidity is a plague.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Oh, c’mon, Rugby. Surely the attempts by the DC GOP to enact the following: 1) establish a constitutional amendment to protect the flag from being burned, 2) establish a constituional amendment to disallow gays from getting “married”, 3) establish, (especially in Lynn…DUHHHHH! Westmoreland’s case) amendments to require the Ten Commandments to be allowed to be posted on every government building out there…surely, Rugby, THESE types of acts by our esteemed Republican leadership in DC would trump any missteps by them on spending bills and/or ultra-support of anything/everything Bush ever said about his own leadership decisions, shouldn’t they?

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Two things.

    First: Thanks for the fair warning about slime in Gwinnett. How long before the roads have been cleaned and the sewers flushed?

    Second: Can Lennie Westmoron recite the 10 Commandments yet? Without looking at a cheat sheet, I mean.

  6. buzzbrockway says:


    I never said I was neutral in the race. I’m supporting Sue.

    I’m not going to spin Hobbs’ words because there’s no need to. What he says he wants to do should be enough to drive people away from him.

    You need to chill out brother. Hobbs isn’t fooling very many people, and he won’t be elected Chairman.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    I had forgotten about those Bill, thanks for the reminder!

    I heard on Prairie Home Companion today (it was their joke show), that the real reason you can’t put the Ten Commandments in government buildings is because saying you can’t steal, lie, or commit adultery in a building filled with politicians creates a bad work environment.

  8. mainstream GOP says:

    Bill, I did not know that..I was at that debate back in 2004, and I guess I always thought ASH was backing Isakson beacuse he was from Cobb, just like he lightly backed Lamutt.
    I can’t stand Lynn Westmoreland, I hope Isakson or Cagle stomp his ass in 2010, as for ASH, I like him personally..but I have seen him turn off many veteran Cobb GOPers and took that organization down in drastic numbers, so I think I’ll be voting for Sue if I can make it, my sister is getting married that day in Atlanta at 7pm..so it may be hard for me to fit the convention in.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Mainstream, if you ever run into Chris Carr, Heath Garrett or Chris Cummiskey (who is now Glenn Richardson’s Chief of Staff), as them how they feel about Anthony-Scott Hobbs’ “support” of Johnny Isakson in 2004.

  10. buzzbrockway says:

    The other thing to remember in regard to Isakson is that Sue E. has been a long time strong supporter of Isakson. When Sue was Chair of the 6th district and Isakson was the Congressman, Sue threw one heck of a party in honor of Johnny. There is no way he would recruit someone to run against her.

  11. mainstream GOP says:

    ohh..I dont doubt that at all, and I know both Chris Carr and Chris Cummiskey fairly well..I was just saying at the time I had absolutley no clue, however I did see that Edwin Nelson was furious that Isakson wasnt there….I backed Isakson, because his oppinions are very similar to mine.

  12. Jimbo says:

    Bill Simon, you are telling a lie about Hobbs and a coffee in Gwinnett. The only time Hobbs was in Gwinnett last week was for the breakfast. You are so full of hatred for Hobbs that you will even stoop to telling lies to discredit ASH.

    Let’s have details of this so called coffee Hobbs went to. Where was it, when was it and who was there? You can’t produce them because you lied. I asked him and he said he wasn’t even in Gwinnett last week except for the breakfast.

    ASH knows that Isakson and Sue go way back with their friendship so he would not expect Johnny to back him over Sue.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    The coffee was held (as stated above) by Gwinnett GOP Chairman Gregory Howard the week BEFORE the week you think I’m talking about.

    If you had a brain in your head, you would go back and read, not just what was posted, but the TIME-AND-DATE context of the post.

    For instance, Sh**-Brain, this is the post of which you read where I said “last week”:


    The DATE of that post was February 3…that is, last Saturday. SO, if I state “last week” when this coffee occurred, it means I’m talking about something like Saturday, January 27th was when the coffee took place!

    It’s no wonder you’re a gutless SOB to post under your real name, “Jimbo,” because, obviously, you’re such a MORON that you cannot decipher what “last week” freaking means!!!

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Gregory Howard may lie about it…he’s a strong supporter of ASH…but, there was another attendee to it whom I know who witnessed his answer to the question at the little coffee-klatch held in Gwinnett County on or around the day of Saturday, January 27, 2007.

  15. Jimbo says:

    I doubt very seriously Greg Howard would lie about it.
    As far as last week, Sunday was the beginning of a new week. Last week was anytime between Sunday and Saturday.

    I want names of who witnessed the so called statement about Isakson. I remember Howard sending out an announcement in his email newsletter saying they were all going to be cleaning up and moving things at the Gwinnett GOP HQ that day.

    I called Debbie and verified Greg was at the HQ that day and she had not even heard of a coffee in Gwinnett and that she had told Anthony that Isakson was supporting Sue so it is very doubtful he would have said that.

    You are a liar, Bill. Admit it.

  16. Bill Simon says:


    Debbie? Debbie Ellis??? Ahahahahahaha!

    This is what I know: Gregory Howard CALLED the Senator’s office and ASKED someone if Johnny Isakson could confirm or deny that he “recruited” ASH to run. Caller ID is such a wonderful thing…

    Jimbo, AMF!

  17. Jimbo says:

    Howard may have had one for Hobbs, but my understanding is that he offered to have one for Sue. Debbie said that Howard is remaining neutral and Debbie was not aware of a coffee in Gwinnett.

    That still does not prove Hobbs said that Isakson recruited him to run. I don’t believe that for a second. Bill, let us see proof that Hobbs said Isakson recruited him to run. You can say anything on this blog . You states the coffee took place last week and it did not. You also stated that Hobbs stated that Isakson recruited him to run but offered no proof. No apology forth coming. Tell me, did you apologize to members of the Cobb GOP when you falsely accused them of not filing their financial disclosures forms?

  18. Jimbo says:

    Buzz, you must have misunderstood what Greg told you. Bill, another one of your lies. I called Hobbs and asked him if he had a coffee in Gwinnett and he laughed and said that one had not taken place yet. He also said he would not have said that Isakson urged him to run. He said he knew that Isakson would be supporting Sue because of their longtime friendship.

  19. Jimbo says:

    Buzz, Bill, you claim a coffee took place. Let’s have details . When and Where? Be exact not just repeating gossip.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Must we go through this again? You and other posters accused me of being Debbie during the primary. Now I am accused of being Hobbs. Email me at [email protected] and don’t submit my email to gay sites like you guys did before…

    Bill, you or Buzz either one answered my question. Where and when did this so called coffee take place in Gwinnett? You don’t like being called out for your lies do you Bill?

    Bill, you have accused Hobbs, Debbie and the current administration of misuing resources of the Cobb GOP. Where is your proof?

  21. Jimbo says:

    I found out what Greg Howard said at the Gwinnett Breakfast. He just said he had been asked to host a coffee for Anthony and he also said he offered to host one for Sue.

    If there was a coffee that took place in Gwinnett, it was without ASH or Greg Howard.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    My “proof?” How about telling people who wanted to join the party that if they didn’t support Ralph reed, they weren’t welcome?

    How about trying to engineer volunteers to only focus on helping Ralph Reed in the primary?

    Jimbo, STICK your typing fingers up your rear-end and rotate a few revolutions. You are entirely TOO stupid for me to continue to converse with you.

    OH, and here’s MY e-mail address for anyone who wants to contact me:

    [email protected]

  23. Jimbo says:

    Bill, that is an outright lie. Several of the office volunteers supported Cagle and many other members close to the officers. In fact Judson Hill and Chip Rogers are good friends with ASH and other officers. Ask them if that was the prevalent attitude. Ask Linda Thompson if she was given a hard time about that. She actually was in charge of the Cobb GOP volunteers and supported Cagle.

    Another Bill Simon lie debunked.

  24. Jimbo says:

    Also ask Lew Stafford if he was given a hard time for supporting Cagle. He is very closely aligned with the current administration.

    Keep the lies coming Bill

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Sorry, Jimbo, I have the proof. I’m not going to waste my time on idiots like you by disclosing who the witnesses were because shady characters such as yourself would just launch into a tirade about how unreliable they are.

    Tell you what: If I am lying, as you say, then that means I’m committing slander on ASH…and, he would have a good case to sue me, wouldn’t he?

    I will divulge all witnesses to all of my claims upon my appearance in any deposition. Of course…IF I’m telling the truth, ASH won’t sue me because I will bury him with the facts.

    But, Jimbo-Hobbs, you keep spinning your anonymous bunk and you have fun now, ya hear?

  26. Jimbo says:

    You have no proof of your accusations. Just more Bill Simon Bullshi* Unfounded accusations without fact or proof.

    Linda Thompson was a strong Cagle supporter and she was in charge of the volunteers. Do you actually expect everyone to believe that the Cobb GOP would turn money down from Cagle supporters wanting to join they party but had Cagle supporters in crucial roles in the cobb GOP?

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Heyyyyy, Jimboooooooo! Please come back…I have a question for you.

    In your previous post on February 5 at 6:46 PM, YOU stated the following:

    “I called Debbie and verified Greg was at the HQ that day and she had not even heard of a coffee in Gwinnett and that she had told Anthony that Isakson was supporting Sue so it is very doubtful he would have said that.”

    Now, let’s take the event from YOUR point of view, Jimbo-Hobbs: You don’t believe the event existed, right? And, if the event didn’t exist, then ASH would not have had an opportunity to even utter a word about who might recruit him, right?

    SO, let’s take into account the following UNDENIABLE FACTS about the relationship between U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (including his office staff and his former campaign staff) and :

    1) In the 2004 Senate Primary, ASH and his pals set-up Johnny Isakson to look like a fool by setting-up a debate on a day and time when they KNEW he had another appointment he could not break. If you don’t believe my words, then, by default, you are calling the following people liars:

    Heath Garrett (current COS of the entire Senator Isakson organization)
    Chris Carr (current COS of the D.C. office of Isakson)
    Chris Cummiskey (currently COS of Speaker Glenn Richardson)
    Stephanie Jones (current fundraiser for Isakson campaign)
    Brad Alexander (currently COS of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle)

    Are you ready to call these people liars, Jimbo? Please tell me you are because I will find out your identity someday and I will pass it right on down the line to these folks.

    2) After this “debate” event in the 2004 primary, and, after Isakson went on to win the seat of Georgia’s U.S. Senator, the name of Anthony-Scott Hobbs and any of his cohorts who participated, either actively OR passively, in that stunt were DOA (dead on arrival) regarding anything in the world of politics. Hell, I think that if Hobbs was on fire and no water was around, they wouldn’t bother pissing on him to help him out.

    SO, Jimbo-Hobbs…taking the all of the latter into account….why how could it possibly have been necessary for Debbie Ellis to have (in your specific words) “…told Anthony that Isakson was supporting Sue”…???

    Because, in order for your scenario to be accurate, this is the way the conversation between Anthony and Debbie would have HAD to go down:

    Anthony: “Gosh, Debbie, who do you think I can get to support me for my race? Do you think I can talk to Johnny Isakson?”

    Debbie: “No, no, no, Anthony…remember…Johnny likes Sue….if Sue wasn’t in the race, then you would probably have a good shot at getting Senator Isakson’s blessing.”

    You see, Jimbo-Hobbs…your answer above SEALED the deal on the existence of the coffee. If it didn’t happen, Debbie Ellis (or you, if you just invented this series of events and hadn’t actually talked to Debbie) would have had no reason to come up with some lame-ass excuse for “telling” Anthony that Isakson was backing Sue.

    Game-Set-Match, Moron.

    Because, it’s for damn f*cking sure

  28. Bill Simon says:

    Gee whiz! I gotta get better at editing: Two corrections:

    A) “SO, let’s take into account the following UNDENIABLE FACTS about the relationship between U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (including his office staff and his former campaign staff) and ASH:”

    B) “Because, it’s for damn f*cking sure”…this is a thread from a line of thinking thta I changed midstream. Oops!

  29. Jimbo says:

    I called Debbie and asked her about your accusations that Anthony had a coffee in Gwinnett and that at this coffee he said that Isakson had urged him to run.. She said she told Anthony that she had talked to Isakson when he spoke to the Gwinnett GOP Breakfast and there was no doubt he was supporting Sue. Debbie said she told Anthony that same weekend Isakson made it clear he was backing Sue, so it would be doubtful that Hobbs said that.

    She also said she knew of no coffee that had taken place in Gwinnett for Hobbs. She also said they were all trying to remain neutral in the race for Chairman.

    After Buzz made the statement he did, I called Debbie for verification. She said that Greg never mentioned having set up a coffee for Anthony. What Greg said was that he had been asked to set one up for Anthony and he would do the same for Sue. Debbie did call Greg to verify that he did not say that and then called me back to Buzz must be hearing things.

    Be interested to see who Buzz and others will support now that the Governor has his person in the race for Chairman.

  30. Bill Simon says:


    You are lying. Debbie Ellis will support Hobbs for Chairman because he is like her kinfolk.

    Did you miss the parts of my postings where I stated Debbie Ellis was as big a liar as ASH is? She’s not as pathological as he is, but she is just as big of a liar.

    Debbie Ellis…”neutral” on a race in which Hobbs is running against anyone…hahahhahhhahaha…boy, that’s FUNNY, Jimbo-Hobbs.

  31. buzzbrockway says:

    You bore me Jimbo. When you start using your real name, I’ll be happy to converse in more depth. For now I’ll simply say that I stand by what I said. You can continue to post third and fourth hand information as if it were the Gospel truth and hide by your phony name. It’s becoming very tiresome.

  32. Jimbo says:

    You lied, Buzz, about what Greg said. He never said he had a coffee for Anthony.

    Call Greg and ask him yourself. I did and he said he never said it. He will verify that. I have talked to others that were at the breakfast as well and they said he never said he had a coffee for Anthony.

    Unlike you, Bill, I have never known Debbie to be other than truthful. You blast anyone you don’t agree with or like. Get a life.

  33. Philly says:

    Bill, you are wrong about Debbie not remaining neutral. You are so full of dislike for Scott-Hobbs and anyone associated with him, you allow it to cloud your judgement. You spout lies about them and then are proven wrong. You have lost all credibility that you had.

    I asked Debbie about the chairman’s race and told her that I was thinking about supporting Sue and what did she think? She said that she was going to stay neutral but that Sue would do a good job as chairman and that Sue was a friend.

    I think Scott-Hobbs and the officers of the Cobb GOP have done and outstanding job the past four years. They have actually grown the party.

    We all hate that Debbie move to Gwinnett and we lost her. She is a hard worker and is committed to helping the party grow and bringing in new people. She was always available to answer questions and concerns anyone had. She stands strong in her principles and is unbending unlike some GOP activists.

    I understand that Max Burns will enter the reace for chairman. I hope that Sue Everhart stays in and fights for the position. She still has my support.

  34. Bill Simon says:

    Right, Philly…they have “grown the party….”

    How would you know? ASH told people in Gwinnett last Saturday (February 3 in Jimbo-Hobbs’ time) that he had “brought 500 new people into the Cobb GOP.”

    How does one measure that, Philly? Just by sticking a finger up in the air and stating it?

    If there had been “500 new people” come in into the party, one would think that, at a minimum, 10-20% of them become quite active and attend the breakfasts and such…meaning, you would have breakfasts on the order of averaging as large as they used to when Don Hill ran the party.

    Philly-Hobbs, just like your brother Jimbo-Hobbs, you ain’t very politically bright, or logical in your statements. Show me the proof of ASH’s assertion that he brought-in “500 new people.” Don’t give me your “eyewitness” assertion because that ain’t gonna cut it against my proof to the contrary.

  35. Jimbo says:

    Show us proof of your allegations of misconduct by Hobbs and the Cobb GOP officers. You want others to provide proof but you offer nothing but accuses when you are asked to provide proof.

    Did you even bother to compare the attendance of other county party’s breakfast? No you just want to blast the Cobb GOP because of your unnatural obsession with ASH.

    There are other indicators of a party’s success. There are outreach programs to bring in new activists, door to door campaigning, becoming a voice in the community, staffing the HQ’s and having a HQ’s during election years, having volunteers to call on behalf of GOP candidates, bring in new members and increasing your membership roles. You just think a breakfast where the same old activists come and seat around , eat and listen to GOP speaker is the only indicator. What does a breakfast accomplish ? It is a vehicle to allow new people to get involved with the party and in that aspect it has been successful. It is the old activists like the Don Hill / Donna Rowe crowd that don’t come and support the party. They can just stay away, we have not missed them one bit. Of course when Al Rowe ran for School Board, they both came running to the party for assistance.

    Ask Al Meyer how much he has increased membership and ask him how many paying members we now have. Bob Koncerak was membership Chair and failed miserbly. Just like Koncerak and Johnson failed miserably in the Legislative Luncheon fundraiser.

  36. Bill Simon says:


    Boy-oh-boy…you are one slick little character…

    On the other thread, I STATED that the breakfasts had had an average of “30-40” attendees for the past 2 years…and, I got that info from people I trusted who had been attending the breakfasts.

    You never challenged it there, but you think you can sneak over here and challenge me. You’re a dumbass, Jimbo. Here’s the link to the thread over there that YOU failed to address:


    Jimbo, I have no interest in wasting my time “visiting” with you. Ever. You and I don’t merely “disagree on issues.” You and I are two completely different people…and, I have no desire to spend ONE moment of my natural life in your presence.

    Al Meyer? Don’t know him…but, I DO know that until Bob Koncerak lit a fire with his request to the sub-district chairs, ASH was blaming Al Meyer for the delay in getting the info together for the mass precinct meetings.

    And, all of a sudden, after ASH interpreted Bob’s actions as an attack on “his authority,” ASH jumped into action to push Al to get the info out.

  37. Jimbo says:

    What about the things YOU failed to address Bill. Like your allegations of misconduct by Hobbs and the Cobb GOP officers. Where is the proof? Where is the proof about the coffee in Gwinnett and Hobbs saying that Isakson urged him to run? Did you bother to check out the breakfast attendance of other county parties?

    Everyone knew Meyer was in charge of the Mass Precinct Meeting. That was no secret.

    Al Meyer has been active with the Cobb party for years and is Vice Chairman and Membership Chair.

    Bob Koncerak is underhanded and attacks the Cobb GOP. The fact Scott Johnson associates with him will cost Johnson the election. Koncerak will under no circumstances receive my vote. I spoke to Debbie and others at length about this and they confimed my decison was right not to support Koncerak.

    I am voting for Cindye’s slate.

  38. Bill Simon says:

    The fact that YOU consult with “Debbie” on such a regular basis confirms the fact to me that YOU are entirely too stupid to think anything different from what she tells you…I don’t think I’ve met anyone who more reminds me of political trash than Debbie Ellis or ASH.

  39. Jimbo says:

    The fact you have so much disdain for Debbie and ASH just let’s me know how great they really are and makes me think more of them.

    You are the one that is political trash.

  40. Bill Simon says:


    I’ll repeat the same thing to you I said to Philly on the other thread.

    The fact that you think I’m “trash” means you don’t like people who are:

    1) Unabashed in shooting straight with people.

    2) Unafraid to post comments and opinions under my real name.

    3) Have no qualms about telling people (like you) they are clearly full of manure when you are.

    4) Cannot be cowed by threats from anyone.

    5) Will not “toe a line” drawn by corrupt, immoral people.

    Have a good life, Jimbo-Hobbs.

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