Football Weekend

It’s not just the Super Bowl this weekend (thoughts on that later). There is the start of the Six Nations Rugby Football Tournament, where Ireland will, hopefully, not be subject to the same painfully bad luck as last year. Also kicking off is the Super 14 where my Waratahs will, hopefully, live up to their potential.

Now as a Patriots fan, I will never support Payton Peyton. As a Florida State fan, I can not support any team Grossman plays for. Hopefully, there will be many painful injuries and no victors. And to any Colts fans, while Manning attempts to secure his first Super Bowl victory, Brady will be thinking about his three championships. 3>1


  1. Bill Simon says:

    So, Rugby, you’re not really what people might call a “people person?” You, instead, identify only with people as they appear in groups of people? Like, say, what football team a great player happens to play on?

  2. rugby_fan says:

    Actually, I feel I might have been vague, so allow me to clarify.

    If you are a member of a team that is a rival to one of my teams, I will dislike players on that team for eternity.

  3. CHelf says:

    I laugh at those who like to say “well Tom Brady has THREE rings”. Funny, last I checked this was a team sport. I guarantee you if you took Bruschi, McGinnest, Seymour, etc. out and replaced them with a mediocre defense Brady would not be wearing three rings. As much as people like to ride the Brady bandwagon, he’s shown that it actually does take the rest of the team to win the rings. Last night was a great example. It was a team effort to win the trophy. Peyton wasn’t out there to win his own style points. If he didn’t have the shot, he knew to go short and dump it off to Rhodes or Addai. He wasn’t afraid to hand it off.

    I would take Manning over Brady as a well-rounded all-around performer any day of the week. He may not have as many rings, but he now has the ring to match the best stats in the game right now. Add the knowledge, work ethic, and leadership ability, he surpasses Brady easily.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    Wait wait wait, “the knowledge, work ethic and leadership” of Manning far surpasses that of Brady?

    Good god have you seen any of the Super Bowls Brady was in?

    Brady is the plenary example of work ethic and leadership in the NFL! No other player in the past 15 years (I would say) has shown as much courage and drive when pressured as Brady has.

    This discussion of players however, misses the point entirely of what it is to be the New England Patriots. The Pats are a team, they are not a collection of players, but a team. There are no individuals in that roster and that is what makes them great. They take ordinary players, emphasize the whole, and continue to win.

  5. Jace Walden says:

    I am a Peyton Manning fan. But I honestly can’t see how anyone can look at Tom Brady and think that he is not just as good as Manning. Brady has accomplished more with less talent surrounding him. Manning has the statistics and the records. Brady has the wins and the rings.

    I think both are very evenly matched.

    Besides, Brady is like the ultimate underdog. Sat on bench for three years in Michigan just so the state’s “golden boy” could play QB. Drafted in the 6th Round. No one expected anything out of him. He was too small and too much of a long shot. Uh huh. Right…

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