Bibb County Rejects Hotel Deal

This is good news. I would argue that it is now time for the Gang of 5 on the City Council to play hardball and obstruct city council business to make it clear they will not allow things to move forward with Nobel.

This deal is almost dead. Let’s kill it off now.

And congratulations to the Bibb County Commission for showing it is the mature governing body in Bibb County. The City Council should take a few lessons.

I’ve now had several conversations with a number of individuals planning on running for office this year in Macon. All of them, without me even bringing it up, said they plan to make this hotel deal a big issue against the incumbents they are running against as a demonstration of what is wrong with the city.

Yeah, I’m working with Democrats, which I think is acceptable for municipal elections. I have no problem helping good Democrats get elected.

In any event, all of these candidates expressed to me how easy it is to show that this is a bad deal. The hotel is being built to attract more business to the convention center, but will be built on top of the convention center parking lot taking up the spaces that the city says it needs once the business comes. So they’re building a hotel to attract more business and now they’ll have a hotel but a serious deficit of parking spots.

Pure Genius.


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