Update on Stockbridge and eminent domain

Some of you may remember Mark and Regina Meeks, who have been fighting to keep their property against abuse of eminent domain from the City of Stockbridge.

Today the Georgia Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling that threw out the condemnation of their property. This is great news for the Meeks family, who over the last two years have become good friends of mine.

Tune into CBS 46 tonight for details, if you are interested.

[UPDATE] Here is an article from the Henry Herald about the decision:

In a unanimous ruling, a three judge panel on Wednesday upheld Henry County Superior Court Judge Arch McGarity’s dismissal of the city of Stockbridge’s attempt to force the sale of Mark and Regina Meeks’ Stockbridge Florist and Gifts to make way for the city’s “town center” development.

The case spurred new legislation last year that sought to more clearly define when a government agency can use its condemnation powers, known as eminent domain.

But the law did not apply to the Meekses, who were seeking to keep their 22-year-old business in the face of the city’s attempt to redevelop an ailing downtown retail district.


The city could still carry on with an appeal to a higher court, though Mayor R.G. “Rudy” Kelley said he would like to see an end to the case. He said the city had already given its architects the OK to design around the Meeks’ property on North Henry Boulevard near East Atlanta Road.

When asked if the city would seek a reversal of the Appeals Court decision, Kelley said, “I don’t think so, but that of course is up to the council.”

Who knows what to expect from these bastards.


  1. DMZDave says:

    This is a great victory not just for the Meeks but for every landowner in the City of Stockbridge. Stockbridge has been stopped from doing something very bad and so contrary to the principles on which this country was founded. There never was a single reason not to work with the Meeks family. Their store was one of the most attractive places in the whole nasty 138 strip running through Stockbridge and they deserved the admiration and appreciation from Stockbridge. The deserved a break. Instead the City tried to steamroll them. Dumb. The Meeks made a stand for all of us and because the City of Stockbridge lost their collective mind and arrogantly took this too far, they were slapped silly and hopefully brought to their senses.

  2. gatormathis says:

    Now comes the real test. Who pays for these folks legal fees? Having to battle City Hall(to whom they have been a longtime tax payer) dosen’t come cheap;

    It is sad to have to take their hard earned funds and hire lawyers to carry the case this far.

    This could put the company in dire straits.

    A flower shop, that has been a productive member of the community for 22 years, shouldn’t be treated this way.

    What are the council member’s occupations? Do they have empathy for fellow citizens? Are they just jealous because the flower shop is “making it”?

    Small business still carries this country. The big companies get the tax breaks and ammenities that small businesses make up with their property taxes and other associated fees.

    They would probably tear down the flower shop and build gov’t owned buildings.These carry development loans, tax breaks, and other things and never seem to “make it” because they are “given” so much, they never develop that personal drive to succeed.

    Roll the maniacs outa office.

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