Another Cindye Coates Thread

Yes, she is running for Cobb GOP Chair. She’ll officially announce tomorrow, though everyone already knew.

Brad Hulsey, the former mayor of Powder Springs will run for First Vice Chair of the Cobb GOP.

I assume they are running kind of as a ticket.



  1. GOPeach says:

    Dr. Cindye Coates and Former
    Mayor Brad Hulsey will both
    announce tomorrow at 8:30 AM
    at The Cobb GOP Breakfast-

    The Crowne Plaza Hotel
    Exit 263 ( 120 loop / Franklin Rd. )
    1775 Parkway PL. SE. Marietta, GA 30067

    (770) 428-4400

    I will so my best to be there to support
    this great team of experienced
    campaigners. This should be fun!

  2. shep1975 says:

    okay, I’ll try to send someone to the breakfast to pick up the check to the YRs you promised. I have to be in North Carolina to address their YR state convention.

  3. GOPeach says:


    I have every intention to
    help the YR’s with a
    generous check.


    Peach does not drink booze!
    Just Dr. Pepper & Moon Pies!

  4. Brian from Ellijay says:

    The same Brad Hulsey that hired a Democratic operative to run his campaign?

    Wonder if he will have the former county chair of the Gilmer County Democrat party there to campaign for him this time also?

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Shep? Can an elected official be an elected party official? I thought there was something in the state party rules that you excerpted something before that didn’t allow it…?

  6. GOPeach says:

    Straight Shooter-

    Brad has not been involved
    in “The Party” per se. Yet
    he obviously is quite qualified
    to govern as a strong and vialble
    conservative. He has also been
    in Cobb politcs for quite a while.
    He knows a lot of people –
    like Cindye Coates!!!!


    Brad is not an elected official
    now and even if he was he could still
    serve as Vice Chair on Coates’ slate.

    I recall Chuck Clay being a Senator
    and Chairman of the Cobb GOP. I
    also remember Johnny Isakson
    being Chairman of the GA GOP
    and an elected official

    I think it is really admirable
    that an elected official would
    GIVE volunteer time in the
    local party. Most elected officials
    will not darken the doors of
    party events unless they
    are in a campaign season.

    Did anyone here go to the
    Cobb GOP Breakfast today?

  7. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Well congratulations to Cindye. Competition is almost always good. It will be beneficial to see these two slates make a case for why they should be elected.

  8. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus –

    I agree. It is good for the
    Cobb GOP to have so many great
    people to choose from really.

    I spoke with Cindye today on
    the phone and she said that
    she would certainly support
    Scott Johnson if he became
    chairman. She really wants
    what is the best for the Party
    and if that is Scott, she is
    fine with that.

    Amazing! I can not believe
    how much she supports the
    Cobb GOP.

  9. GOPeach says:


    Brad Hulsey’s campaign manager
    was Robert Weatherford who is
    no democrat!!!

    I think you must have him
    mixed up with someone else.

    I think it is so kind of Brad who
    ran AGAINST a woman –
    Helen Goreham for County
    Commisioner would be humle
    enough to SUPPORT a woman
    for Cobb GOP Chairman.

    That really says a lot to the
    women who were for Helen
    ( a member of the Cobb GOP
    Women’s Club). Now we know
    that Brad Husley respects women
    and is not out to dominate people
    or use them or use them for his
    props – but to SERVE!


    It’s a new day in the Cobb GOP!
    The Conservative Men are allowing
    women to lead and not sabatoge
    them like in the past!

  10. newworld says:

    The fact that Cindye Coates is pretending to be someone else is just a testament to her insanity. The fact that the person she’s pretending to be praises her to high heaven seals the deal. No one wants to hear your egotistical crap, Cindye. Stop hiding behind usernames.

  11. GOPeach says:


    Cindye has no problem posting
    on this blog using her name as she
    has done so on other threads.

    As a clinical and counseling
    psychologist, I can tell you
    that someone who calls
    another person “insane” is
    in fact INSANE themself!

    There is old saying –
    ” It takes one to know one”
    which has a lot of truth in it.

    You may want to watch that-
    Unless of course you would
    like to make an appointment
    with someone I know who is
    actively seeing people these


    I see you have been given
    some information from one
    of the guys on PP. I suppose the
    name of the game here is to
    guess who everyone is who
    uses a screen name.

    To the person who e-mailed
    me to ask if Bill Simon could
    have my personal e-mail address.

    The answer is still – NO!
    We will meet soon enough again-
    I am sure!

    And then maybe we can
    decide if we should be pen pals.

    It seems that we have enough
    communication here on PP for now.
    I think having a right to privacy
    is a freedom we should still enjoy
    to some degree!!

    Besides –
    If everyone used their real
    names, PP would become
    as a newspaper with columnists-
    blah blah blah …. the fun would
    be over.

    As for now –
    I reamin GOPeach!

    I may change my name to that
    legally. It is starting to grow
    on me. No pun intended!

  12. newworld says:

    If you were truly, “a clinical psychologist” as you lie, then you would have had Cindye Coates committed a long time ago. I almost take it as a compliment to hear from someone completely insane that I am insane. Good to know my brain’s still functioning properly.
    She’s already on the slate…for chairwoman.

  13. GOPeach says:


    I see you have your own
    “new world”. hummmm

    Clearly you are here to attack
    Cindye wich means you are
    with the Scott Johnson slate
    or you are a democrat!

  14. newworld says:

    If you were anything but ignorant, you would know that “new world” is a reference to a rather talented poet.

    Clearly you are here to make a fool of yourself and of your slate. However, I’m sure that that wouldn’t require PeachPundit.

  15. GOPeach says:

    Impressive New World.

    I did not realize such an
    illustrious wordsmith would
    grace our thread with so
    much content & error.


    I am famous for writing
    in Hiaku style on blogs.

    Is New World a
    Japanese Poet?

    new world intentions
    muddy yet soon
    bright sun will shine.

    I should start a GOPeach
    Hiaku Thread for all the
    wanna be poets!

  16. newworld says:


    I was referring to the work of Derek Walcott, but a brilliant poet such as yourself would have of course been too talented to have heard of Nobel Prize winners. By the way, “hiakus,” (sic.) are 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

  17. GOPeach says:

    You’re right O’ poetic one!

    I should have written like
    this ….

    new world intentions

    now muddy with

    soon bright sun
    will shine

    There now!
    Peach is a little fuzzy
    with the Super Bowl
    on tonight.

    BTW –

    I am aware of Derek Walcott.
    after all it’s Black History month
    and I know my Black History!

    I just never knew his screen
    name 🙂

  18. Bill Simon says:

    Thank you, SherryPeach, for demonstrating that you are TRULY from another galaxy.

    By the way, not that you are smart enough to believe this, but, I did not get your indentity from the “guys at PP”. I got it from YOUR confirmation of it up this thread…and, I got the notice of it via people who DID attend last Saturday’s breakfast and made the correct observations of who was in the room…and, who seemed suspiciously out of place. And, that was YOU, Sherry Shivers (sp?) from Vinings, GA.

  19. newworld says:


    I’m no poet, but thank you for your sarcastic remarks. I’m thrilled to hear you finally managed to pass the second grade and I’m sure Walcott would now blush next to you in a poetry contest.

  20. newworld says:

    Are you serious, Bill? I’d think anyone who was this similar to Cindye Coates would have been killed off by now. Survival of the fittest, if you will. A little too much competition. All the signs are pointing to her. Then again, I guess you sort of lump all the insane people in the Party into one group like you would do in an asylum.

  21. GOPeach says:

    Billy Billy Billy —
    You are so dang silly!
    ( Newy is inspiring me
    to be a poet) …

    I was not at the Breakfast hun.
    I go to Temple on Sat Mornings.
    Like YOU SHOULD be doing!
    You are Jewish aren’t you?

  22. GOPeach says:


    For such an egghead-
    you are quite grumpy dear.

    Maybe you should join
    a gym or something-
    You seem a little tense
    for a blogger.

    I am worried about the way
    you concider EVERYONE
    ELSE to be “insane people”.

    It’s sorta like bad breath-
    everyone knows YOU have
    it except you!

    I am serious —

    posting things like –
    “…anyone who was this
    similar to Cindye Coates
    would have been killed
    off by now.”

    Sounds like a death threat.
    I would be very careful
    about this choice of words.

    Maybe you should stick
    to poetry. It is much better
    for your personality type.
    I bet you like to eat a lot
    of red meat.

  23. newworld says:

    Oh. Beth Hallel, according to this old post…and I see you’ve spelled it incorrectly. Beth Halel? That’s very interesting. I’ve never heard of that one. And I know that their services start at 11:00 AM. For someone so obsessed with Cindye Coates, you’d think you could just stop by.

  24. GOPeach says:

    Actually –

    I am a night owl and I do not
    do early breakfasts. I prefer
    lunches and dinners.

    Peach loves her beauty rest.

  25. newworld says:

    No, dear I only consider the insane people(such as yourself) insane. I think it’s so funny how insane people can twist words to make them sound insane. A death threat? Really? Not likely, Cindye.

  26. newworld says:

    I know the Temple. I was commenting on the fact that when you originally posted its name, you spelled it incorrectly. For someone who attends Temple every Saturday morning, you’d think you could be able to spell the name correctly.

  27. GOPeach says:


    I KNOW that you and Bill
    want me to reveal my real
    name on this thread by calling
    me ” Cindye”…

    Good try!

    Now… what did you do with
    that poetry book?

  28. GOPeach says:

    I have a neice named
    Halel and I write her came

    Peach is a bad speller Newy.

    I am not smart like you.
    I am insane… remember?

  29. newworld says:

    No, actually we’re just calling you by your real name, Cindye. You’ll have to forgive me. I can’t write poetry in the least but I really like it.

  30. newworld says:


    No, GOPeach, I’m not smart, either. You are insane, though. You were correct, there. No need to remind anyone of that…

  31. GOPeach says:

    I have spoken with Cindye this
    afternoon and she said someone
    sent her a link to this thread.

    Her slate has agreed to not
    blog because they are focused
    on the upcoming convention.
    She a very hard campaigner
    and now that she has announced
    her running, she will not
    be on blogs – I can assure you
    of THAT!

    Cindye Coates will be the next
    chairman of The Cobb GOP.
    Nobody can out work her –
    I have watched her work on
    2 campaigns.

    You obviously do NOT know
    Cindye! lol

  32. GOPeach says:

    Newy wrote:

    “No, actually we’re just calling
    you by your real name, Cindye.”

    Newy … “we’re just calling”


    And you are calling ME insane?
    You are proving my point.

    I am NOT trying to be mean.
    I know it sounds it- I am
    conserned that you call yourself
    “we” amd that you think people
    like Cindye should be killed.

    These are serious issues.

  33. GOPeach says:

    Cobb County High Tech
    Crime Unit has been
    notified about this

    This is not funny anymore
    newworld. I am really concerned.

  34. Bill Simon says:

    Sherry, you’re not the one who is Jewish in your marriage. You are Christian in your marriage. You have previously (emphatically, one would say) stated that.

    So, don’t give me this bullsh** that YOU went to synagogue Saturday morning rather than attend the Saturday breakfast where your heroine, Cindye Coates, announced her candidacy for Cobb GOP Chair.

    GOPeach, you’re not only insane, but, you’re also as much a pathological a liar as ASH is.

  35. newworld says:

    Threats? What threats? I’m doubting the High Tech Crime Unit would be concerned with anything said, here. And I thought you were smarter than this, Cindye.

    You need to stop posting so late and start thinking about how you’re going to call these votes to the convention.

  36. newworld says:

    I’m sure Scott Johnson has better things to do at this hour than post on Peach Pundit as a self-righteous alias.

  37. GOPeach says:


    My husband is Jewish! We go
    to a Messianic Temple TOGETHER!

    You the one who seems to lack
    faith. You call people horrible names.
    That is really bad Bill. really really bad.

    I did not go to the Saturday breakfast.
    PLEASE know it! I do not leave my
    house THAT EARLY – not even for
    Cindye Coates – God love her –
    she knows that for sure!

    I posted the breakfast on this blog
    so that others could be there for
    Cindye’s exciting news. I was so
    glad for her, I wanted to do something.

    This was the best I could do as well
    as call my list of Vinings and Smyrna
    republican friends and have them
    know she was stepping up to the
    plate and needed all ofour support
    to lead this party into the next
    election season.

  38. GOPeach says:

    Bill & Newy-

    You are both OBVIOUSLY
    blogging for SCOTT JOHNSON!

    You are not fooling anyone.
    Let’s seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    You are BOTH Coverdell
    Leadership graduates aren’t you?
    That would EXPLAIN A LOT!

    You have no real chutzpah-
    Just bullies – making threats
    and insulting people calling them
    names like inmature boys.

    Typical – Yawn.
    getting sleepy — finally!

  39. newworld says:

    I could only dream of being a Coverdell Leadership graduate like Scott, Bob, and Andre. Linda Parker’s done an excellent job with that organization and it has produced three, great,
    leaders that are precisely what the Cobb GOP needs right now.

    Maybe you should take some cues from Cindye’s speeches, and acknowledge that Scott and she would both make a great Cobb Chairman(at least when she’s acting as herself).

    For someone who ardently supported Ralph Reed-and hated how the Cagle supporters pointed out guilt by association-you certainly seem to treat our comments as though they were coming from Scott Johnson himself.

    Cindye, you know Scott’s never attacked you. Why do you insist on returning his kindness with disrespect?

    I will do my best to be there to support
    this great team of experienced
    It’s interesting that sleeping late and going to Temple at eleven prohibited you from coming to support the woman that you and only you worship.

  40. newworld says:

    If someone were still reading this, I would say to him or her, “You are a rose between two thorns. Check your e-mail.”

  41. rugby_fan says:

    GOPeach, it is not a requirement for people of the Jewish faith to attend Temple on Saturday mornings.

    I can not believe I wasted rum drinking time to post this.

  42. GOPeach says:


    Tell new world that I am
    NOT Cindye Coates
    AND Cindye Coates
    HAS NEVER attacked
    Scott Johnson and she
    HAS NEVER disrespected

  43. mainstream GOP says:

    I just joined to tell “newworld” that he/she made me laugh til mt.dew spewed out of my nose!

    GOPeach, you are leaving far too many hints for ‘newworld” to believe you were any other person than Cindy Coats…c’mon I that you were smarter than that!

  44. mainstream GOP says:

    I just registerd to tell “newworld” whoever he/she may be that those comments made me laugh so hard that Mt. Dew spewed out of my nose!
    GOPeach, you are leaving far to many hints for “newworld” to believe that you are anybody but Cindy Coats…c’mon now, I gave you credit for being smarter than that!

  45. Bill Simon says:

    On the other hand, Peach/Cindye/Marilyn/Dawn/Frank [INSERT RALPH-REED-SUPPORTER-NUT’S-NAME-OF-YOUR-CHOICE-HERE]…
    the very fact that you lie like a rug, why should we believe ANYTHING that you’ve told Erick regarding your “true identity?”

    Don’t go dragging Erick’s good name into this conversation. This is all of YOUR making. The only way we know you are NOT “Cindye Coates” is that we know WHO you really are!

    Ever heard of the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf? This is 2007. YOU’RE the “Boy,” Peach!

  46. newworld says:

    If you haven’t seen Erick’s comic with the sock puppets, I’m pretty sure that was a direct shot at you., Cindye.
    There’s a difference between child’s play and big girl insanity, though.

  47. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Wow. I missed a day on here and missed a lot. It seems to me that newworld and gopeach don’t like each other very much.

    As far as I am concerned… I want someone who will do the best job at leading the Cobb GOP to help Republicans get elected and the values of limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility move forward.

    If Cindye is that person, great. If Scott is that person, great. We do need the party to grow… and this is not helping.

    newworld… let’s pretend that Gopeach is not Cindye for a moment. Do you have a problem with Cindye or just Gopeach? At this point, I don’t know of anything that should disqualify Cindye from being chairman. I don’t know if I would vote for her, but I can’t think of anything that should disqualify her. Is there something that I should know about?

  48. newworld says:

    You must have not met Cindye Coates, yet.

    Anyone who has met her immediately gets to know her a little too much.

    I could not tell you the number of things she’s done, but I will tell you that anyone who runs against her-no matter how geniunely kind-is an enemy and strictly that. I guarantee that while she publicly speaks about her good friend Scott Johnson, in the Coates household she marks him as another form of dangerous opposition.

    Here’s another important point to remember. If you disagree with Cindye Coates in any discussion “Cindye Coates is always right,” We need someone to push us forward and get past minor and occasional disagreements. Cindye Coates would never do that.

  49. GOPeach says:


    You are the moderator.

    Please tell the people on this
    thread that you KNOW who
    I am and that I AM NOT

    These lies will continue to
    be spread if you do not tell
    them otherwise.
    THANK YOU!!!

  50. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus –

    First let me declare once again
    as God is my witness, I am not

    You ask legitimate questions and
    I always like your style. You just
    want the facts!

    Others on here like to joke around
    ( that’s me)…. Others like to insult
    people calling them names ( Bill
    Simon)….Others like to lie about
    people and defame them with
    malice … ( new world).

    You ask logical questions –

    I personally know Cindye and
    I have worked with her in political
    settings. She is clear minided and

    Her State House endorsements
    were everyone from Gov. Perdue
    to her neighbors.

    In business, she is endorsed by
    Zell Miller and Kathy Cox.

    I watch her pour her life into
    her community. She opens her
    home to everyone all the time.
    When people in the party could
    not find a meeting place, she
    always offered her home and
    SHE would cook for everyone!

    I watched her give sacrificially
    to the party and to people
    in the party… her time and her

    Now you asked if Cindye can lead?
    I think the those who shows hospitality
    and serves joyfully can lead.

  51. Bill Simon says:


    Now I understand, Peach. All that bullsh**, whacko-nutjob prose you’ve been posting for the last 2 months is your way of “playing” with people.

    Oh, gosh, how could I have not picked that up?

    (…..fixing the rug nap…..)

  52. GOPeach says:


    The “wacko – nut job prose ” is the
    the real Peach… no kidding!

    It’s the Haiku I was refering to
    as “joking” – 🙂

    That was actually fun I admit.

  53. GOPeach says:

    If anyone wants to know
    about Cindye Coates –

    I suggest you call her –
    or e-mail her –[redacted]

    She will probably either:

    A. Take you to coffee

    B. Give you as much time on
    phone as you need.

    She LOVES people!

  54. GOPeach says:

    She has a doctorate in
    Education and Theology.

    She is married to a pastor and
    she writes Bible,History, Literature,
    and Philospophy courses.

  55. rugby_fan says:

    Bill, You would
    Know that if you
    Got your head out
    Of the poopypoopoop
    And stopped being
    so mean on your Political Potty Vine

    You are so immature
    When you start name calling
    And making gross references.

    How was that for a GOPeach impression eh?

  56. rugby_fan says:

    With writing like this:

    “She is married to a pastor and
    she writes Bible,[sic]History[sic], Literature[sic],
    and Philospophy[sic, sic] courses.”

    I have a hard time believing GOPeach ever worked for a newspaper.

  57. mainstream GOP says:

    GOPeach, Im sorry, but it seems you are leaving far to much evidence to make us believe you are anybody but Cindy Coates.

    Im not too involved in the Cobb GOP, but after my good friend Judson Hill ran for State Senate, he pulled me in so I go to occasional events.

    I think I may have met Cindy once, but I’ve heard a lot about her from people who know her well. Some say there is another side to her that I havent seen (now, if that side is GOPeach, I have no clue)haha.

    In my time I’ve been to Cobb GOP events, I have never met an individual as obsessed with Cindy as GOPeach seems to this adds to my skeptisism.

    I also know a man that is much more involved in the Cobb GOP than me, and he goes to “Beth Halel” so next time I’ll see him, I guess I’ll have to ask him if he knows of a “Sherry” that goes there that is also very involved with the Cobb GOP and is good friends with Cindy Coates.

    As for the Cobb GOP race for Chair is concerned, I did not make the breakfast but I called my good friend Holly Comer to find out the difference between Cindy and Scott..she told me both were good speakers, but they brought up two very different but important issues.

    Scott brought up the issue that we need to increase our membership and better micro-manage the party, and that we need to avoid excluding or turning off people from the party with differing oppinions (that resignates with me because, I’ve hear that we had close to 3x the current membership before Mr. Hobbs took office, and I know through Judson how the Cobb GOP leadership had a bias towards Ralph Reed and tried to shun an individual from the party because he was a Cagle supporter and pointed out their unfair bias)

    And she said Cindy pointed out the need to reserve Saturdays in October to help the GOP in any capacity..which I think is also a good idea because if we applied this to the state, we’d have two more Republican Congressmen from Georgia right now.

    So, I guess I lean towards Scott because, 1. I know him pretty well, and 2. because we cant do anything until our membership is up…and Holy told me that Cindy has the backing of the current leadership, which istnt a good thing in my oppinion. While Scott is backed by Phil Gingrey, Casey Cagle, Roger Hines, and Sue Everheart.

  58. GOPeach says:


    Peach was a writer-
    NOT an editor!

    Plus ……
    Are you saying you do
    not find typos in newspapers???

  59. mainstream GOP says:

    c’mon now, rugby had a pretty valid point..I have friends with both the AJC and MDJ and they are exquisite writters..they write a lot more eloquently than you the way, what papper did you work for?

  60. mainstream GOP says:

    I know, right, how do you work for Senator Coverdell in DC and misspell his name?..ecspecially if you are a writer

  61. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, this is WHO currently supports Cindye Coates:

    – Anthony-Scott Hobbs
    – Dawn Strickland
    – Frank Molesky
    – Michael Altman
    – Debbie Ellis (though she lives in Gwinnett County now and, from what I hear, is demonstrating just how stupid a person she is while sitting on the Elections Board and representing the GOP)
    – Edwin Nelson
    – Calvin Rhodes
    – GOPeach…and all of the owners of the voices in her head.

    In short, ALL of the people who have been responsible for destroying the Cobb GOP for the last 4 years are ALL backing Cindye Coates.

    And, as a reminder, Cindye Coates was just as nutty about Ralph Reed as GOPeach demonstrated she was for Ralph Reed.

    In short, I believe this race for the new leadership of the Cobb County GOP is a re-run of the race between Casey Cagle supporters and Ralph Reed supporters.

    Cobb is one of the last strongholds of official Nutjob-Central and the Frank Molesky crowd cannot bear to see their corrupt power fade away with Hobbs’ being term-limited out.

  62. mainstream GOP says:

    Ohh..I know all about her support for Ralph Reed, I’ve heard from a few people who staffed the Cagle campaign about how they were sign blitzing the front of Jim Miller Park at about 2am when Cindy Coats and friend showed up to place her signs out there, the Cagle team felt bad that they flanked the whole entrance and moved some of the Cagle signs to allow Cindy to have some room for one Cagle staffer was helping someone from the Coats team put one of their signs up, while Cindy was on the cell phone..she took a picture with her phone and said of this Cagle staffer putting up a Coats sign and tried to frame it as the Cagle team was taking down her signs and she raised hell about it..little did they know she was on the phone with Ralph Reed, so their gang showed up shortly after which spoiled the Cagle team’s shock and awe plan.

    Im sorry, but how could anyone believe that any state wide campaign staffer would pull down a sign of a state house candidate when she is standing right their candidate, why would they want to any way, they dont care about that race?

    So anyway, Russell Carlson, also a good friend of mine, was furious and he called the individual in charge of allocating GAGOP funds to State House candidates and said “she isn’t getting a dime”…Casey no doubt remembers this very well, and allthough it is odd that the Lt. Governor would make a County GOP leadership endorsement, Im not suprised at all he is backing Scott Johnson.

    Bill, that whole crowd you mentioned were devout Ralph Reed followers..I wonder if that says anything?

  63. newworld says:

    I didn’t want to have to tell that story, mainstream, but I’m glad someone did.

    GOPeach, why would you support someone who would so try to sabotage a candidate within her own party?

    Not jumping to conclusions, here, but I don’t doubt Cindye Coates would do the same thing to Scott Johnson, if she had the chance. With Cindye, it wouldn’t matter if he was a Republican or a Democrat.

    She tried to hurt Casey Cagle and his campaign, because she realized that liars-like Ralph Reed-can’t get elected without lying-even if that requires help from their own staffers.

    So she lied.

    So you lie, Cindye -pretending you have support like GOPeach, rather than going out and finding it yourself.

    Do we truly want another liar for our Cobb GOP chair?

  64. GOPeach says:


    It is SO OBVIOUS that
    Cindye’s supporters
    are not Peach Pundit
    bloggers – The are in the
    General Assembly working!

    For the RECORD —

    The Current Leadership
    Is NOT supporting anyone!!!
    They are staying out of this.

    Judson Hill is Cindye’s friend!
    Phill Gingrey is Cindye’s friend
    and Congresman!
    Roger Hines has known Cindye
    since he was her English teacher
    in High School and Cindye worked
    on his campaign for Congress –
    ( unlike Scott).
    Sue Everheart is Cindye’s friend
    and is asking her to support her.

    The only reason Scott may have
    a few” endorsements” is because
    he announced early and these
    people said they would support
    him as he was unopposed….

    They had NO CLUE Cindye would
    run. Now I hear they are torn.

    Now that Cindye has announced
    they may be stuck. That is okay.
    Cindye knew this BEFORE she
    announced. She is not stupid.

  65. GOPeach says:


    Phil Gingrey is staying out of this.
    He is not “endorsing” anyone!

    Both Scott and Cindye live in the
    11th Congressional District.

    Phil is not stupid either!!!!

  66. mainstream GOP says:

    Wow this is adicting, almost like my past smoking addiction..I better make this quick so I can get back to work.

    Im not stupid either, I seriously doubt Cindy would get any support from anyone in the state sentate after the above mentioned stunt she pulled on the Cagle campaign last year…maybe Bobby Franklin in the House, but he isn’t a very effective leader from what I can see..putting forth HB.1 that would eliminate all abortions in Georgia without so much as a provision for life of the mother situations, we all know how far that went…I’ve been told that Sharron Cooper and her are fairly close, but with her in the house leadership, I doubt she’d make an she comes across as kind of moderate, whereas Cindy does not.

    Phil Gingrey and Scott are extremely close friends, no chance he would even consider backing out of that endorsement.

    Judson Hill? lets just say, Im not even going there.

    I don’t know Roger Hines or Sue Eveheart enough to comment, but I’d be willing to bet they don’t regret endorsing Scott.

    Yehh peach, the Cobb GOP leadership isn’t backing anyone just like they didnt back Ralph Reed, you dont have to state an official endorsement to give the impression you are backing someone.

    Be careful, because you are starting to sound a lot like debbie0040 did before the Lt. Governor’s primary, Peach Pundit may be a more accurate read on this race than you think.

  67. GOPeach says:

    Casey Cagle is NOT emdorsing
    anyone for Cobb GOP Chairman!

    He is NOT STUPID!!!

    If he did that…
    Then THE SPEAKER would
    “endorse” Cindye and The
    Speaker would have all the
    Cobb State House Reps
    back Cindye ( 9 endorsments)
    as opposed to 3 Senators.

    DO THE MATH!!!!

    Casey is not stupid!!

  68. GOPeach says:

    Cindye and Sharon Cooper are VERY

    Sharon is a moderate and Cindye
    is a conseratove… That shows
    you that Cindye is friends with
    strong republicans no matter
    the ‘ ISSUES”.

    If Judson Hill is behind this
    attack… He will have
    HEAVY primary opposition
    in 2008!

    He better clear his name fast!

  69. mainstream GOP says:

    youre right Casey is not stupid, that’s why he is backing Scott.

    most of Cobb’s Reps endorsed him, and Im sure they know all about the above mentioned stunt.

    By the way, I know of a couple State Reps from Cobb that are not too fond of the Speaker, he is becoming to arrogant with his power not to mention this alleged affair with a lobbyist from Atlanta Gas Light. I wouldn’t count on him being speaker next year, I predict my friend Mark Burkhalter will….so, I seriously doubt he will have any impact on who the Cobb Reps endorse, Im sure most at this point will be neuteral…plus he lives in Paulding, he wont give a damn about this race.

  70. mainstream GOP says:

    look..stop transferring blame to our friends, Judson has never said anything of the sort about Cindy..he has not made an endorsemen, nor do I look for him to!..if it’s offending you Im sorry, I tend to get carried away with debate…I don’t dislike Cindy, I really dont personally know her enough to have a personally charged oppinion..she seems very nice, but I was just saying I have several friends whom I trust that tell me their is another side to her..but Im sure she’d be better than Mr. Hobbs was, obviously she did something right..she almost got elected twice.

    You know what, forget this, Im not posting’s to damn addicting, and I can just go back to reading it once a night and having a life.

  71. newworld says:

    There she goes again pretending she’s friends with everyone.

    I don’t think waving at people from afar and having them wave back because they’ve mistaken you for someone important counts.

    If they were truly your friends, such as you claim, they would have told you a long time ago to stay out of politics.

    The Republican Party doesn’t need you tarnishing its good name. We can only have so many Cynthia McKinney’s in the world, you know.

  72. Bill Simon says:


    It almost “says something”…if it weren’t for the odd (but, WELCOME) presence of Bob Koncerak as Scott’s vice-chair candidate.

    For the record, during the Cagle v. Reed race, I thought Bob Koncerak was a fool to support Ralph.

    But, in the post-primary time period, Bob didn’t spend his time pining and whining about the results the way people like GOPeach and “Philly” (who is a Pundit poster who has been noticeably absent lately…not that I miss his irrational posts) did. And, for not engaging is such acts, I realized Bob was a damn fine stand-up, MATURE Republican.

    So, to your point, Mainstream…it’s almost looking like that in this race, with the one exception being Bob Koncerak. But, I do not know where anyone else (Andre or their Treasurer candidate) stood on the 2006 primary…nor do I care. What matters is the Cobb GOP needs SANE leadership installed at the top.

  73. Jimbo says:

    Funny you mention sane leadership and Bob Koncerak in the same breath.

    Koncerak sent out an email to Cobb Sub District Chairs telling them to send all the paperwork from the upcoming mass precinct meetings to him. He was using subterfuge to obtain the paper work. Koncerak had absolutely no authority to do this. This was a violation of the rules but Koncerak did not care. But, Bill you think it is ok for someone to be sneaky and underhanded as long as you support them

    Mainstream, Cindye did the right thing by going to Cagle and letting him handle the sign thing. She let it go after Cagle told her he would take care of it. She could have gone public and went to the press but did not. You are wrong in your assumptions. BTW, notorious sign stealer, Brian Laurens was one of those putting up signs for Cagle.

    Cindye Coates has my vote. I like Scott, but a man is known by the company he keeps and I look at who is supporting Scott and who is supporting Cindye. Easy decision.

  74. Jimbo says:

    Mainstream, please provide proof that Johnson has the backing of Roger Hines and Casey Cagle.

    I bet you are part of the day Cobb Women’s club and are one of these people that left the Cobb GOP because your candidate, Scott Chadwick lost.

    In fact, Johnson lost a good many votes because of Koncerak’s stunt and because of Koncerak’s attacks on the current leadership. I believe that they have done a good job.

  75. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, Jimbo, the reason Bob took that initiative was because ASH was dragging his stupid ass on publishing exactly WHERE the damn meetings were going to be held for the mass precinct meetings.

    ASH got his panties in a wad because Koncerak wouldn’t let him wait until the LAST frickin’ minute to publish it.

    Koncerak did gtood. ASH demonstrated just how f**ked-up in the head he really is.

    That YOU support him and his side of ANY story demonstrates, again, just how screwed-up in the head YOU are…and, furthermore, how completely irrelevant YOUR word is to anything.

  76. newworld says:

    You would call framing another candidate “the right thing,” to do?

    Apparently you didn’t get the whole story. The Cagle supporters were not only kind of enough to come out in the middle of the night and pick up some of their signs, but they offered to help Cindye put some of her signs up, too that she had brought along.

    Noticing, one of the Cagle staffers was holding a “Cindye Coates for State House,” sign in one hand and a recently removed “Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor,” sign in the other hand, Cindye Coates snapped a picture with her camera-phone in order to claim that Casey Cagle’s staff was removing State House signs(like Cindye’s) in order to make room for more Cagle signs.

    You’ll notice GOPeach has not denied this.

  77. Jimbo says:

    ASH was following the rules, Koncerak was deliberately using subterfuge to gain access to the Mass Precinct paper work and urged the Sub District Chairman to violate the rules. Bill, if any of ASH supporters had done that, you would be yelling at the top of your lungs. Al Meyer is in charge of the Mass Precinct Meetings for the Cobb GOP and Koncerak knew that.

    Mainstream, you are wrong. If Cindye wanted to go public, she could have just given the photos to Reed or to the press. Your story is inaccurate.
    Again which one of the members of the Day Women’s club are you?

    I like Scott but don’t like some of his supporters or people on his slate. He lost my vote.

  78. newworld says:

    I’m not mainstream, though I see what you’re saying now, and that is a good point.

    But why would Cindye Coates want to go public? It would be her word-and the word of her friend- against however many of Cagle’s staffers were there, for one thing.

    For another, if the press got a hold of it, all they would have to do is look at the stakes and note that the stakes of one sign were clean and the stakes of another were dirty.

    Even if she had edited the photograph at that point, the controversy of the whole thing would have forced everyone to take a look at the bottom of the signs. Then, the press or someone with a Communications degree in Cobb would have caught it and she would have been in trouble…Ralph would have been, too. Of course she wouldn’t go public!

  79. Jimbo says:

    You are wrong about Cindye. You are just part of the smear campaign Johnson’s supporters have started.

    You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. People that dropped out after the Hobbs-Chadwick race are coming back because of Johnson. These are people that could not stand losing and had sour grapes.

    No way will I support Johnson. He has allowed his supporters to attack the current Cobb GOP Administration and does nothing .

  80. Jimbo says:

    Why would Cindye do any of what you accused her of? What would she have to gain and if she did it to smear Cagle, why did she not use it? The press would have jumped all over it. Coates could have given it to Martin. Your theories don’t hold water and you know it.

    Brian Laurens was involved and I would not doubt on iota what he would do.

  81. newworld says:

    Because of the reasons I just gave to you. She knew she wouldn’t be able to defend herself if she turned in that photo to the press and that might have cost her her House race.
    Losing the first time, she probably wasn’t willing to take any risks-even for Ralph.
    Even if another one of Ralph’s staffers had turned them the press would have traced it back to the original source(Cindye) or not traced it back and accused Ralph Reed and his staff of trying to smear Casey’s name.
    Either way, it would have been too much of a risk.

  82. Bill Simon says:


    By virtue of the fact that you remain anonymous PROVES that you are the liar in this whole game. You are afraid to sign your real name to your post…ergo, you’re a lying piece of cow dung, just like ASH.

  83. This is Cindye Coates and I am astounded at how fellow republicans are spending precious time thriving on such negative energy that does nothing to better our communities, promoting limited government, lower taxes, and personal freedoms. I am not afraid to face my accusers using my real name and I am not posing as GOPeach either. I barely have the time to read through all of this, much less write and reply to each comment and rumor as “ GOPeach” has done in my defense. This is quite overwhelming but it is revealing deep wounds in our party that if not addressed promptly, will become worse.

    Because I believe that good leadership must be responsive, I have skipped an evening my family watching 24 to address the statements and issues on this blog thread.

  84. To Bill Simon: Thank you for stating your real name. I have not met you and although we differ on certain issues , personally insulting me is not taking the high road. If you are a republican, surely we can find common ground upon which we can agree and build bridges. I have tried to call you on the phone to address each of your insults, as my communication style is not blogging but talking on the phone or in person one on one. Relationships exceed politics.

  85. To Mainstream: (Feb 5 1:32 pm) You claim Holly Comer told you that I have “the backing of the current leadership while Scott is backed by Phil Gingrey, Casey Cagel Roger Hines and Sue Everheart.” The present leadership is not backing anyone. I have made it a point to work with them and do not regret having done so. There was no other leadership for me to serve but the leadership that we have had. I have merely bloomed where I have been planted. If the above names mentioned endorse Scott, I will not be offended what so ever. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am simply offering my time and talents to serve as chairman. It is really that simple. (Feb 5 2:55) Your July 4th story is grossly inaccurate. 1. I never took pictures on my cell phone of Casey Cagle’s staff at 2am at Jim Miller Park. 2. My cell phone does not take pictures.
    It is about 5 years old. I like old cars and old cell phones. 3. I never called Ralph Reed to spoil a shock and awe plan the Cagle people were arranging. 4. No phone call to the GAGOP kept them from supporting my campaign for State House. They lavished me with support. You can
    ask Malcolm, Jay, or Paul. 5. Casey and I are completely over this and support each other. He has forgot this and so have I. It’s people like you who have yet to get past these distractions. All the people involved in the July 4th Bar B Q misunderstanding got a personal phone call from me starting with Brian Laurens ( who did not harm any of my campaign signs).

  86. Final Thoughts- I have read this entire thread and I am sure I am leaving some things out. I would hope that from now on, all you anonymous bloggers would ask questions, call me, or write me personally before you start building walls in our party. There has been way too much of this.

    You may not like my political views, you may not like my personality, but that is no reason to personally attack me and discredit the efforts I have made to convey conservative values in my community.

  87. GOPeach says:

    Amen Cindye!

    Thank you Erick!!!!!!
    Now they know that
    I am not a liar and neither
    is Cindye.

    Now I can go to sleep.

  88. Bill Simon says:


    I appreciate the brief chat we had on the phone tonight and I will call you back to discuss some other items that are a bit outstanding.

    HOWEVER, as far as me sending “personal insults your way” on this blog (or, at any time) I will grant you leeway this one time due to your inability to spend the time to follow the threads here to figure out if it was something _I_ personally posted in insulting you, OR, more likely, it was your faithful friend, GOPeach who reacted and blogged a bunch of NONSENSE to a subject I stated.

    FOR THE RECORD, in reading back through the threads, this is the ONLY post I could find that someone could, perhaps, possibly discern as me “personally insulting” you…and, after I show the link, I will explain the basis for the post, and how it cannot be an “insult” to you:

    Now, for the explanation of this: The fact is that of these people listed, every one of them is a member of the current leadership of the Cobb GOP and ALL have done nothing but destroy it and the good names of a lot of people who used to be happily associated with it.

    You may think, Cindye, that it is just a matter of “a difference of personalities” that causes the divides between this bunch of screwballs and the rest of us. It is not.

    A “personality difference” is a difference based on modes of operation in life. Like, as you told me tonight, when you play a sport, you don’t care who the coach is, you are IN the game to compete…and, you compared yourself to people who quit the game because they say they cannot get along with the coach, or they don’t like the coach’s “style” of coaching, etc.

    The difference between you, the competitive-based athlete, and those others who quit the game because they don’t like the way the coach talks to them or let’s them practice, or teaches them the game…is ALL based on “personality differences.”

    But, when you have an ENTIRE group of people set on LYING about what’s going on, and what they are doing with the Cobb GOP’s resources, AND who they LIE about….that is not a “difference of personalities” any more than the only difference between me and some guy locked-up for being convicted of murdering 10 people is only due to a “personality difference” between us.

    ASH, Michael Altman, Dawn Strickland (yes, I know she’s your friend, but you do not know the sheer evil in her heart when it comes to her quest for power), Debbie Ellis, “Jimbo”, and whoever else who is part of the leadership of the Cobb GOP who 1) carries-out the ideas of a pathological liar like ASH when they KNOW better, and 2) defends ASH with all their heart and soul.

    The only way the problems in the Cobb GOP can be reduced to a mere “personality difference” is that you insert the word “disorder” in that description, and THAT will adequately describe the problems with the Cobb GOP.

    That is, “The problems with the Cobb GOP is the differences in personality DISORDERS among the leadership.”

  89. Bill Simon says:

    Oops! Gotta append something here to this paragraph above:

    “ASH, Michael Altman, Dawn Strickland (yes, I know she’s your friend, but you do not know the sheer evil in her heart when it comes to her quest for power), Debbie Ellis, “Jimbo”, and whoever else who is part of the leadership of the Cobb GOP who 1) carries-out the ideas of a pathological liar like ASH when they KNOW better, and 2) defends ASH with all their heart and soul, are the people who are the direct cause of the Cobb GOP’s downfall for the past 5 years.

  90. Bill Simon says:

    So, Cindye, if you consider it a personal insult for someone (like, me) who has been around the party LONGER than you have to point out the truth about the goings-ons about the Cobb GOP, and how all these people who caused it are NOW supporting YOU, then fine, take it as a “personal insult.”

  91. Bill Simon says:

    Dang….yet another correction is needed….and, a grammatical one at that: The problems with the Cobb GOP are the differences in personality DISORDERS among the leadership.

  92. Jimbo says:

    The Cobb GOP’s downfall? The current leadership has done an outstanding job. There was a very small group of people, like yourself, that are poor losers and could not handle their side lost so they dropped out and did everything they could to undermine the Cobb GOP. These same people are supporting the Johnson/Koncerak team.

    It did not work. They had a headquarters and had volunteers that staffed it during the campaign seasons. ASH did raise money during his first two years. The Cobb GOP became very active and even Bill Byrne was heard to remark that the last July 4th BBQ was better than ever.

    There are many new activists with the Cobb GOP now. The current leadership has the support of the county committee members at every turn. At the last county convention they all ran unopposed.

    If you bothered to go to the County Committee meetings you would have seen detailed financial statements handed out at each one and questions were answered. Hobbs stated numerous times that anyhone that wanted to take a look at the check book could come by the office and do so.

    The only one I see lying is you. I want to see proof about them lying about what they are doing with Cobb GOP resources. I am so sick and tired of your lies . The fact you support Johnson and Koncerak will cost them the election. When I told several people this week that Johnson and Koncerak had aligned themselves with you and the CCRWC, it cost them votes. We will spread the word.

    Speaking of fund raising and your criticism of Hobbs, Johnson and Koncerak were in charge and responsible for the recent Legislative Luncheon fundraiser. They sold tickets but only about 40% of the tickets they sold actually showed up and paid. I heard that Hobbs actually had to get on the phone and raise money from the big donors. If left up to Johnson and Koncerak it would have failed miserably.

  93. Jimbo says:

    Sue Everhart is an active member of the Cobb GOP. Are you saying that she would support or turn her head to wrongdoing that you constantly allege is going on?

    show proof or shut up.

  94. Jimbo says:

    Bill, you have a record of just blasting anyone that does not agree with you. You fly off the handle without checking out facts and rumors you are told. You are being played. People know that you hate Hobbs and the current Cobb GOP administration and all they have to do is tell you a rumor and you won’t even bother to check it out.

  95. Bill Simon says:


    Shouting at platitudes at the rate you do means nothing. Look at the proof: ASH claims that he has brought-in “500 new members tothe Cobb GOP.”

    IF that were the case, then every breakfast would be spilling-out into the street. Yet, from what I’ve been told, the number of people attending a breakfast has been the same puny bunch of regulars that it nearly has been for over 2 years. A few additions every now and then doesn’t change the fact that ASH is full of it in his claim, as are YOU, as evidenced that you don’t post under your real name so that anyone can judge the veracity of what YOU are claiming.

    Again, Jimbo/DUMBO, AMF!

  96. Bill Simon says:

    You know Jimbo is lying whenever he says “I heard from ASH and ASH said this…”

    He “heard from ASH” only because he and Frank Molesky got together to figure out how to rebut my truthful claims about the FAILED leadership of ASH and Frank.

    Look, ASH, you’re a scumbag and a liar…and, there are a WHOLE bunch of people up and down this state who know it.

  97. Jimbo says:

    Bill, you are really losing it. You don’t like to be called out for your lies so you just add more bullsh** on your pile.

    I have not even communicated with Frank Molesky in over 6 months.
    You and others like you don’t like that fact that the Cobb GOP has been successful. Tell me, if you and so many others did not like what was going on with the Cobb GOP, then why didn’t you field candidates at the last CountyConvention? Why do you not show up at County Committee meetings and vote against what Hobbs and Company are doing? I will tell you why.

    YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY and would lose that is why.

    Attendance at breakfast are not indicitive of what the party is doing. Cobb has two breakfasts a month people can attend. Not many people like getting up so early on a Saturday morning. Why don’t you compare the breakfast attendance with other county parties and compare the attendance with their membership and the times of months they have breakfasts. You will see Cobb is the normal.

    I am not Hobbs. You and others accused me of being Debbie during the Primaries, now it is Hobbs. email [email protected]

  98. Bill Simon says:

    Jimbo, you’re talking EXACTLY the way the fools who supported Ralph Reed were talking…

    By the way, I have spoken with regular attendees of the breakfasts, and they state that for the past year, the number of attendees hasn’t varied much beyond “30-40” people. I trust them more than I trust you whom I’ve never met or talked to before.

    AMF, Jimbo!

  99. GOPeach says:

    Thanks Jeff!

    I was amazed how this blog tried to ruin the
    character of a wonderful candidate who will
    soon be the next chairman of the Cobb Co.
    Republican Party no matter who endorses

    It sure has gotten quiet since Erick let
    everyone know that Cindye Coates is
    not on Peach Pundit and that she is
    not a liar and someone who is “insane”.

    She is completely the exact opposite!
    She has integrity and intellegence!

    How very refreshing !

  100. GOPeach says:

    Bill —

    For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Mathew 7:2

    In other words ….

    It takes one to know one!

  101. GOPeach says:

    Jeff –

    Am I doing better? I am trying tio type all the way to the line so you won’t freak out about me
    typing skinny. Now I will type PHAT! 🙂

    Peach Out Dog!

  102. GOPeach says:


    It looks ugly when I type all the way to the line. It skips and stuff —- I guess I will have to practice this more. Give me a few days folks.
    This is new to Peach. But I should get an A for

  103. Jimbo says:

    That is pretty good attendance for having two breakfasts a month. You have people that are part of that crowd that has tried to tear down the Cobb GOP for the past 4 years that would complain about everything.

    Fools that supported Reed? Koncerak supported Reed , is he a fool? I see, you just mean only Reed supporters you don’t like are fools huh?

  104. Philly says:

    Cindye has my vote.

    Bob Koncerak sent out an email blasting Anne Coulter when she appeared in Cobb and he has been very critical of Scott-Hobbs and the current officers. He has lost my vote and so has Johnson because of his association with Koncerak and others like Bill Simon.

  105. Bill Simon says:

    As I stated far above this post, Koncerak was one of few exceptions to the rule. Of course, when I did that, you didn’t hesitate to bad-mouth him for things that YOU claim he did that “were againt the Rules.”

    Tell me something, Jimbo-Hobbs, SHOW ME THE RULES where it says Koncerak’s actions were forbidden! You can’t because there ARE no such “rules” against what he did.

    So, Jimbo-Hobbs….this is what all of your blog posts say to me: about Koncerak’s actions: Blah-blah-blah-blah-I-have-no-rules-to-back-up-what-I-say-but-I-will-claim-otherwise.

  106. Bill Simon says:

    Oh..and I wasn’t aware Ann Coulter was Mother Teresa to you. Of course, I suspect you think Catholics are the “heathens” of Christianity, don’t you?

  107. Bill Simon says:


    The fact that you don’t like me means you don’t like people who are:

    1) Unabashed in shooting straight with people

    2) Unafraid to post comments and opinions under my real name.

    3) Have no qualms about telling people (like you) they are clearly full of manure when you are.

    4) Cannot be cowed by threats from anyone.

    5) Will not “toe a line” drawn by corrupt, immoral people.

    Continue your hiding behind your pseudonym, Philly…like all the good little Brown Shirts of the current Cobb GOP’s administration and leadership.

  108. Jimbo says:

    The rules state that the Vice Chairman and Chairman are in charge of the Mass Precinct Meeting. The Chairman can also designate that responsibility to someone else. Al Meyer has that responsibility and was co-ordinating the meetings. Bob Koncerak said that information should be sent to him instead. That is a violation of the rules. Go read them yourself. He had no authority to do that, but then again you support him so he is allowed to do something underhanded

    Now, Bill I would ask that you provide proof of all the allegations you have made against the Cobb GOP. You want others to offer proof of wha they have stated, yet you offer none.

  109. GOPeach says:


    I am curious…
    How does Bob Koncerac get “your nod of approval” and he was a HUGE REED FAN!!!

    Yet- you call Cindye Coates a liar for being
    a friend to Ralph Reed!!!!

    You have bashed Cindye and you owe her an
    apology Bill!!!!! YOU A WRONG to do THAT!!!

    Cindye was more of a friend to Ralph than
    anything a political ally.

    She and her husband, Pastor StanCoates and Ralph Reed served on the Safehouse Board!!!

    Safehouse is a HOMELESS ministry
    in Atlanta. It is an outreach of Mount
    Paran Church where Stan Coates used to
    be on staff in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Stan Coates used to be the Pastor
    of Safehouse and Cindye taught Literacy
    to the men and women on the street so they
    could get a job and have dignity.

    Ralph Reed was on the Board and helped
    to raise money for crack babies to get
    treated after being born to prostitutes,
    and women and men to get help from
    mental illnesses, drug addiction, etc…

    Ralph Reed has been a blessing.

  110. GOPeach says:


    Ralph Reed has done MUCH MORE GOOD
    in this world than bad.

    How many homesless have you fed?
    How many illiterate have you taught to read?
    How many homeless have you clothed?
    How many water and heat bill have you paid?

    I remember Cindye Coates telling me
    how women would come to the Church
    from being out on the streets all night,
    scared and starving, crying and shaking
    with blood and semen all over their clothes.
    They were strung out on crack and needed
    a bath and breakfast. They had kids to
    feed hiding under bridges and in the woods
    down by the Carter Center.

    Cindye would call Ralph Reed and
    get him to send money to these people—
    He would get on the phones and start
    raising money for them….

    And you BASH Cindye for this?????

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  111. rugby_fan says:

    “Ralph Reed has been a blessing.” I had to re read this several times to make sure I was reading that correctly.

    Once again GOPeach, you never cease to amuse me.

  112. Jace Walden says:

    How many homesless have you fed?
    How many illiterate have you taught to read?
    How many homeless have you clothed?
    How many water and heat bill have you paid?

    How many abortions have you forced?

    How many indian tribes have you sold out?

    How many followers have you betrayed?

    How many millions have you laundered for a convicted fellon?

    How many government officials have you helped bribe?

  113. GOPeach says:

    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!

    Call Safehouse and ask them
    how much money Ralph Reed helped
    them to raise to help Atlant’s Homeless???

    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!

  114. GOPeach says:

    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!
    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!
    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!
    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!
    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!
    B L E S S I N G !!!!!!!!!!!

  115. GOPeach says:

    How many abortions have you forced? NONE!

    How many indian tribes have you sold out? NONE!

    How many followers have you betrayed? NONE!

    How many millions have you laundered for a convicted fellon? NONE!

    How many government officials have you helped bribe? NONE!

  116. GOPeach says:

    THANK YOU Rugby!

    ALL your sins will be ignored also!

    For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Mathew 7:2

  117. Bill Simon says:


    Well, when the chairman and the vice-chairman ARE NOT doing their jobs in getting the information out (because they wish to make sure a limited number of people know about the meetings because they can then better control the outcome), then I don’t see anything stated that anyone else is expressly “forbidden” to ask for the data.

    For instance, according to YOUR interpretation of the Rules, if the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman both happen to be out-of-pocket for whatever reason (e.g., one’s in jail and the other is in the hospital taking care of their herpes outbreak) and the Chairman didn’t designate anyone else to takeover…then it would be a violation of the Rules for anyone else to take on that responsibility according to you, right?

    Bob Koncerak didn’t request that information because he was trying to corral it for his own purposes…he was trying to obtain that information because Hobbs didn’t have it posted on the Website then (he does now, but, Koncerak was smart enough to take snapshots of the Website as it existed BEFORE ASH was shown-up by his failure to get the info out)…AND, Bob wanted to then send out the info to as many people as he knew because people were asking HIM where are the Mass Precinct Meetings being held?

    The fact is that ASH has two personality disorders, neither of which can be cured by ANY known prescription drug: 1) he is a pathological liar, and 2) he is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    He thinks that any time someone does something like Koncerak did, HE is the one being attacked personally. Marilyn Gilhuly had the same disorder when she was chairman. It’s amazing how similar these two people really are.

  118. debbie0040 says:

    The matter was being handled in accordance with the rules and well within the timeframe of the rules.

    Koncerak jumped the gun and tried to, in an underhanded way, obtain the information. He had no authority to tell the Sub District Chairman to send it to him. Koncerak might not have been happy with the speed in which information was being distributed, but he had no right to do what he did. The rules were being followed.

    I am in Gwinnett now but I received phone calls from several Chairman that were confused about the email. I told them that Koncerak had overstepped his authority and to pay no attention to him. If I were still in Cobb, there would be no way I would support Bob for Vice Chairman.

  119. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Wow, how was my name brought into all of this.

    Jimbo, you can understand why people assume you are either Debbie or Anthony. You see, we go to County Committee meetings also. And the only Strickland we know on the County Committee is Dawn. And in a room of oh lets say 30 people, it is easy to know who is there and who is not and whom every person is. I went to the last Committee meeting (sat beside Helen and Toria) and I did not see anyone there with your last name. It would be quite easy to name everyone in attendance. Should I? Or is it true that you live in Gwinnett now and are no longer active in the Cobb GOP?

  120. Jimbo says:

    I never stated what my last name was you doofus or for that matter my first name. My email address has nothing to do with my actual name.

    The last committee meeting I was at was when it was announced Debbie had resigned and we elected Al Meyer to take her place. We also gave Debbie a standing ovation for her service to the Cobb GOP.

    I know who you are. I was pretty active and out front for Tom Price when you worked for Lamutt and I also recall something about you being fired from the Lamutt Campaign because all of a sudden you were no where to be seen.

  121. Jimbo says:

    Koncerak has attacked the leadership of the Cobb GOP. You are a liar to say otherwise.

    BTW, Bill, I am Catholic so no I don’t think Catholics are bad.

  122. Bill Simon says:


    Your opinion on who runs in Cobb for ANY position is irrelevant since YOU were one of the key components of causing all of the trouble in the Cobb GOP for the past 4 some-odd years.

  123. Bill Simon says:

    So, Jimbo, if your e-mail address doesn’t have anything to do with your name, how would anyone know when they e-mailed that address that it was really YOU who responded to the e-mail???

  124. shep1975 says:

    Sorry I didn’t address this sooner Bill, I haven’t been on this thread since my last post on it. And GOPeach, I promise not to reveal who you are if you do send a check.

    As for elected officials: The rules only talk about partisan elected officials. I’m not sure if a mayor would qualify or not under the rule…but probably not. It would not mater anyway since Brad is a former mayor.

    Chuck Clay served as state party chairman form 1999-2001 between his failed 1998 run for Lt. Gov. and his 2002 return to the State Senate.

    Lunch over…back to the grind.

  125. Philly says:

    I would be glad to set up a meeting. You and some of the front page posters can also check my IP to see if it is the same as what Debbie uses.

  126. Jimbo says:

    I believe Bill was talking to me not you Philly. I think I know who you and GaPeach is now. You guys are sorta of related to each other right ? Husband/wife team? Both active in the Cobb GOP and contribute money to the RNC.
    Philly are you Messianic Jew?

  127. Jimbo says:

    I think we should all try to have a get together for all posters of Peach Pundit. We could go to someplace like ESPN Zone in Buckhead and meet each other. Like a men’s night out gathering, or in Brian’s case, Child night out.

    What do you say? I am game if you are.

  128. Jimbo says:

    Bill, Brian, want to know who am I? Let’s meet. Once you find out that I am not Debbie or Anthony, you both have to streak down Buckhead and yes I mean streak naked. If I am Anthony or Debbie, I do.

  129. Bill Simon says:

    Sounds good to me, Jimbo. However, at the moment, I am a bit incapacitated due to a health issue. I plan on being at the mass precinct meetings and the county convention…but, as far as going to a bar or restaurant and meeting for social activities, my ability to do that will be quite limited for the next two months.

    After the end of March, I will be more open to such a meeting.

  130. Jimbo says:

    Bill, we disagree on issues, but I do respect you and hope you are back healthy soon.

    End of March or first of April sounds good.

    I did not mean to appear sexist, but female posters can come, too. There just isn’t many of them.

  131. GOPeach says:

    I am a female poster Jimbo!
    100% Republican PEACH!


    I thought about that issue.

    Why don’t I write a check out to
    Cindye Coates and let her give it to
    the YR’s !!! I trust her with my money!
    That says a lot!

    I can not say that about too many other
    people in politics!

  132. GOPeach says:

    Oh- BTW My husband is NOT Jimbo!

    He is Mr/Judge Peach!
    He is a Closet Republican-
    Most think he is a democrat because
    of Fulton County Gov…. He is 100%
    Republican just like me-

  133. Bill Simon says:

    In short, Jason, GOPeach has no desire to divulge her identity…BUT, laundering money through someone else to hide the source of the funds…she’s okay with that.

    Personally, I would decline such an offer from Peach or ANYONE, Jason. But, then again, you know that. 😉

  134. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    Since you are denying the YR’s momey on Jason’s behalf- Why don’t YOU write out a check to them BIG MOUTH!

  135. shep1975 says:


    In a couple of days I will have a big fundraising email going out based on this article (currently we don’t even have enough money to send a real mailing). Since my list is very Cobb heavy and I’m better known in Cobb than other places, I expect to get more than a few checks out of Cobb. It would be a perfect time to respond. Your check would be just one out of hopefully many rather than one I would expect and be on the lookout for.

    Bill’s right, if I accept a contribution from you through Cindye all three of us would be breaking state law. I used to be Treasurer of the 6th Congressional District…one thing I know is campaign finance law.

  136. GOPeach says:

    Then I will tell Cindye to give you money. She wants to help the YR’s but you will have to call her or e-mail her because she would want to know what your vision is.

  137. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Peach, I seem to recall in a prior post you promising 250k. Am I mistaking? Although I am sure Jason would be happy with 2500, 250, or even 25.

    Jimbo I am in. But as far as streaking…lets just say we wouldn’t want the girls lusting.

  138. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Do I understand you correctly? Are you volunteering to give Cindye’s money away? Are you really a tax and spend liberal? 😉 Are you also telling us that she is loaded?

    Brian from Ellijay… something tells me that you don’t need to worry about causing the fairer sex to fall into sin on your behalf 😉

  139. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus —

    LOL 🙂

    I like you! Cindye is known to give money to TRS and CR’s … and I bet if Jason would write her and ask her for money – She would give a generous donation!!! Enough said.

    Now — Brian I would hate to have to repent from lusting after your running naked. So keep your shirt ( and other things on) buddy! 🙂

    Boy — You guys are actually going easy on Peach today! Maybe I should pray for Bill more often! : )

  140. GOPeach says:


    E-mails do not raise money –
    You have to dial for dollars.
    Pick up the phone and make
    that call!

  141. GOPeach says:

    Great! Cindye can show you how to raise money! Ask Sharon Cooper and Ginger Collins
    how well Cindye can raise money— WOW!

    You need her on your team. She has learned much running in 2 State House races. I have seen her raise $100K at one VIP dinner for other candidates and organizations!

  142. Liberty Belle says:

    I have asked several people in Cobb County about Cindye Coates and Brad Hulsey and I am hearing really good things about them. After reading this thread, I thought it was worth doing a little research.

    I heard Cindye Coates is a really smart lady and has a vision for the 2008 Presidential Year. That sounds like a good place to start. She has ran campaigns in the past and from what I have seen, she is very positive.

    Brad Husley is a nice guy. He sells insurance with AFLAC and was the mayor of Powder Springs.

    So, I would think that being the mayor of Powder Springs which is in the 13th Congressional District of Cobb is a good thing to have under your belt.

    Coates ran for State House in the 13th also. It looks like we could have a winning team.

  143. GOPeach says:


    If you are in Cobb County, you need to join the COBB GOP and help us grow the party with people who understand what YOU JUST SAID!!!

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! It seems that some people are begining to GET IT!!!

  144. debbie0040 says:

    Mainstream, why do you immediately jump to the conclusion that Liberty Bell is GOPEACH?You guys thought Jimbo was me.
    Can’t you handle the fact that there are others that are of like mind as GOPeach or Jimbo?

    You know, you, Conservative caucus, Bill Simon all agree. Are you the same people?

  145. newworld says:

    That’s cute. Since everyone kicked GOPeach out, she had to find an equally Conservative/feminine name. I liked GOPeach more though. What about you, mainstream?

  146. GOPeach says:

    Newy –

    EVERYONE did not KICK Peach off the Island!

    I was being bashed by the guys who did not like me sharing links on the Super Bowl links.

    Now I know that I can not crash a football game and I can not ask questions about the Pope.

    At least I am not hyper- paranoid about women who are CONSERVATIVE!!!! Perhaps Ann Coulter has started a REVOLUTION!!!!

    Lookout Godless — Here we come!

  147. GOPeach says:

    Did you know that SUSAN B ANTHONY was behind the founding of the Repiblican Party?
    The GOP is the PARTY for EQUALITY!!!!

    The GOP was the party that supported the rights of blacks and women!

  148. newworld says:

    I didn’t say they kicked you off the island. I said they kicked you out. Ostracized you in a way.

    And the only thing I’m paranoid about is idiots of any gender ruining the good name of the Republican Party.

    There’s a difference between feminine and feminist, but you probably didn’t know that.

    I’ll break it down for you in small words, if you want me to.

  149. newworld says:

    Forgive my ignorance. Was that supposed to be a shot at me or someone else? The posts unfortunately can’t express your tone.

  150. GOPeach says:


    You REALLY have a HIGH oppinion of yourself!
    I think you need to pump your breaks about right now before you hurt yourself.

    I certainly know the difference between a feminist and feminine. I am a LADY who understands EQUALITY!!! I know my place-

  151. GOPeach says:

    You are afraid of Debbie, Peach, Liberty, Jimbo,
    Conservative Caucus, etc….

    FYI newworld —

    55% of Georgia voters are CONSERVATIVE WOMEN. They ate the quiet giant that voted in
    Sonny and Reagan…

    They do not rise up unless they are made to and then… they will be your worst night mare. Sooo
    to bash us the way you do is a BIG MISTAKE. I think there are a lot of lurkers. I am getting e-mails to check out this thread from CONSERVATIVE WOMEN and there seeing the way you are bashing us…. be careful.

  152. GOPeach says:


    They ate the giant! LOL LOL

    I meant —-

    They ARE the quiet giant that voted in
    Sonny and Reagan…

  153. Bill Simon says:


    No shot at anyone…I just figured since you were offering to breakdown the difference between “feminine” and “feminist”, the “free association” part of my brain kicked-in “effeminate” as a mere suggestion.

  154. newworld says:

    Funny, I thought Jimbo was a man.

    I am a Conservative woman and I don’t fear any of you. There is a difference between fear and dislike and frankly I only dislike numbers two and three on that list. It’s not because you’re a woman, though, GOPeach, it’s because you’re an idiot.

  155. GOPeach says:


    Oh I seeeeee—

    You are a democrat woman! That makes a lot of sense. I am hearing that there democrat women in the day time women’s group who spy for Roy Barnes. Maybe that is who you are!!! Got it!

    Now who is the idiot?

  156. GOPeach says:


    I thought the came thing one day!
    GOPreach That is excellent! Go Preach!
    That is what Jesus said to do —
    GO into ALL the world and teach and PREACH!
    That would include politics- right????

    ALL the world is A L L the world!

  157. GOPeach says:

    *same ( ” s” is no where near “c” ) ????
    What’s up with that??? LOL

    I guess I was still thinking about eating giants! LOL and was laughing while I was typing.

  158. newworld says:

    Hmmm…I’m pretty sure it’s still you, Peach but just so you understand I’ll post a little question for you to answer.

    Why would a woman of the Democratic Party spend so much of her day pointing out what a loser Cindye Coates is, when she should be encouraging her to run? Anyone with enough sense could see from her supporters-like you- that she would only hurt the Cobb GOP.

  159. GOPeach says:


    Frankly my dear-

    I don’t give a d*mn who you like! I have lived my entire life without your minuscule oppinions
    and I will excell beyond your comprehension
    even having heard them. It’s WOMEN like you who make the republican party seem liberal.

    There is a difference between WOMENand LADIES … Do you know the difference????

  160. GOPeach says:

    new world—

    THANK YOU!!!!
    That last post will ignite Cindye Coates’ base like nothing you have said so far!!!!

    This was what I had hoped that you would come right out and say!!!!

    Mission Accomplished!!!! BINGO !!!
    You have just expressed what SCOTT JOHNSON is all about —-

    HE IS A MODERATE -LIBERAL and we knew it!
    He tries to tell Consetvatives that he is CONSERVATIVE and moderates that he is MODERATE………….. We know now!!!

    You nailed him for us!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    The GIANT is waking up!

    His supporetrs are all moderates and the volunteers in COBB are CONSERVATIVES!!!

    I will make sure the nominating committee sees this also!!! THANK YOU Newy !!!

  161. GOPeach says:

    Newy asked —

    “Why would a woman of the Democratic Party spend so much of her day pointing out what a loser Cindye Coates is, when she should be encouraging her to run? ”

    Because the democrats in COBB know that Cindye Coates will put them in the crosshairs just like they did her the past 2 elections and they want the weak moderates ( like Scoot Johnson) to write Cindye off as some nut job and that would get rid of her. Moderates do not FIGHT democrats. THEY ACTUALLY GET INTO THE BED WITH THEM and make business deals!!! That is crystal clear.

    THAT is why!!!

  162. Jace Walden says:

    I don’t know about that though. Today’s “conservatives” are really not that much different than today’s “liberals”. Both have absolutely no qualms with increasing the size of government or stepping on essential liberties.

    I used to call myself a “conservative”. But, seeing the big-goverment politicians who proudly wear that label on their chest while continuing to increase the size of government makes me sick. I don’t want to be put in the same category as George W. Bush, Bill Frist, John Boehner, Phil Gingrey, Mitt Romney, or Sonny Perdue. None of whom are traditional “conservatives”.

  163. debbie0040 says:

    New world, Cindye Coates is not a loser. I am trying to remain neutral in the chairman’s race, but the more times Johnson supporters bash Cindye, I am rethinking that.

    With supporters like you, Johnson will lose votes.

  164. GOPeach says:


    I KNOW what you mean. I agree 100%.
    We MUST NOT allow Georgia to become like Washington !!!! We TRUE CONSERVATIVES must band together in solidarity and not allow
    the BIG BOYS to come down on us!!!!

    I know CONSERVATIVE Democrats who are with me on this idea. This is what I am all about.
    I am actually 1 step away for being Libertarian or of the Constitutional Party….

    I am committed to stay in the GOP and fight. I am not going to stand down and allow Liberals in my Party to seduce into the mushy middle.

    I will quote Cindye Coates…
    ” What we compromise to keep, we will loose.”

  165. ConservativeCaucus says:


    you said about Scott Johnson: “HE IS A MODERATE -LIBERAL and we knew it!”

    Are you kidding? Can you point out positions on which he is moderate or liberal. Encouraging moderates who feel left out of the party to come back is hardly qualification.

    I personally am a conservative in every measurable way that I can think of – socially, fiscally, size of government, role of government, privacy, etc – and I think we need moderates in our party both for challenging our thinking and for creating a governing majority.

    Please let me know on what positions that you believe that he is a moderate.

    My take on this race is this: It seems that you have two conservatives with different strengths, styles, and emphases. The question before the Cobb voters is which one you want… not do you want a moderate or a conservative.

    Have I misread this race?

  166. newworld says:

    Wow, I leave for one minute to pick up my little girl and miss way too much.

    Let me just get to all of this rambling right now.

    First of all, I know the difference between a woman and a lady. I’ve been taught-by my mother and Emily Post-that a woman is someone willing to passionately fight for everything that she holds dearly. You’re fighting for whatever idiotic ideas you care about, and I’m fighting for the ones I care about. We’re both women and we’re both ladies, then. I’m not here to debate stupid subjects.

    Second, I’m glad to see the Giant is waking up, because David defeated Goliath and I’m guessing it will take a little less than a pebble from Scott Johnson to knock that crazy woman out. Scott’s no moderate-liberal, though.

    Third, it’s interesting to me that you would mention the fact that she received 8,011 votes. Regardless of what the numbers were she still lost and she is therefore still a loser.

    One more thing, you mentioned me clarifying a point for you, well, Peach, you’ve clarfied a point for me. Democrats know that Cindye is a nut job. They want her to run because they need someone to make the Cobb GOP look idiotic. I’m glad to see she has an assistant, too.

  167. Jimbo says:

    Then according to you New World all GOP candidates that lose races would be losers. That would include Ronald Reagan, since he lost his first try at the Presidency, that would include Johnny Isakson that lost several races, that would include Guy Milner, Bush 41 , and many other GOP candidates that lost races. These are all losers according to New World. Tell me, how many losers are there in your women’s club that ran or had spouses that ran?

    The only nut job I see around here is you New World. The more you open your mouth the more votes Cindye receives and Johnson loses.

    Johnson supporters like you have really ticked off people that were neutral and you are driving them to the Coates camp. Keep up the good work.

  168. Jimbo says:

    Johnson has many moderates supporting him.
    He may be conservative but he is weak. That is why moderates are supporting him. You see a few conservatives supporting Johnson , but for the most part, most conservatives will support Coates. A man is known by the company he keeps. Just at who is supporting who in this election.

  169. newworld says:

    los·er /ˈluzər/–noun
    1. a person, team, nation, etc., that loses:

    I have enormous respect for those men. By definition of the word, though, they lost, so they technically #were# losers. No longer, of course, because nlike Cindye, they eventually won their races.

    Whatever negative connotation you want to take with that word you can, but keep the good names of Johnny Isakson and Ronald Reagan out of this.

  170. newworld says:

    Believe me, though, Jimbo. It hurt me more to make that last comment than anything anyone could ever say to me.

  171. newworld says:

    I can’t write on here for a while. That last comment-despite being purely factual-hurt me too much to write anything for a while.

  172. Liberty Belle says:

    New World —

    Wait a minite. You say you have been trained by Emily Post? I beg to differ!!! No lady would speak so harshly of another lady! You are either jealous or you are completely cold hearted. You do not know Cindye Coates. I can tell. Nobody in the Cobb GOP would dare say such a thing about a person who fought so hard with no help from the likes of you!

    You are an embarrassment to the Cobb GOP! You are not compassionate. The democrats treat their candidates better than this. Cindye would get more respect from them actually. I really floored that anyone would say such a thing. Cindye has my vote, my respect, and my support.

  173. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus-

    Again, I commend you for being so rational.

    You should ask Scott Johnson about his “friends” at MARTA and how he supports the SPLOST. Scott is really close to Sam Olens
    ( former Vice Chair of the COBB Democrats) and hangs out with OBAMA supporetrs like Wallace Coopwood – The Waste Management lobbyist.

    I could go on and on…. Just ask Scott these things:

    1. Are you for the MARTA train coming to Cobb?

    2. Do you support people who are strongly supporting OBAMA?

    Would this be a conservative??? I’d say ‘NO!”

    Now I know that Cindye does not oppose moderates. I know for a fact that moderates LOVE Cindye because she has chutzpah and she does not cave. Moderates are okay with her because she is for limited government, low taxes, etc… Where Cindye and moderates part ways is on Pr-Life issues. That is fine. At least she will not tell Moderates she is pro-choice!

    When Moderates start yelling ” NUT JOB” –
    I am spooked. That is HATE LANGUAGE and I am ready to fight. We Conservatives call that
    ” The N-WORD”.

    New World has used ” The N-Word” enough for us to know she has an agenda to silence the Conservatives.

    Think about it.

  174. GOPeach says:

    Is that right Jason? Well why don’t you car pool? Did you know that CCT in Cobb looses money? Have you ever seen it packed out?

    My son went to GA STATE and he caught the MARTA BUS at Cumberland to the Arts Center and then to the Capital / GA Sate.

    You could ride the bus Jason. It’s very inexpensive and you can study on the bus.

  175. Bill Simon says:

    Ah…I see the intelligence-challenged “Jimbo” is weighing in on who supports Scott Johnson. So, I guess to Jimbo, these folks are “moderate:”

    Congressman Phil Gingrey
    State Senator John Wiles
    Bob Koncerak (former supporter of Ralph Reed…a liberal, likely, in Jimbo’s eyes)

    And, anyone else who supports Scott Johnson is ALSO “liberal.”

    But, as I stated on another thread with Jimbo, Jimbo thinks that ANY person who matches the following criteria IS a moderate or a liberal-minded person (which is why he dislikes me so intently and thinks I’m a liberal):

    1) Anyone who is unabashed in shooting straight with people is a moderate or a liberal (to be a “true” conservative in Jimbo’s eyes, you MUST be able to lie at-will to anyone about anything, just because you are morally superior to that person if you are a conservative.)

    2) Anyone who has no qualms about telling people (like Jimbo) that they are clearly full of manure when they are, nust be a moderate or a liberal.

    3) Anyone who is not cowed by a morally (sic) superior (sic) conservative like Jimbo must be a liberal or moderate.

    4) Anyone who does not “snap-to attention” and toe a line drawn by corrupt, immoral conservatives must be a person who IS a liberal, or a moderate, in Jimbo’s eyes.

    See, folks, when the screwed-up ones are the ones running the asylum, it is up to the rest of us to take back the asylum and lock it down. Jimbo is one of the those TRULY screwed-up ones…frankly, I think a strait-jacket will be what he needs to straighten-up and fly right. But, that’s just me…

  176. shep1975 says:

    I could take the bus, but there is a difference between public transportation and mass transportation. MARTA should be mass transportation. If a bus could get me to work (the GSU MARTA station is in my building) faster than I could drive, I would take it, but they can’t.

    A train is not in traffic. The routes are more direct as well.

    Currently MARTA was designed to be public transit, not mass transit. Mass transit moves people to an area quickly. Public transportation is designed for low income individuals.

    CCT, GTA and MARTA buses cannot get me where I need to go quickly and easily…therefore, I would rather have the freedom if it will take the same amount of time.

    Also, 60%+ of traffic gets off at or before I285. HOV lanes do not help me because most times I am doing the speed limit or better from I285 to the Connector.

  177. Bill Simon says:


    Sam Olens, though he was the former chair of the Cobb Democrats back in 1994, he strongly supported your hero, GWBush, in both 2000 and 2004.

    And, Sam Olens has been a Republican for a LOT longer than Governor Perdue has since the first time I heard of Sam was him running as a Republican for my county commissioner.

    Also, I’m beginning to think you may very well be one of these “southern belle-racists” type of people thought were all dead in the South.

    Wallace Coopwood, a longtime Republican activist in Cobb County, does not support “Obama” as far as I know…but, let me know if you have ANY other reason to suspect that he would other than he is black.

  178. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    Ask Wallace if he is suppoting OBAMA! It will shock you– It did me. I am not a Southern Bell Racist Bill …. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!

    Far From It!!!

  179. GOPeach says:

    I worked on Deborah Honetcutt’s campaign as well as Herman Cain’s Campiagn. I LOVE HERMAN CAIN!

    When I was in Washington, I helped JC Watts with a group called SANDTOWN. Soooo I have done more with the BLACK REPUBLICAN COUNCIL than you know! NEVER saw Mr. Coopwood at ANY BLACK GOP Functions!
    Not One Time!….

    Bill not all Coverdell folks are what you think!

  180. GOPeach says:

    New World Odor-

    You call Cindye Coates a looser because she lost 2 races …. SO DID Scott Johnson!

    1. He ran for State House anddropped out QUIT
    2. He ran for the 11the Congressional Charmans
    and LOST to Larry Reynolds.

    Shall we call Scott and QUITER and a LOOSER?
    Would that be nice???? Then STOP with the “looser” business!

    Be NICE!

  181. Bill Simon says:


    Look, you will find a LOT of Coverdell Leadership graduates that I do think are good people at all!

    Here’s a small sample:

    Maria Strollo
    Katherine Gartland
    Gregory Howard
    Stacy Reece

    Those are just a few right-off the top of my head.

    Don’t corral my thinking into believing that I stick-up for some people JUST because they and I have attended the same leadership institute.

    We neither think as a block, nor act in a block.

  182. Bill Simon says:



    Look, you will find a LOT of Coverdell Leadership graduates that I do NOT think are good people at all! I would NEVER stick-up for the following people in ANY political race:

    Maria Strollo
    Katherine Gartland
    Gregory Howard
    Stacy Reece

    Those are just a few right-off the top of my head.

    Don’t corral my thinking into believing that I stick-up for some people JUST because they and I have attended the same leadership institute.

    Those of us who went through the Coverdell Leadership Institute neither think as a block, nor act in a block, nor swear an oath to always defend each other.

  183. mainstream GOP says:

    Let me just say that I am above name calling!..I think this post has seriously gotten out of hand. Yes, I am a Johnson supporter, but I respect Cindy for her detremination and passion.
    To GOPeach/ Liberty Belle, and Debbie/Jimbo, I would hope you’d have the maturity to realize you can not hold candidates accountable for the words af a supporter..for instance, Im sure many racist people supported President Bush, howver, is it fair for one to conclude that since President Bush had some racist supporters in 2004 that that makes he himself a racist? NO..and is fair for us to hold Senator Kerry accountable for the words of Michael Moore? NO (by the way that was not a underhanded attack of you newworld)…..So lets turn this issue around, is it fair for me to assume from your words that Cindy Coates is this negative about Scott Johsnon behind closed doors?
    And to newworld, I know you have good intentions, but there are lines we need to be careful not to cross..If I were you, before I post I would just ask my self, would Scott Johnson approve of what Im about to say?…because I can assure all of you that he has not said a negative or derogatory think about Cindy and we as supporters of these candidates need to sit back and look at their amicable example before we make hurtful personal attacks towards their opponent.
    In one last word, I saw someone post above that Susan B. Anthony was instrumental in the “founding” of the Republican party, as a “history-buff” I have never heard any such facts, but I will look into it..however, I feel compelled to point out the obvious, the Republican party was founded in 1854..while Susan B. Anthony’s golden days were around the turn of the century..but Woodrow Wilson was against Women’s right to I dont doubt that she could have been a Republican.

  184. mainstream GOP says:

    That’s interesting!..I guess when you said “founding” you ment over a period of several decades, but I did not realize that she and Jane Addams were Republican activists

  185. GOPeach says:

    Oh Yes!

    Susan B Anthony & Jane Adams were among teh women who worked hard so that BLACK MEN could VOTE before they could!!!

  186. GOPeach says:

    One of the best speeches I ever heard pm The EQUALITY in the Republican Party was made by Dr. Cindye Coates at Georgia Tech. Her speech was called ..” ELEPHANTS ARE NOT BLUE”. She has it on CD. You should aske her for a copy. It tells the history of the women in the GOP and what they suffered.

  187. Bill Simon says:

    Jimbo? Possess an ounce of “maturity?”

    First, Jimbo has to consult with Debbie to see if 1) he/she is given permission to act mature, and 2) how to go about acting mature.

    Of course, since Debbie doesn’t have any idea how to do that herself, they will both have to go consult with their Controller…Frank Molesky.

  188. GOPeach says:

    Just discovered something key to the Coates-Johnson race for Cobb GOP Chair…

    Cindye actually offered to serve as Scott’s 1st Vice Chair and suggested that Bob Konserack serve as the Treasurer ( since he is a banker).

    Bob Koncerack would not move over to run as Treasurer. Scott would not stand up to Bob and so now we know who is really calling the shots on “Scott’s Slate”.

    Cindye even said to Scott, ” I have a burden to run for Chairman, please talk me out of it. Tell me what you would do if you were elected Chairman.” Scott said, ” I will bring healing to the party and bring everyone together.” Cindye asked, ” Then what? Then what Scott?”

    Scott had NO ” Then What Vision”! This is why Cindye stepped entered the race. There has to be a vision and a game plan BEYOND the GROUP HUG.

    Cindye has had THAT VISION since she first ran for State House in 2004. She proved it by running for State House. She plans her work and then she works her plan. I like that.

  189. mainstream GOP says:

    well I don’t really blame him, this slate has been an announced team for a while now..and Bob’s worked awful hard for them by putting up theie website and being a vocal team member..Cindye (spelled it right finnaly 😉 ) had to deal with a lot of financial disclosures and managing and raising funds with her two, wouldn’t she also have the credientials to be Tresaurer?..maybe if she would have asked him about 8 months ago, but obviously 8 months ago she thought she’d be in the State House right now.
    As for vison, I believe Scott Johnson and the rest of his slate have laid out a very detailed vision..if you don’t believe me you can go to their website. Not the least of which was to micro manage the sub district chairs better by having 1 sub district chair per State House district..then obviously this individual would have a very clear idea of what their resposibility is, Cindye would have probably won if this was in place last year…and yes, I think unity is a big issue…while I personally do not have a personal issue with Anthony, I know many that do for various reasons, not the least of which was the Cobb GOP’s leaderships very obvious backing of Ralph Reed when they should have remained neuteral..and many staffers at the State GOP have complained about the complacency of the Cobb GOP concerning the Governor’s race…so yes, many have been turned off and unity is a very important issue if we want to grow.
    I think Cindye has a vision too, after loosing 2 narrow thin elections she knows exactly what needs to be done to help out the candidates in South Cobb, but she is very close to Anthony and I wouldnt expect her to try to welcome those who are on a hiadus back in to the party.

  190. GOPeach says:


    You wrote:

    “… having 1 sub district chair per State House district..then obviously this individual would have a very clear idea of what their resposibility is, Cindye would have probably won if this was in place last year”

    Okay Mainstream… PLEASE DO NOT THINK THIS WAS NOT ALRADY DONE!!!!! Where have YOU been??? You know NOTHING of Cindye’s State House races!!!!

    There WAS a SUB DISTRICT Chairman that actually lived in Cindye’s neighborhood who knew EXACTLY what to do to. Her seat was micro managed. SHE just lacked VOLUNTEERS!

    ALSO …the Day Time Women’s Group are really bad at Math as are the GOP members in the 11th and the 6th!

    They would say taht Cindye’s Seat is “UNWINNABLE” and it was clear that FEW people Understood what it meant to win a State House Seat! We have seen that people like Scott and Bob and You (most likely)… would NEVER bother with a little bitty State House Seat… too busy being chummy with Casey Cagle and Phil Gingrey.

    Cindye Coates had an awesome web-site for State House. She knows that web-sites do not win seats. Sharon Cooper, Bobby Franklin, Matt Dollar etc… never had a web-site and they won by over 60% of the votes… landslides!

    Bob is scratching his itch to build a web-site. He is a banker. He is not an out front person. He should behind the scenes crunching numbers -NOT CINDYE … Are you kidding me???

    Cindye is definitley an out front person. She will carry the day on March 24th. There is no doubt in my mind.

    You wrote:
    “she is very close to Anthony and I wouldnt expect her to try to welcome those who are on a hiadus back in to the party.”

    It is CLEAR you want the Conservatives OUT!
    It is clear you are a spokesperson for Scott. That is too bad. ButI am glad you are showing us what is really going on! WE KNEW IT!

    FYI- Cindye is much more close to Scott than Anthony. She just learned how to work with Anthony and respect his zeal. She learned how to laugh. That is the key. She learned how to not take him too seriously.

    Cindye Coates will be the next chairman of the Cobb GOP.

    She is looking really good. Lots of peopel LOVE her. She is Our Sea Biscuit!

  191. GOPeach says:


    You wrote:

    “many staffers at the State GOP have complained about the complacency of the Cobb GOP concerning the Governor’s race”

    have said!!!!

    ALMOST ALL the VOLUNTEERS wre with THE GOVERNOR!! The STATE PARTY set up an HQ in COBB just for The Governor!


    1. Cindye Coates – State House
    2. Dan Hopppe – State Senate
    3. Mark Grant – State Senate

    These candidates were IGNORED by the VOLUNTEERS!!!!

    Where were YOU? Where was BOB? Where was SCOTT? I will bet you were all 3 on helping the Governor win his LANDSLIDE race!!!!

    It is SOOOOOOOOO typical!!!! You moderates
    only care about the BIG seats. And NONE of you know how to REALLY WORK HARD.

    You can bash Cindye all day – But you will not OUT WORK her. Scott can not hold a candle to her work ethics. She is ROCK SOLID!

  192. mainstream GOP says:

    well I think it will be a closer race than many on this side are anticipating, but I don’t want Conservatives out, there is a difference between Conservatives and Ultra Conservatives (which would be the catagory I place Anthony under)..and Im not saying he was awful, Im saying we could do better..and Cobb is known for being more closer to Isakson style conservatism than say Pat Buchanan/ Pat Robertson….plus, ideology isnt my main argument..It is that the Cobb GOP leadership unfairly backed Ralph Reed and the Cagle team was totally aware of that, but foutuneatly the Cobb GOP is not a mirror for the Cobb Republican voters who voted Casey over Ralph with 56% of the vote..also the Cobb GOP was complacent towards the Governors race, I realize the need to balance attention between state wide and local races..but Georgia’s counties does not opperate under an electoral dosnt matter if Cobb goes for Sonny, what matters is how many Cobb voters go for Sonny…so the complacency displayed by the Cobb GOP was very noticeable to Alec Pointevent, and Paul Benneke…Cobb had a Georgia GOP field office on Roswell RD, and they were better staffed and had more voluteers than the Cobb GOP it’s self..I realize this isn’t the fault of an individual or a small group but it is still sad….as far as her being sea biscut (lets hope she has better luck than Barbarro) LOL, that was a joke by the offense intended.

  193. mainstream GOP says:

    by the way, I live very close to Steve Thompsons district border but I live in Judson Hill’s…but anyway, I was not too fond of Mr. Mark Grant, he got very sleazy and personal about Steve whos is a fairly good friend of his mailers that I somehow got because the man didnt know the district to well had numerous misspellings, it’s like he didnt use spell check lol…he is lucky I didnt actually live in the district because I would have probably voted for Steve, eventhough he had a (D) behind his name..If we can actually get a viable candidate down there, I’d probably send him/her a nice sized check..but not that lunatic!

  194. mainstream GOP says:

    1 more thing before Im off to bed so I am not a zombie at Church tomorrow…for the record, I did not in any of my above comments bash Cindye, Im making it a point to be above that…i personally think Im showing her more respect than most that posted on here, please dont missinterpret what I said.

  195. Bill Simon says:

    There is ALSO a difference between “Conservatives” and “ultra-liars.” What is controlling the Cobb GOP now are the ultra-liars, NOT conservatives, ultra- or otherwise.

  196. debbie0040 says:

    Mainstream GOP, The Georgia GOP came in to Cobb County and just wanted to take over the GOTV efforts. They felt we should have concentrated all our efforts for the Governor’s race. We had local candidates and other statewide candidates that needed help. If the State GOP ran office did so well, then why were they constantly begging the Cobb GOP for volunteers?

    Sonny was far ahead in the polls and stayed that way and own by landside. He did not need as much help as he got. Maybe if the Georgia GOP was more concerned about some of the other offices, there would not have been a runoff for PSC and some of the other GOP candidates would have won. I could understand concentrating all resources on the Governor’s race if the polls were tight of if he was behind. This was never the case. The help of other statewide candidates came too late.

    The Cobb GOP kept a headquarters opened and helped all candidates, not just Gov. Perdue. The Georgia GOP should have worked with the local parties not in competition with them.

    The fact that you are friends with Steve Thompson and did not support Mark Grant tells me all I need to know about you. GOP members of the state senate helped Dr. Grant with his campaign.

    I notice that you are also supporting Scott Johnson.

    I have noticed a l ot of more moderates are also backing Johnson and that disburbs me. What also disturbs me about Scott is the fact that his supporters and fellow running mate, Bob Koncerak, attacks the current Cobb GOP and Scott does not defend us. I am reminded of something President Bush said in a speech after 9-11, ” If you are not with us, you are against us.”

    As far as being ultra conservative, I am a very proud Reagan conservative. I was actually a delegate for Bush 41 to the National Conventions. I did not support Pat Robertson that year.

    This past election I supported Ralph Reed, Karen Handel , Gary Black and Chuck Eaton in the primary . Most of the others that had supported Ralph supported Handel, Black and Eaton. Really sounds like an ultra right wing bunch. There were also Cagle supporters within the Cobb GOP as well. In fact the person in charge of office volunteers supported Cagle.

    The bottom line is you Mainstream, are doing what the left wing media does. You label conservatives as extremists. If my choices in being labeled are with either a meely mouthed moderate or an ultra conservtive, I will go with the ultra conservative any day of the week.

    You obviously prefer GOP officials that try to get along with Democrats and not make them mad . I prefer officials that will bring the fight to the Democrats and will fight a Democrat like Steve Thompson with every fiber of their being. You criticized Mark Grant for his campaign, but Steve Thompson has many times run the same type of campaign Dr. Grant ran.

  197. GOPeach says:


    Do you even KNOW Steve Thompson?????
    Well I DO! Why do you think I work so hard to help Republicans in his Senate district?
    He is a snake!!! He slithers into the Senate year after year and does NOTHING to actually help the poor in his the 33rd Senate district to have ecomonic freedom. Do you seen how he votes??? If you would vote for him, YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT without question.

    Have you seen how many churches he has joined? He joins all the churches in his district just to pick up votes.

    Dr. Grant was supported by the Senate Caucus!!!
    He is a Marine Verteran and Business Owner- Physician. His wife is the headmaster of a private school . This family is amazing and really demostrates the Amrerican Dream — Patriotism, Capitalism, Higher Education, School Choice, etc…

    To smear Dr. Grant because campaign mailers were mispelled and he actually exposed Steve Thompson for who is is NOT is hardly “sleezy”.
    “Sleezy” is just NOT a word that would discribe Mark Grant!!!!! “New to campaigning” maybe but certainly NOT “sleezy”.

    Cindye Coates is a REAGAN REPUBLICAN. She did not support Pat Robertson. She was a Bush – Quayle supporter. She thought Pat Robertson needed to stay on the 700 Club ( as did I).

    I think it is quite ironic that your name is “Mainstream” and mine ” GOP….” That alone should tell the readers of this thread there is a difference between a ” MAINSTREAM – MODERATE ( who is a Republicrat ). No real loyalty. The mushy middle – nuetral..” iffy”.
    Not wanting to make waves… Will cave in a high brow social environment… etc….

    Scott Johnson IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE !!!! He is just exactly the man the moderates want to “make nice” with the democrats. If that is where you want to take our party… then Scott will be the UNTIMATE COMPROMISER! He will sell the Cobb GOP down the river!

    Cindye Coates has spent her life reaching out to CONSERVATIVE – Zell Miller Democrats and bringing them into the GOP!

    Executive Summary:

    If Cindye Coates gets elected, she will move The
    Conservative Left into our party!!!!!!!!!!!

    It Scott Johnson gets elected, he will take our party to the Liberal Left!

    BIG BIG BIG Difference!

    Cindye Coates will be the next Chairman of the Cobb GOP! She is who we need to grow the part in the 13th Congressional District. She will be the bridge for Zell Miller Democrats and Reagan Republicans! She knows her stuff!

  198. Jimbo says:

    Scott is a conservative but has mostly moderates backing him. There is a reason for that. He is weak and wants everyone to get along.

    There is a small segment of the Cobb GOP that dropped out after their candidate, Scott Chadwick , lost in 2003. They were like spoiled children on the playground that don’t get their way so they take their marbles and go home. They are not team players. They had done nothing but try to tear the Cobb GOP down the past few years. They made no contribution. These people are backing Johnson.

    Hobbs and company should release the contributors the past few years so everyone will see that these people that are criticizing the the Cobb GOP are the same group that have done nothing to help.

    The fact Johnson has Cobb GOP critic, Bob Koncerak, on his slate speaks volumes about Johnson . The fact the Bill Simon supports both Johnson and Koncerak should tell everyone all they need to know.

    Cindye will stand strong and fight. Johnson will not. Johnson reminds me of John McCain. If you like McCain, then you should support Johnson.

    Mainstream, you called Cindye a loser. How is that not an attack?

  199. Bill Simon says:


    The “list of contributors” is actually available on the state ethics Website…via the disclosures. You can plainly see (as can I) that the claim from Hobbs of increasing the membership of the Cobb GOP by “500” people is patently false.

  200. Jimbo says:

    Al Meyer is the one that first said that. You can also become a member by contributing 10 volunteer hours to the Cobb GOP.

    I think they should release a list of those that have contributed money or volunteer hours on behalf of the Cobb GOP. You will see the spoiled children that just took their marbles and went home because their candidate lost. You will see those that are supporting Johnson now are the same ones that took their marbles and went home.

  201. GOPeach says:

    There are OVER 500 members! There was a provision in the RULES that allow for members to give 10 volunteer hours in lei of paing dues of $20 because we do not want to exclude anyone who is unable to pay dues! That is how we have 500 members Bill – You need to read the Rules!

  202. GOPeach says:

    We have quite a few CONSERVATIVE seniors who can not pay dues so they give their time. They have more time than money.. We will be GLAD to accept their time. Time is more valuable than money actually!

  203. mainstream GOP says:

    first off Jimbo, I never called Cindye “a looser” need to read the posts rather than imagine they say what you want them to…and I am not a Democrat, it is people like both you and GOPeach who call Republicans with view points that are not 100% Conservative all time “RINOS” or “Liberals” or “Republicrats”…I had this very conversation with Justin Tomczack a few months ago, we both we’re upset with people who are interested in kicking people out of the Republican Party rather than welcoming anyone who wants to join the party..this is very counter productive, and if all Republicans were like you, Hillary Clinton would win ’08 in a landslide…this kicking people out of our party is what Democrats do, not us, look what they did to Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman.
    As a matter of fact, I would rather Republicans work together with Democrats to get things done…I dont consider the Democrats the enemy, they are our rivals…Look at Cagle, he is doing an excellent job at keeping the Senate a body that works together, he has appointed a Democrat to chair a comitte as a sign of bi-partisanship..and in his inagural speech he said
    ” I have come to realize that I am not the Lt. Governor of the Republican party, but the Lt. Governor of Georgia”.
    I am apauled at how both look at who is supporting Johnson, and start assuming stuff about him..he has not said anything bad about Anthony or Cindye and that should be respected..maybe the people that are backing him that are critical of the current leadership of Cobb, are backing him because they know with him comes change and with Cindye comes more of the same…I will continue to say that I think she would do a better job than what we have now, but she is not a uniter..and from your rehtoric one could make the assumption that unity is of very little importance to her…I have said that unity is a top priority to me and that’s why Im backing Scott, but if one isn’t as intersted in unity as I am, then they may find Cindye the more attractive candidate..but I refuse to attack her with petty insults as you are accusing me of, but you guys are doing that to Scott..calling him “spineless” and “a mushy moderate” both of which are grossly untrue.

  204. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream –

    You say Scott would bring “change”? What kind of “change”???? I KNOW what kind of change!
    He woud swing our party to the LEFT so fast it would make your head spin! He is EXACTLY who the democrats want to be chairman. He will “make nice” and compromise! That is what Scott will do. This is what he is doing NOW! Why should he change???

    It’s because Hillary will be on the Dem. ticket, we MUST have a very strong woman leading the Cobb Party – defined by contrast! Scott would blend with her politically. Scott is just like all the Republicans in Washington!

    THE REASON the Dems took over Washington is because the way YOU are thinking! Republicans became liberal and frivolous in spending!!! They made BAD decisions! I know for a fact Scott Johnson is a John McCain supporter!

    Now …. for Cindye —

    She ran twice in a State House district that had 13 precints. 10 were in the the 13th Congressional District. These 10 precincts were in Steve Thompson’s district and she ONLY LOST by 180 votes!!!! YOU TELL ME WHO can work with Zell Miller / Joe Lieberman types! We can see by the numbers that she appealed to Conservative Democrats! Her’s was the closest race in the state! Her’s was the MOST ORGANIZED RACE in the State! Ask The Speaker! The Speaker is supporting Cindye!

    Scott is not the stronger candidate for the Cobb GOP Chairman. He is nice but not strong! We need someone with REAL NUMBERS! The Numbers Do NOT LIE! Cindye has the numbers- Votes, Money Raised, Races, ….
    She is the Velvet Hammer!

    Also … Justin Tomczak is THE ONE who encouraged Cindye to run for Chairman. He knows Cindye well and was a really big supporter of hers. He knows how hard she works and who is behind her in the State Party.

  205. Jimbo says:

    Mainstream why don’t you check out what other supporters of Johnson have said? They have attacked Cindye, called her a nut job and loser.

    Johnson’s running mate ,Koncerak, attacks the Cobb GOP. I like the current leadership of the Cobb GOP and anyone that does will not support the Johnson/Koncerak slate . Bob Koncerak attacks the current leadership.

    Funny, mainstream how you object to individual members of the Cobb GOP supporting Reed, yet you said nothing about the GOP State Senate members all supporting Cagle and even sending out letters endorsing Cagle on Senate letterhead.

    The Cobb GOP did give equal access and equal treatment to all GOP canidates. Even those that were running against GOP incumbents. The Georgia GOP did not. They took the money of candidates and then just supported only the incumbents. That was wrong.

    I don’t want those spoiled little children that took their marbles and went home back int he GOP. They are not team players. They are the ones that chose not to participate in the Cobb GOP the past few years and yes a welcome mat was put out. They just chose not to accept it. Sue Everhart did not support the current administration in Chadwick-Hobbs race. A olive branch was extended to her and others. Sue accepted it, others did not. The current administration even named an annual award after her.

    I would not put too much faith in what Justin Tomzak says. He is part of the problem with the Georgia GOP.

    Johnson’s whole platform is “I am a uniter”. That is not enough for me.

    Mainstream, you say you are not a Democrat, but you would not have supported Mark Grant and would have voted for your friend Steve Thompson instead if you lived in that district. You sound like a wishy washy Republican. No wonder youare supporting Johnson

  206. GOPeach says:


    Justin Tomczak likes Cindye Coates a lot! They are good friends. They have helped each other a lot. He knows what kind of leaders Cindye is.

    Chip Rogers spoke with Cindye yesterday and said, ” The Republican Party needs your leadership.” Did you know that Chip actually knocked on doors for Cindye. He really likes Cindye as does all the other Republican Senators ( Including Casey Cagle) …. they know a fighter when they see one and they know Cindye is not going anywhere.

  207. GOPeach says:

    The current leadership was not supporting REED. They were neutral in teh primaries. Just because Debbie Ellis personally liked Ralph ( as did I) , does not mean ALL LEADERS of THE COBB GOP were backing REED.

    That is an assumption. I saw Anthony reach out to Casey as much as Ralph. Ralph was more known in Cobb County for years with the Christian Coalition and serving as the State Party Chairman… Casey was an UNKNOWN in Cobb County. Few people ever heard of him. He had no name recognition. Casey worked hard to change that. He obviously prevailed. Now what???

  208. GOPeach says:

    Some things you may not know about Cindye:

    She was was a Young Republican Chairman
    when Reagan ran the first time. She raised money to support Reagan by hosting a fundraisre at the Omni with Art Williams
    ( of AL Williams- now PriAmerica)> It was a huge success!

    Then in 1996 – She was selected as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
    He face was painted on the side of Carter Hall
    beside what is now Turner Field.

    You do not get honored like that if you do not know how to work in the community.

    Cindye was there when Habitat for Humanity was first launched and helps recruit volunteers to build houses for the needy.

    She is also co-founder of Coates 4 Kids – an annual coat drive for the needy.

    Cindye is the founder of Tutor Georgia – a statewide tutoring provider for at risk kids.

    These are things that appeal to Conservative Democrats. She has a proven record as a community leader and strong Conservative Republican!

  209. ConservativeCaucus says:


    You’re losing me when you are calling Scott a moderate or liberal. I hope that you are repeating what you have heard from others, because anyone who has had conversations with him knows that he is politically conservative.

    I simply do not accept the premise that to be a true conservative that you have to be a divider. American politics has always been about building coalitions of like-minded people to accomplish reform.

    Cindye is a strong and likable woman and would bring a certain set of strengths to the chairman’s position. Scott is an affable and principled man who would bring a different set of strengths. Do not confuse the ability to disarm people with weakness… President Reagan was a master of that and I would suggest that most people on this forum think he was a strong conservative (not perfect, but the best we have had in a long time).

  210. Jimbo says:

    People called Reagan too devisive when he first ran in 1976 and again 1980.

    The liberals and moderates have always called strong conservatives devisive. If you take strong stands then you are devisive.

    I would like someone to point out to me how Cindye would be devisive.

    Reagan was one of the greatest conservatives and Presidents this nation has ever had.

    I want a conservative like Reagan. I want someone that is not afraid to stand against Democrats as Reagan was.

    Cindye is not devisive, but she does stand strong in her principles.

    Scott is a conservative that will not stand strong. He is too unwilling to anger anyone. He is a compromiser.

  211. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Good point on Cindye. I do not see her as a divider. What I am reacting to is the notion that some on here seem to be pushing that an individual who is inclusive cannot also be strong. I understand why some would fear that inviting the “moderates” of the Cobb GOP back into the party would cause the party to move leftward. However, if the party was at a crossroads four years ago when it had to choose between a perceived conservative and a perceived moderate and the one who was considered the conservative won, then I cannot follow the logic that by encouraging the moderates to come back that the conservatives will lose power (for you grammar folks out there – that feels like a run-on sentance to me).

    Look, as I have said on this forum before, I am a conservative in every way that I can think of. However, I think for conservatives to believe that we can have a governing party without moderates is foolish, just as if Republican moderates think that they can accomplish their goals without conservatives.

    However, let’s play devil’s advocate here for a second. Let’s pretend that Scott is a moderate or will allow the party to governed by moderates… if county parties are supposed to remain neutral on contested GOP races, what will be most affected? One would think that a conservative county party would help out a moderate GOP candidate against a Dem and vice versa.

  212. mainstream GOP says:

    I couldnt have said it better my self Conservative Caucus, you hit right on the money….One ideological divide that is equally as significant as the Ultra Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, and Centrist/ Liberal wings of this party, is the divide between those who feel the Republican Party should be an exclusive club and members should pass a hypothetical litmus test to be one of us..these people normally through around the term “RINO” at any one that dont totally agree with..then there is the thank God more common view of Republicans, and that is that we should be inclusive and emulate the idea of one big tent that welcomes everyone and respects the difference in oppinions….I think some of us hear misinterpret the example President Regan gave us, he was not a divisive Republican who went out looking for a fight with our friends to the left, rather he worked closely with Speaker Tip O’Neil..and even in foreign policy he was a strong leader that was willing to talk to Gorbechev…he was not an appeasear or a war-mongerer, but a diplomat…GOPeach I think it is ineresting (however admirable) that you now are trying to bring up how Cindye knows how to work with those on the other side of the isle, and how she has long been involved in the community..I think this is a much better promotion tactic than say attacking Sue Everheart for working with Democrats for a Charity Fundraiser lol…I think she would do a fairly good job, but my views are closer to Scotts than hers..who by the way is not a moderate, the man backed Mac Collins for Senate over Isakson, that is not moderate in the least….as for her having more votes and money, all I can say to that is we’ll see what happens on 3/24, it will deffinatley be interesting…..and one last point, In my oppinion, we did not loose Congress do to us working too much with the Democrats, to the contrary..we became to arrogant with our power and strayed from the principals of fiscal conservatism..and the rift in our party on the issue of immigration didnt help either, but I know one thing, if all republicans wasnted our party to be as exclusive as some of you are proposing..we will stay in the minority for another 40yrs.

  213. mainstream GOP says:

    ohh yehh, Bill that was one point I forgot to address…GOPeach, you should have been more observent in the primary, because there was a very apparent bias in favor of Ralph Reed from all three Anthony, Debbie, and Michael..and yes they tried to shun a Cagle Supporter because on this site, he pointed out there obvious bias..and they didnt like that ..I know several Reed supporters that even said that the way they treated this young man was way out of line…and Jimbo, as for the Senators..Im not aware of that, but I did know they almost all came out in a letter asking Ralph to back out, which was their right, and he had a right to reject their suggestion..but I did find it strange that Virginia Galloway (who I personally like) was passing out Reed literature with a Reed shirt on and her GAGOP name tag on..wouldnt you think that was slightly out of line?
    As for me voting for Steve, I didnt, because I live in Judson’s district (barely), but I said I was not impressed at all with Mark Grant, and would have probably voted for Steve (a conservative democrat) over Mark (an ultra religious right conservative)..the only issues on that man’s litterature were Abortion and Gay Marrige, and guess what, on those two issues there isnt a dimes worth of difference between the two…and these issues arnt that important in state politics, where was his ideas for education? no where..he didnt even have kids, what the heck did he know about the issues concerning public schools? throw up a decent candidate down there, Id be more than happy to send them a check…heck Id even give Cindye a check if she ran against him, because she at leaset ran on education.

  214. Jimbo says:

    Mainstream, you have a double standard. You think it was ok for the State Senators to send out that letter on official State Senate stationary and putting the mechanism of the State Senate but have issues when Cobb GOP officers in a personal capacity back Reed. Anthony was unbiased all the way. Name me one instance where the Cobb GOP in an offical capacity showed biased toward Reed.

    Also, I have not heard Reed supporters mention that they thought that young man was treated unfairly. Are you saying he was treated unfairly by the Handel campaign and other organizations as well that outright banned him from participating or asked him to resign. I don’t guess it has dawned on you that the problem might be with the young man himself and not the campaigns or groups that distanced themselves from him.

    This young man attacked the Cobb GOP , spread lies and tried to cause trouble. Do you think it would have been ok for a Reed supporter to try to cause problems for the State Senators that actually supported Cagle in their capacity as State Senators? Stop being hypocritical.

    If you think Steve Thompson is a conservative Democrat then you need help. He was one of Roy Barnes biggest allies when he was Governor. You are supposed to be a Republican, but have just admitted you would have voted Democrat. You should not serve in any capacity as part of the GOP county committee.

  215. bowersville says:

    I’m not in this discussion, but for my own knowledge, I pose a question.

    I’ve read all about conservative, moderate, liberal and RINO Republicans form varying viewpoints, but no mention, as far as I know, (it hurts my eyes to re-read all the previous comments) as to a viewpoint on Libertarian leaning Republicans.

    How do Libertarian Republicans fit into the broader scheme of things from your viewpoint?

    I’m not interested in the viewpoint of the particular candidate you are supporting, but your opinion.

  216. Jimbo says:

    There is a god bit of difference between Steve Thompson and Mark Grant on abortion and gay marriage. The fact you would make that statement shows what a political neophyte you really are.

    Ask Sadie Fields if you are right about Thompson’s position.

  217. mainstream GOP says:

    Jimbo, I have voted Democratic in the past..I voted for Zell Miller twice when he ran for Governor, and once when he ran for U.S. Senate..and I voted for Mark Taylor over the very corrupt Mitch Skandalakis..but other than that, I have voted straight Republican..I fail to see how saying you would consider supporting a Democrat when the Republican is way out of touch with the district (in a race that isnt in your district) makes you ineleidgeable to be active in the Republican party..If you take all the Republicans out there, I’d say less than 10% vote 100% Republican 100% of the me that shows one is narrow minded and does not take into consideration anything other than a candidate’s partisan affiliation..we live in Georgia, up until just recently..there wasnt much of a difference between Georgia Republicans and Georgia Democrats….if you want to hold the fact that I voted for Zell Miller several times against me, then fine, but I in no way regret who I voted for.

  218. Jimbo says:

    Libertarians fit in better with Republicans than Democrats. We both believe in limited government, low taxes, Fair Tax, Social Security reform.

    The Libertarians believe that gays have a right to marry and that pot should be legalized. That is something I don’t believe the GOP should compromise on.

    Conservtive Caucus, one thing you don’t seem to grasp. After Hobb’s victory over Chadwick, the moderates were encourged to come back and some were even offered committee chair positions. Some accepted and some refused. Officers of the Cobb GOP even attended the Cobb NAACP Banquet to reach out. There were some moderates that did not want to take the olive branch as Debbie put it. They thumbed their noses at it.

    What I gather you feel is that the conservatives should give up some of their ideology in order to placate the moderates. In other words, forget about conservatism and just adopt the moderate ideology. There is room for both, but BOTH sides have to accept there are differences. From what I have seen in Cobb, the moderates were unwilling to do that.

    Mainstream, you are trying to re-write history as far as Reagan. Reagan did not compromise with the Democrats. I remember many times Reagan took his message to the people when he had problems with Democrats. The Democrats hated Reagan. Reagan took criticism when he walked away from the bargaining table with the Soviets over SDI. He stood his ground. I am sure that Gorbechev was not at all happy when Reagan stood at the Berlin Wall and said” Mr. Gorbechev, tear this wall down “. You are having memory lapses if you think Reagan did not stand up top the Democrats or the Russians.

  219. Jimbo says:

    Mainstream, have you all of a sudden become a mind reader? How do you know what district I live in?

    Do you really need me to remind you that you said Steve Thompson was a friend of yours and you would have voted for him over Mark Grant? The GOP members in the State Senate helped Mark with his campaign and had polls taken that showed what issues were important to the constiuents in that district and how they stood on issues. That was behind the mail pieces Grant sent out.

  220. mainstream GOP says:

    They should have ran those mailers through spell check then lol, I didn’t specualate what district you live in..I was talking about my self, I live in the 32nd not the 33rd..Steve knows me and I know him, but were not really close or anything..thats why I said we were fairly good friends…Jimbo, you keep missinterprating what were trying to say..Conservative Caucus wasnt implying we should forget about conservatism and embrace moderation..he and I are both trying to say conservatives need to respect the views of moderates..rather than try to eliminate them from the Party…and as for Reagn, youre right he did stand his ground, but Im saying he didnt just pick a fight with the Democrats for the hell of it, and the Democrats in Congress like Tip O’Neil genuinely respected his desire to work together and change Washington, he also stood his ground with Gorbechev..but he was always willing to talk with him..If you believe the Democrats hated them, then why in the world did Mondale-Ferraro only win Minnisota (his home state) and D.C. (which is 85% Democrat) 1984..that seems to me like many Democrats liked him..most importantly, he was the one that tought us that conservatism is not a narrow minded continue to miss our bassic point that this party has to be inclusive rather than exclusive, and people with you mentality portray this party as an excluvive club for on the right of the right.

  221. bowersville says:

    Thanks Jimbo.

    For my own knowledge, what do the rest of of you think about Libertarian leaning Republicans and how do we fit into the big mix in Georgia?

    I don’t support state recognized gay marriage, for religious beliefs, but I support less government interference.

    Pot is a non-issue in light of meth.

  222. GOPeach says:


    Thank you for bringing this up!!!
    EXCELLENT observation.

    I think I would be very safe to say that Cindye Coates leans more Libertarian -Constitutional.
    She champions LIMITED GOVERNMENT!!!

    Having been married to a judge for 3 decades, I must say that I agree with this thinking also –

    CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN is a combination of the Libertarian/Constitutional
    Party philosophy. If we upheld the US Constitution, we would not need all the other political rhetoric. This is what people are growing weary of. LABELS!

    When I use the term Conservative, I mean limited governmentt!!! Not nut job laws!!!
    Not exploit the poor laws either!!!

    My husband once encouraged me to become Pro-Choice and Pro-gay Marriage then in 25 years, there would be no more democrats! 🙂

    I would agree except for the fact that I do not think the Federal Government should be in the Abortion Business .

    I believe in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS – not group rights! I believe in PERSONAL FREEDOMS- not group freedoms. This keeps each court case in it’s own file folder!

  223. bowersville says:

    Thanks Peach,

    I don’t believe the Federal government, especially the Federal courts, should take a stand on abortion. I believe that is an issue to be decided in each state.

    However, bear in mind, my precious wife faced death by carrying a dead fetus until her body expelled it. The doctors in our day, by law, could do nothing. Her face was as if it was a large purple basketball with the toxemia.

    Do you wonder why I’m a Libertarian Republican? The ultra social conservatives scorned us when we revealed we were not pro-abortion for birth control, but we had exceptions.

    I’m not arguing, I just want to know why.

  224. mainstream GOP says:

    GOPeach, I thought it was ineresting how Bowersville was asking your oppinion on Liberatarians and you opend by telling him about Cindye’s view lol, nothing wrong with that I guess..I just think you need to be more independent and try not to praise Cindye at every opportunity possible, I hope she is paying you, because you are a pretty good spokesperson lol 😉
    As for my oppinion on Liberatarian Republicans, to each his own..I respect their views, however I seriously doubt I’d ever vote Liberatarian because in my eyes that would be a waste of my vote..and I have taken their test before, and I agree with them when it comes to censsoring people (like Howard Stern) I find that against the 1st Amendment, and I like how they feel that what happens in the bedroom is none of the Governments concern…However, I am pro-life and I am against gay marrige (Im for gay addoption though), and I am totally against leagalizing marijuana and other narcotics, I think cutting taxes by 50% is not the smartest idea at the moment, and I think total privitazation of social security would be a grave mistake (but I support the President’s plan to give a small portion of it to the individual so he/she can opt to save for their own retirement as a back up plan)
    I would have to agree that the next step in the pr0-life movement is to overturn Roe v. Wade and let the individual states decide (with exceptions for victims of rape, incest, and life of the mother)..I doubt we’ll ever outright eradicate abortions nationwide, but the red states can do their part….I agree with your view of the ultra social conservatives, they need to stop scorning fellow Republicans who dont share their nearly theocratic view of how government should opperate….I will have to say though that I was quite dissapointed when my friend Bobb Barr told me in December he was about to officially join the Liberatarian party, he used to be my congressman and it was sad to see him go.

  225. GOPeach says:

    Oh Bower-

    I am SOOOOOOOOOO very very sorry to hear of your dear wife and baby. I am crying as I type this. It was very brave of you to share that
    personal experience. I pray it helps people think.

    To have taken the lifeless child within your wife would have not been defined as an abortion.

    An abortion is to take the life of a pre-born live child for the sake of birth control. Oh Bower, I am so so so sorry about this. I almost hate writing this in a blog post as even that would seem detatched. I hope you can sense that Peach’s heart is breaking over here.

  226. GOPeach says:

    Bob Barr works for the ACLU now. Being libertarian fits that actually as he is now protecting the rights of conservatives who have never had good legal representation by the ACLU and as long as the FEDERAL GOV is cutting check to the ACLU, Bob is willing to get in line…. Don’t say that I blame him.

  227. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream —

    Cindye is running for a VOLUNTEER job! I am so glad that someone like her is sacrificially stepping forward to serve. I should pay her for that. She doesn’t owe me a dime!

    I agree with Debbie — Cindye is someone whom we want to embrace, not shun.

  228. bowersville says:

    Thanks Main, Peach, Philly, and all other readers, I’m in Hart County. We are in the 10th and you understand our prayers.

    I wasn’t trying to horn in your debate, please excuse me, and I’m out.

    IE. I’ve never waisted my vote exclusively on Libertarians, I’ve always voted Republican.

  229. mainstream GOP says:

    GOPeach, incase you didnt catch those smileys, I was joking with you about her paying you..and no one said anything about shunning Cindye.

    Bobb Barr is not a Conservative on everything in the ACLU, he is strongly against the Patriot Act…If it were me, I wouldnt want to have anything to do with the ACLU (a.k.a Anti-Christian Liberals United) lol

  230. GOPeach says:


    I want to put the UCLU in the soup line myself.
    I say we need to cut the drain! I agree with you.
    I support the Patriot Act.

    I did catch your smileys — I just thought of what a thankess job Cobb GOP Chairman is and how I almost wish Cindye would not even run for it. It is beneath her pay grade.

  231. ConservativeCaucus says:


    I apologize for not being more clear with earlier comments… but I am a little concerned about how you got to your conclusion (that I believe that conservatives should relinquish their ideology to moderates).

    I am a conservative. I am a socially, fiscally, size/role of government, privacy rights conservative Republican. Do I wish to see conservative ideology take a back seat? Absolutely not. However, I do not accept the logic that was in your earlier post:

    “What I gather you feel is that the conservatives should give up some of their ideology in order to placate the moderates. In other words, forget about conservatism and just adopt the moderate ideology.”

    All I have said is that we should recognize the issues that we agree upon and work together to pass good legislation. This doesn’t have to be an “us vs. them” thing. Of course we have disagreements. If what you are saying is true, then Scott Johnson’s efforts to “re-unite” the party will be in vain and he will learn that quickly.

    But if perhaps the “moderate wing” of the Cobb GOP was put off by the current leadership’s style, etc… maybe we can work together to get good Republicans elected. That is the whole point!

    Again, I ask:
    “However, let’s play devil’s advocate here for a second. Let’s pretend that Scott is a moderate or will allow the party to governed by moderates… if county parties are supposed to remain neutral on contested GOP races, what will be most affected? One would think that a conservative county party would help out a moderate GOP candidate against a Dem and vice versa. “

  232. ConservativeCaucus says:


    Good question. I personally believe there is a little libertarian in all Republicans. The basic belief that whenever possible, the government should stay out of our lives. When I have indicated in earliers posts that I am a conservative in the size/role of government and on privacy issues… I think that comes from the Libertarian in me.

    I do believe there is a place for Libertarians in the GOP. The belief system is certainly more compatible with the GOP than the Dems. I feel that this should go without saying, but so that I am not accused of missing the point: there will be places that a Libertarian and a conservative will disagree, but there are causes that we can work together on.

  233. debbie0040 says:

    I can tell you Conservative Caucus that there are some that wanted no part of the current leadership. We reached out to them in vain. Some thumbed their noses at our attempts. I agree with Jimbo, they were like spoiled children in a playground that just took their marbles and went home because they could not have their way. They have done nothing but try to cause trouble and undermine anything we have done. They are supporting Johnson and that troubles me.

    Tell me conservative caucus, which member of Scott’s team are you? Nice try at playing devil advocate but it is pretty transparent.

  234. debbie0040 says:

    This chairman’s race will be very interesting. From what I gather from what mainstream said, Sam Olens is supporting Johnson. Bill Byrne has announced himself as a candidate to run for Sam’s job. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out….

  235. ConservativeCaucus says:


    It is difficult for me to tell you which part of Johnson’s team that I am… considering that I am not on his team.

    My take on this whole race is that all too quickly that people mischaracterize their opponents (Cindye is a nut, Scott is a liberal, etc) and I hate it. I want to have a discussion on the issues and on which person makes the Cobb GOP better. If that is Cindye, I truly hopes she wins. If that is Scott, I hope he wins. Both are extremely talented people. I am looking forward to the different forums where Scott and Cindye can make their case to the Cobb GOP and I will make a decision on who to support. So often, we as voters have to hold our nose and pick the lesser of two evils. I do not feel that way on this race… quite the opposite.

  236. debbie0040 says:

    They are both conservative and good. If I reach an impasse on who to support for certain positions, I look at who is supporting who and what they bring to the table.

    The fact of the matter is, the one that is best to lead the Cobb GOP will win. The Cobb GOP Chairman has to be successful in engaging voters, has to be successful in fundraising, has to be successful in getting their message across, has to be successful in getting out the vote. The one that best accomplishes this will win.

  237. debbie0040 says:

    Another thing the Cobb GOP Chairman needs to be is a good public speaker that can get their message across. The Cobb GOP Chairman has to get up in front of large groups and be able to articulate the party’s position on issues. They are the public spokesperson for the party.

    Watch both Scott and Cindye when they give their campagin stump speeches and see which does the best job of getting their message across.

  238. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus –

    You asked two (2) questions:

    1. Q. Let’s pretend that Scott is a moderate or will allow the party to governed by moderates… if county parties are supposed to remain neutral on contested GOP races, what will be most affected?

    A. Scott would recruit moderate candidates to run against democrats in uncontested races. These moderates WILL LOOSE because the voters will not see a clear distinction between the democrats and republicans. When the lines are blury, the vote goes to the democrat.

    Democrats are much better at “politics” than republicans. That is obvious…

    In 2004, the Republicans were voted control of all three branches of the federal government and most state governorships. Today, they are left wondering what hit them.

    Now that Democrats are in control on Capitol Hill, President Bush has expressed hopes of getting a bipartisan immigration bill. The only bipartisan bill that can get past a Democratic Congress is an amnesty bill, which can be a down payment on another Republican defeat in 2008.

    If the people in the White House do not understand how outraged their supporters were at this year’s attempt to pass an amnesty bill for illegals — virtually guaranteeing that even more millions will come — then it is hard to know what message they got from the Republicans’ recent election.

    Immigration was not the only issue but it was part of the more general issue of betrayal, which includes the Republicans’ runaway spending, among other things.

    If the Republican leaders have learned nothing from their recent defeat, perhaps some Republican supporters will!!!

    Many Republican friends said that they were so disillusioned and/or disgusted with the Bush admin. that they were going to vote for dems order to send a message.

    This is the kind of emotional self-indulgence common among liberals but apparently some conservatives have now also come to see elections as occasions to vent their feelings rather than to choose among existing options for the future of the country.

    Sending a message may have its benefits but — as with all benefits — the question must be asked: “At what cost?”

    On the left, it is considered OK to say things like “open space” or “alternative fuels” without any thought of the cost.

    What is new is finding the same spirit now flourishing among some moderate republicans as well.

    As events unfold over time, perhaps those we Republicans will reconsider whether it was worth it to “send a message” to President Bush at the cost of making Senator Pat Leahy chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Why do I mention DC in a County Chairman race???? All politics is LOCAL and we must think this thing through. The same can happen in GEORGIA and in COBB!

    2. Q. One would think that a conservative county party would help out a moderate GOP candidate against a Dem and vice versa.

    A. A Consrvative Party would help out a Moderate. They always have, haven’t they???
    Usually Moderated USE CONSERVATIVES as a door mat pr a step ladder. Conservative votes are often courted by moderates posing as conservatives and then when the support has been attained —- SLAM BAM THANK YOU MAM! That is the drill.

    CONSERVATIVES are not going to go to the back of the bus ( and eventually off the bus) …
    We are going to stay very very VOCAL and stand by the US and STATE CONSTITUTION!

    The State Constritution says that the CITIZENS ARE TO BE PROTECTED … not the non-citizens!!!!

    That’s my take.

  239. GOPeach says:


    I suggest everyone come out to the Cobb GOP Breakfast this Saturday. Cindye and Scott will be there once again to answer questions and speak to the Party members. It should be a good way to hear them and meet them in person.

  240. debbie0040 says:

    Great suggestion. They should each have about two minutes to give their “stump” speech so people can get a look at the future spokesperson of the party.

  241. ConservativeCaucus says:


    I appreciate your thoughtful response on my original question regarding what the Cobb GOP Chair would do if he/she was a moderate. It does make sense that a moderate would be more likely to find like-minded candidates to recruit.

  242. GOPeach says:

    Cobb GOP Breakfast:

    Feb.17th 8:30 AM

    The Crowne Plaza Hotel
    Exit 263 ( 120 loop / Franklin Rd. )
    1775 Parkway PL. SE. Marietta, GA 30067

    (770) 428-4400 Hotel Phone.

    I won’t be there- it’s Peach’s Temple Day.

  243. mainstream GOP says:

    Conservative Caucus, I really like you way of thinking..just want to clear one thing up, Scott is a conservative not a moderate, please don’t take Debbie’s word as fact, if you have any questions I’d be glad to e-mail you his number so that you may ask him personally. I liked your impression of certain commentors on this page (Scott is a Liberal/ Cindye is a nut) these statements are equally true and that they are both completely false and obviously one that will tell you them has a very strong bias one way or the other….Debbie, get a clue already! How long does will it take you to comprehend our basic arguments here, its as if you are reading them yet imagining what you want them to say rather than what is actually written…I never said Sam Oleans was backing Scott, I cant stand Sam..John Wiles told me he is in favor of eminent domain, and I am so glad to hear Bill Byrne is running for that seat…and as for guessing if CC was on Scotts slate, how mature are we acting now?

  244. GOPeach says:

    I would think that a moderate would support Sam Olens. Scott does! Sam Olens appointed Scott on his SPLOST committee along with Wallace Coopwood ( AKA – Obama supporter).

    Write Scott and ask him if Sam Olens is supporting him – [email protected]
    I promise you Sam Olens is NOT supporting Cindye Coates! Sam is too close to Roy Barnes ( cousin of Terry Johnson).

    Bill Byrne is the BEST COMMISSIONER Cobb ever had and he and Babe LOVE Cindye. They know she worked hard on her race – for all the right reasons.

    This could be something to concider.

  245. mainstream GOP says:

    he may very well be backing Scott, but that dosn’t bother me or sway me…and it dosn’t change my oppinion of Sam personally, there is something about that man I just don’t trust..and when John Wiles told me that Sam was speaking against the Senate bill last year dealing with eminent domain, that gave me some substance to justify why I just don’t trust him..and now I learn on here that he was Chair of the Cobb Democrats, thats just adds to Bill Byrnes running against him, or is Sam stepping down?

  246. mainstream GOP says:

    I live just above the Marietta city limits, in the Wheeler district..I guess that makes me an East Cobber.

    That will be an interesting race to watch, I hope Bill can smash Sam..Lord knows that last nut-job to run against him was a joke.

  247. Bill Simon says:

    So, here’s a rather curious question I have:

    IF the Cobb GOP had the growth of these magical “500 people” come out this last cycle, WHY is it that a large chunk of them were not diverted to helping Cindye Coates? I mean, we all “know” how much ASH worked to build the party to attract these “500 ” people…yest, Peach acts as if Cindy was all out on her own.

    I don’t understand the reconciliation of Peach’s claims about Cindye’s race AND ASH’s supposed “500-person membership” gain in the party.

  248. StraightShooter says:

    In searching for reality in the messages about the so-called Koncerak gaff above, I got a copy of the following exchange between Koncerak and ASH. Read through all 3 messages. Sure looks to me like Koncerak was trying to help—rather than ‘subvert’ the process.

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 1:26:57 PM
    Subject: Re: Mass Precincts — IMPORTANT


    Your attitude and perspective are a constant disappointment to me. Only you would turn an effort to assist into an opportunity to offend.


    [email protected]
    01/31/2007 01:19 PM
    To [email protected]

    Subject Mass Precincts — IMPORTANT

    Hey everybody-

    Please disregard Bob Koncerak’s email from earlier today. He has no authority to dictate any projects to any of the executive committee. Al Meyer is in charge of the Mass Precinct preparation. As of last weekend, we have posted commission subdistrict locations and designated precincts at We are currently updating the list of those precincts that have been merged or eliminated to reflect on our final version.

    As well, we will be having a meeting to pass out paperwork, a final checklist, of what needs to occur at each of the 12 meetings on February 24th in the next week or so. I’ll touch base with meeting time and place.

    It looks like the county convention is either going to be at McEachern High School or Kell High School. We are waiting for final word from the central office of Cobb County Schools.

    Call me if you have any questions.

    Anthony-Scott Hobbs

    From: R.D. Koncerak

    Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 12:30:13AM
    Subject: Validation of precinct/sub-district organization structure


    Hope you are well. Good seeing some of you at the luncheon today. It went off just great—Lt. Gov Casey Cagle was generous with his time and several of the Cobb delegation were in attendance.

    I went to the Cobb Elections website today and downloaded the current precinct listing into an Excel format. From the older paper worksheets that I have, it appears that some of the precinct names and abbreviations have changed over the past couple of years. In advance of the upcoming mass precinct meetings, I would like to update/validate the precinct/sub-district organizational structure and (hopefully) get it posted to the Cobb GOP web site–along with sub-district voting locations for the 2/24 meetings. Attached is the file. I started typing in sub-district codes that I had in my files….then realized that—with the recent name/code changes, some of the precincts didn’t ‘match’. If you will kindly type your sub-district in the appropriate rows of column ‘C’, save the spreadsheet and send back to me, I’ll compile the sub-districts and share with all. I’d like to create 2 sorts of the data: one in alpha order (as it appears on version provided) and a sort by sub-district. Thanks for your help with this project. I’ll phone Doris Fowler (1B) for her info, as she doesn’t use internet.

    Al, your help with any of the sub-districts and the two ‘un-occupied’ would be appreciated.
    Peggy, do you have any info to help validate this info?

    Thanks in advance to all! Call with questions, my cell # shown below.


  249. mainstream GOP says:

    Well now Debbie, I’d say that clears a lot of things up for me..Bob was trying to help out and Anthony doesn’t like him because of the concerns he has raised about the current leadership..If Anthony truly was “neuteral” in this race, it seems to me he would have called Bob with his concern rather than attack him in public via this e-mail…Bob’s response to Anthony says it all.

  250. GOPeach says:

    Straight Shooter-

    We KNOW you are BOB!!! LOL LOL : )
    You just hated Scott’s e-mail being on Peach Pundit and NOT YOURS! We KNOW you want to be the Chairman Bob. That is CLEAR!
    Why don’t you and Scott just switch seats! LOL
    You are cracking me up BOB!

  251. GOPeach says:

    Oh BTW Bob—

    I imagine you were not meaning to hurt anyone when you wanted the PRECINCT INFO… You just did not understand protocol. You are young and eager. I understand… You will know from now on how you need to ask more questions…
    It’s hard to do that, I know…. But there is a WAY to do things and a way to not do things.

    Now… You should have just used your REAL NAME and not “Straight Shooter”. Then you could have just spoke your mind without putting personal e-mails on PP to make ANTHONY look bad. Did you know that???

    Well … I know you are young and new to politics. But, you are not to sow discord with the leaders. You have to be nice until it is your turn. It’s kinda like first grade. : )

  252. GOPeach says:

    Rabid? …. LOL

    Well shoot me! : )


    GOPeach // Feb 13, 2007 at 12:55 am

    I am glad you are STRAIGHT
    That is a relief!

    GOPeach // Feb 13, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Ok Ok Ok—

    If you are nor Bob — I am sorry.
    I KNOW what it feels like when people say you are someonen you are not.


    GOPeach // Feb 13, 2007 at 1:04 am


  253. Bill Simon says:

    So, PEACH…rather than “attack” the messenger, why don’t you try to attack the message?

    Oh, wait…nevermind. ASH has ZERO standing with his story!

    I can hardly wait for the county convention to be over when I can start burying ASH on a statewide level….that guy’s a freakin’ MORON!

  254. GOPeach says:

    Okay Everyone-

    I went back to this :
    StraightShooter // Feb 3, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    It is linked to the website BOB built for Scott and he… He is soooo proud of that site, he linked it to his name…

    BOB it is you!!! You are Straight Shooter LOL!

  255. debbie0040 says:

    Bob Koncerak was not trying to help, he was trying to circumvent Al’s authority. He had no right to send that email. Al Meyer was the person handling the Mass Precinct Meetings not Bob Koncerak. It caused confusion bcause some thought bob was now in charge of the Mass Precinct Meetings..

    Bob Koncerak had no place sending out that email, he is not even on the Executive Committee. That is one race I will get involved with and plan on attending some of the breakfasts.

    Bob should have contacted Anthony before he sent out he email and he would have been told Al was handling it.

  256. debbie0040 says:

    Mainstream, you sound an awful lot like Koncerak. Especially with your Wow Debbie. I have heard Koncerak use the same phrase .

  257. Bob Koncerak says:

    Was told that I just HAD to come check out this thread….remarkable.

    To be clear, I do own the e-mail address [email protected]. It’s a psuedo that I created for the team campaign. Our team website is:

    Beyond that, God Bless you all and come join us at Mass Precinct Day on 2/24—and serve as a delegate to your convention. A couple of you need to get out from behind your screens and get some air!

    An ask: Regardless of what county you’re from, please support the candidates that you are most willing to work with—and don’t make this a personality contest. Cobb will lose if a bunch of folks vote…and then go home for 2 years. My hope is to see positive, encouraging, constructive leadership in the Cobb Republican Party. I’m optimistic that ALL current candidates would/will try and work toward that end. Good stuff, and encouraging—regardless of whether/not you’ve taken a ‘side’.


  258. Philly says:

    Bob should have followed procedure by offering his volunteer time to either Scott-Hobbs or Al Meyer instead of going directly to the Sub District Chairs. It would then be up to Scott-Hobbs or Meyer to accept or reject his volunteer time. He was trying to undermine . This can not be tolerated.

    He may have had good intentions but he showed a lack of experience and he was very egotistical in his actions.

    Imagine someone being a member of a club like for instance the Cobb Women’s Club. A committee is charged with a task and a chairman is appointed . Someone completely outside this committee sends an email to committee members telling them to turn over information to them and they would handle certain aspects. How would that go over? That person would have been called on the carpet for not following the proper channels.

    I will not vote for Bob, nor will I vote for Johnson. I had originally committed to vote for Johnson, but have since changed my mind because of his alignments.

  259. mainstream GOP says:

    Philly, you were originally committed to Johnson? Give me a break, don’t try to give me this garbage to make it look like Scott’s slate lost a have been critical of Scott and Bobb in every post in which you mention either of’s fine that you are behind Cindye..but don’t play like you converted here.

    Debbie, Why would Anthony attack Bob in public in that e-mail rather than calle or e-mail him personally with his concern…this tells me Anthony does infact have a dog in this fight. If Anthony was being smart right now, I’d think he’d wouldn’t want to offend anyone that will be in Cobb’s delagation to the GAGOP Convention…Im sure this stunt cost him some votes he can’t afford to loose.

  260. Bob Koncerak says:

    Got a message this evening stating that I HAD to come and check out these posts…wow. Remarkable—and sad to think how much time is going into the msgs above.

    To be clear, I do own the [email protected] address, and I did put up the following website:

    As for the rest of what is posted above, God Bless you all—go outside and get some air!


    Please attend your county Mass Precinct events on 2/24. Become a delegate, and vote for the candidates that you are most willing to WORK WITH—rather than voting for a personality. County parties—especially Cobb— won’t ‘win’ if a bunch of folks become delegates to vote at the convention…and then go home for another 2 years. We’re fortunate that all County GOP candidates in Cobb seem interested to build a positive, inclusive, encouraging organization. If we all stay involved–regardless of who wins, the Cobb GOP will be the better for it. My heart and passion are in this election, my pride and ego are not. I just want to see positive, constructive leadership and I’m optimistic that we’ll accomplish this.


  261. Bill Simon says:

    Philly, seriously, you have to get that condition of yours looked at by a specialist. That Head-Up-Ass affliction that you contracted from Debbie is making you spout-off the STUPIDEST stuff.

  262. debbie0040 says:

    Why didn’t Bob go to Anthony or Al and volunteer his time? Why did he go straight to the Sub district Chairs? He was out of line of to do that. He was trying to circumvent and undermine. Time was of the essence in Anthony getting out that email to the sub District chairman. When you have someone trying to undermine your authority, decisive action has to be taken immediately. If Bob had followed proper precedure, that email would not have been necessary.

    Philly had a good point about a women’s club. Do you think they or any club would have tolerated that?

    Mainstream, I have heard from several people that said they have changed their vote about Scott because they did not realize what was really going on with Bob or the fact Bill Simon supported Scott. Philly is not making that up. It is very foolish to think otherwise.

  263. debbie0040 says:

    I like Scott, but feel those around him are hurting him.

    To clarify political leanings of both. cindye and scott are both conservatives. Scott is not a moderate by any stretch of the imagination.

  264. Bill Simon says:

    Only a fellow ASH-schizoid like you, Debbie, would think that Bob was trying to “undermine” things by that letter.

    He was trying to get information that wasn’t available…information that SHOULD have been available long before that time!

    Any normal person ( Debbie, Philly, and knuckleheads like ASH are not “normal” so don’t group yourselves here) could read Bob’s letter and figure out that he wasn’t trying to “undermine” anyone. Look at this part, especially, from Bob’s letter:

    “Attached is the file. I started typing in sub-district codes that I had in my files….then realized that—with the recent name/code changes, some of the precincts didn’t ‘match’. If you will kindly type your sub-district in the appropriate rows of column ‘C’, save the spreadsheet and send back to me, I’ll compile the sub-districts and share with all. I’d like to create 2 sorts of the data: one in alpha order (as it appears on version provided) and a sort by sub-district.

    Whoa-yeah! Bob’s reeeeally trying to “undermine” the whole thing when he is offering to “compile” the data into two different lists so that people can look-up in two different ways where to go for the mass precinct meetings.

    Debbie, you’re, literally, a F*CKING MORON to think Bob is intent on “undermining” ANYTHING!

    I am so happy morons like you have MOVED into Gwinnett and taken-up roost with fellow morons like Katherine Gartland and Gregory Howard.

  265. debbie0040 says:

    Answer this, why didn’t Bob follow proper procdure and go to Anthony or Al and volunteer his services? Instead he went straight to the District Chairman.
    That is undermining authority.

  266. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, were the rules broken with that information not being released in the timeframe Bob thought it should be?

  267. debbie0040 says:

    Mainstream, please show me where I have ever said that Scott was moderate. I have always said he was conservative.

  268. Bill Simon says:


    Once again, you demonstrate an acute inability to THINK about why Bob was sending out the e-mail REQUESTING the information.

    People were asking HIM about where to go for the mass meetings. He thought that by the time he wrote that letter, that information should already have been a published fact. It wasn’t. The Website, of which ASH had sole control over, wasn’t yet updated to reflect that info.

    Maybe Bob can be scolded for being impatient…I don’t know, but that’s the extent of any consternation ASH or you or anyone should have with his e-mail.

    But, ASH’s response demonstrates just how paranoid he is with having anyone appear to take initiative in his organization.

    No rules were broken by either Bob or ASH. Bob took initiative…something, I realize, people like you and ASH do not want in an organization. All you want are blind followers like Philly.

    Again, Debbie, thank you for moving your stupid ass OUT of Cobb County!

  269. GOPeach says:


    As you can see … COBB GOP is a hot topic!
    There are 2 active republicans stepping up to be the chairman in approx. 6 weeks! This thread will break 400 EASY!!! A lot is at stake on this race. We take this seriously Jeff.

    All Peach-kidding aside… this race is key. It is HUGE! You see… the Cobb GOP is the largest in Georgia nd Georgia is 2nd in the nation! This race is very important for 2008 elections.

    I have said that Scott is a moderate because he once said ” I do not want to be seen with conservatives.” That is a statement from a moderate-conservative.

    You would NEVER hear that from Cindye. She is not ashamed to be a conservative. Scott hides his conservative values from moderates. There is something wrong with that. I do not fully trust someone who is ambiguous. There is betrayal in a person who hold their cards too close to their chest.

    Cindye will be open ( LIKE REAGAN) about being conservative and yet will welcome moderates and soft dems (who swing right) into the Cobb GOP. She is not going to reject people who do not walk in lock step with her. However, she will never compromise her stand just to fit in either. She is very confident and strong.

    Here is a question …
    Which one would you trust in the line of fire to have your back?

    A. The one with experinece

    B . The one with a web site

  270. GOPeach says:


    I am going to crawl through this screen and take a big bar of SOAP and wash your filthy mouth out with it.

    You are sooo nasty. It is hard to follow your “logic” when you sling so much mud. What did they teach you at the Coverdell thingy? Perhaps you should have spent your money on Charm School instead. sheeeeeze

  271. GOPeach says:

    Oh goodness ….

    I almost forgot…

    H A P P Y

    V A L E N T I N E S

    D A Y P E A C H E S !!!

    Peach Loves You!!


  272. debbie0040 says:

    bob did not follow the proper channels or procedure. How do you think the Georgia GOP would have reacted had a mere member took initiative and sent out an email to Executive Committee members directing them to send information to him so they could help out the State GOP? Bob overstepped his authority and he was trying to undermine.

    If you say he wasn’t, then please tell me why he did not offer his assistance to Anthony or Al before going to the District Chairmen?

  273. mainstream GOP says:

    Happy Valentines Day to you too GOPeach!, and everyone for that matter!

    I don’t feel like getting to in to this right now, but I did want to mention that Scott does have a wealth of experience, he has been with the Cobb GOP longer than the vast majority of it’s current members, he has rolled up his sleeves to help on countless occasions over the years..he was in the fox hole with Phil Gingrey and helped him beat Roger Kahn in 2002..and he was there helping Newt in the revolution of ’, he and his slate have much more than justthe website going fo them.

    Debbie, I don’t feel like sifting through all of this to find where you either called or implied he was a moderate, maybe you didn’t, I could have mixed up your posts with Jimbo’s or Philly’s. But, reguardless of what was said or not in the past, I want to thank you for clearing up the fact that he is a conservative and not a moderate in the least.

    And in Bob’s defense, I would probably be calling around last minute to find where I need to go on mass-precinct day ( as I have done in the past) if Bob had not posted the list on their website, so I think his intentions were purely to help rather than manipulate the situation as some here are implying.

  274. GOPeach says:


    Bob is a very helpful person. He does like to manage people. That was obvious at the State Fair. He is quite “task oriented”. No doubt —

    Although all these things are fine qualities in a person, they are also matters of concern. You see…. an Executive Board member must LEAD people; not MANAGE THEM! Bob is a typical employee of the coorporate world. Always trying to score “Brownie Points” while stepping on people to get some where- he pushing his way through to the front of the line.

    Clearly, he was paranoid ( just like Scott). As I am told Scott crashed a Sub-district Chair meeting in order to obtain information before Cindye could have access to it. They are always trying to cut in line. Not the mark of confident leaders.

    All Candidates MUST wait for the Executive Board to organize the Mass Precincts before they are issued the information ALL at the same time.

    Preception is reality in POLITICS and BOB is too new at this to be on the Executive Board. Both Scott and Bob appear to lack trust in the Executive Board and that is sending a message to the Sub-District Chairs that is less than favorable.

    Even if Bob meant no harm, he needs to just understand the WAY things are done and COMPLY – ( Same for Scott).

    Scott had NO BUSINESS at a Sub- Dicrice Chair Meeting except to obtain information before Cindye could obtain it…. not good.

  275. debbie0040 says:

    Mainstream, you would not have been calling around at the last minute. That information was posted and would have been posted. The rules require it and the state party requires it. Bob overstepped his authority and he was slapped for it as he should have been. He was very arrogant in doing what he did.

    Do you think the state party or any organization would have put up with Bob’s trying to undermine and circumvent. Again, if he was just trying to help, why didn’t he volunteer with Anthony or Al and ask if they needed help instead of going right to the District Chairs?

  276. Bill Simon says:


    Perhaps he didn’t approach “Anthony” because “Anthony” was dragging his rear end on the entire matter.

    Oh, but that’s right. “Anthony” does everything right all the time, and NEVER lies about anything or anyone…at least in his mind and yours.

    By the way, the “state party” operates just fine when people take initiatives…unless, that is, when the people taking those initiatives are nimrods like Anthony or Greg Howard whom the members of the state party IGNORE because they know they are lying morons.

    On the other hand, Bob Koncerak is NOT a liar and did nothing to anyone else EXCEPT for people like YOU and “Anthony.”

    By the way, counting you, Michael Altman, and Frank Molesky, how many more votes for state chairman do you think “Anthony” will garner at the state convention?

  277. debbie0040 says:

    Both Sue and Anthony are friends of mine. I am remaing neutral in that race.

    The bottom line is Bill that you give a pass for bad behavior to those you support, so why don’t you stop being a hypocrite . It doesn’t really matter what Koncerak does, you would support it.

    You are a fool if you think for one minute that the state party for minute would have withstood behavior such as Koncerak’s. If a mere member sent an email to those on the executive committee directing them to turn over information to him so he could work on it, they would have been slapped and you darn well know it.

    Koncerak was very arrogant in doing what he did and he overstepped his authority.

  278. Philly says:

    Bill, Cindye Coates and her slate should reall y think about putting you on the campaign payroll. Everytime you open your mouth you get new votes for the Coates slate. You have to know that your words are being emailed to people and you are not very well liked with many longtime activists..

    Bob was wrong in sending out that email. No way around it. He was trying to circumvent Anthony and Meyer. What you are saying , Bill, is that as long as you have good intentions, it is ok not to follow proper procedure and it is ok to try to undermine the authority of the club.

  279. GOPeach says:

    Clearly, Bob was after the information because he knew HE NEEDED for HIS CAMPAIGN!

    Plus… when he saw that Brad Husley was running for 1st Vice Chair, he go really nervous. If Bob was really a Cobb GOP Teamn Player, he would wanted the Coates’ Slate to have access to the information ALSO !!! LOL

    We know THAT was NOT his intentions. Oh well! Why are we not surprised. 🙂

  280. Liberty Belle says:

    Hey Peach!

    I am back in town [ in case you did not know] 😉

    I have been reading this seemingly infinite thread and I decided I needed to point out a couple of things.

    Mainstream – I find it odd how you can be a Steve Thompson supporter and yet have so much support for Scott Johnson and Bob Koncerak also. If Scott and Bob are so conservative, why do they aquire such a fan who opposes Mark Grant on the grounds of typos on campaign mailers?

    I am not trying to be mean, but I have caught quite a few mispelled words you have posted as well. Spelling should not determine if a candidate should serve in the State Senate. I assure you Steve Thompson is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Let’s see, he is on his 4th marriage and his 33rd degree of freemasonary. How does this guy have time to be a public servant anyway?

    I say let’s run Mark Grant again!!! After all GRANT is a wonderful Southern name!

  281. GOPeach says:

    MArk Grant is supporting Cindye Coates for Cobb GOP Chairman because he knows she ” GETS IT”!!!!

    Republicans in the 6th & 11th Congressional Districts crack me up. Out of Sight – Out of Mind!
    They have no clue that 1/2 of the county is in the 13th Congressional District.

    They have NO PLAN to do ANYTHING ABOUT THIS EITHER. The 13th is completely IGNORED by the 11th and the 6th! This is a shame. We need a Chairman who can see the entire county all at one time. We do not need a Chairman who plays to the low hanging fruit.

  282. mainstream GOP says:

    Liberty, I never said I was a Steve Thompson supporter, I don’t even live in his district. I said if I did, I probably would consider voting for him because 1. All Mark ran on was Abortion and Gay Marrige, where in his mailer did he mention education? or any other important issue facing the state and the 33rd distruct, he was not in touch with the people of the 33rd because he was an ultra conservative religious right winger..and all he cared about was abortion and gay marrige, while the rest of his district cared more about education, traffic, taxes etc. 2. He got very nasty and sleazy when it came to Steve’s personal life, he realized he didn’t know very much about politics so he needed to lie about Steve to get votes. and 3. yes, I realize I for one am not the worlds greatest speller and I type as fast as I talk and don’t check for spelling errors most the time when Im on here, but if I were sending out a mailer or passing out literature, I would have poured over it and checked every word…I have every right to support Scott and Bob and I have every right to think Mark Grant was a lunatic..but they are not responcible for what I say or for my oppinions and several of you on here don’t understand this.

    Debbie, Im not sure where else at this point to find where mass precinct meetings will be other than on the site Bob created…and yes, I did have to call around back in ’05 to find out where I needed to go for mass precincts, it may have been on the site..but why was there no e-mail listing it?

    I don’t doubt Mark is supporting Cindye, it’s not an endorsement I would be bragging about, but I have the maturity to understand that although Mark may be backing Cindye, she is not responsible for his short commings…Liberty, you go right ahead and run Mark AGAIN, and watch Steve Thompson win with over 60% of the vote AGAIN in a district that is over 50% know, personally I’d like to see a Republican run and win down there finally, but if want to see a lunatic run and get creamed AGAIN go right ahead…just make sure you remind him that it is possible to use spell check on computers these days.

  283. mainstream GOP says:

    lol..Liberty I just caught your “afterall GRANT is a wonderful Southern name”

    ..umm, does the Liberty Belle need a history lesson lol,

    Robert E. Lee was the General in command of the South, while Ulyses S. GRANT was the general command of the North, and he went on to be the 18th President of the United States (a Republican)….so yehh, I think it was said that a lunatic like Mark got such a good last name 😉 ( I was born and raised a yankee from Michagan lol, pardon the bias there lol)

  284. Liberty Belle says:

    Debbie –

    Thank you for the welcome back. I was in NYC working on the preparation of an HBO program with Bill Maher and former Maryland Lt. Governor and GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele -[I do politocal consulting for Micahael Steele ]The program airs tonight 11PM. . I hope you can tune in!


    I am from the north also – LOL My comment was tongue in cheek. I am glad you caught the humor. I am a Yankee by birth but a Southerner now by the grace of God! FYI- Mark Grant is nit from the South either – Steve Thompson is – see what I mean?

    If you really want accurate informaion on the MAss Precinct Meetings go to www.

    The Chairman, Anthony Scott-Hobbs has all the correct information on the site. What Bob failed to understand is the Cobb GOP needed to confirm locations and which current sub-district chairs were available to help organize, etc…

    Just because Bob ready to launch his campaign, did not mean the current leadership was ready and he was a bit pushy. It is obvious he does not understand protocol in the party. Hopefully he is a quick study.

    Mark Grant will come back in 2008. He is a Marine and they do not know the meaning of defeat.

  285. Liberty Belle says:


    I think what you mean by ” Mark Grant supports Cindye Coates” is that he is a delegate and will be heavily involved in the party now that he has ran for Senate. Cindye has encouraged him to work hard in the party and build the 13th Congressional District with her. The last I spoke with Mark, he had come to see Cindye’s logic and is going to stay strong in South Cobb as a force to be reconed with. He is also raising money early as Steve can not raise money while he is in session [but does anyway- Mark should file an ethics complaint].

  286. Liberty Belle says:

    Jst got an e-mail from Cindye Coates –

    The liberals are at it again! They want to use hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to insure that PBS and NPR can continue to spew forth what is America’s most liberal slant on the news. And they are determined to force us to pay for it!

    Already, has gathered more than 370,000 names on their petition to send to Congress demanding that PBS and NPR be funded permanently with your tax dollars. Click here to see what is doing.

    In case you are not aware, is heavily funded by George Soros, the billionaire who spent $27 million of his own money trying to defeat George W. Bush. Bill O’Reilly calls him the leader of the secular progressives in America.

    Every other non-profit broadcaster (which is what PBS and NPR ) has to raise their own funds, not go to the government to get hundreds of millions of dollars to operate. If PBS and NPR want to exist, let those who listen to them support them! Tell Congress not to tax you to pay for their programming!

    Dr. Cindye Coates


    I work in media and I completely agree with this!!!

  287. Bill Simon says:


    Sure hope all these folks know they can only vote ONCE…and, I certainly hope the chicken-hearted folks of Cindye’s slate are mature enough to opt for a standing vote, rather than the “secret ballot” bullsh** you cheaters like to play.

    ‘ Cause that’s the ONLY way Cindye will win is if you guys stuff the ballot box. And, people like Frank Molesky and ASH love to stuff ballot boxes.

  288. mainstream GOP says:

    Well, I for one have no problem with NPR and PBS recieving federal grants, PBS does a wonderful job providing educational televison for the developing minds of children and they have been known to provide interesting shows for adults here and there too..NPR is a good way to get the news on the Radio without having to sift through the biased minds of some radio talk show host (Sean Hannity being the only one I like)..Mara Liason and Juan Williams both work for NPR and I don’t consider either of them liberal, moderate maybe…but In truth, I rarely listen to NPR, only when Im really interested in a developing story.

    Liberty, If Cindye were to win, I sincerely hope she will work hard to recruit someone else besides Mark Grant to run in the 33rd..maybe a well respected lawyer or doctor..but this man can not win, and if she thinks running him again is the best idea..then there in-lies a real problem, I respect that he was a marine..but the man got clobberd, it wasn’t a close election by any stretch of the imagination..this is a seat we can win if we get a good candidate to run down there, and we need leaders in the Cobb GOP that know how to recruit good candidates.

  289. GOPeach says:

    Oh Bill —

    You are COMPLETELY out of touch dear. You have not been involved in so long you have no idea who all is starting to come forward to support Cindye as the ONE WITH THE RIGHT VISION!

    Oh Bill she has NO PROBLEM with a Standing Vote, precious. Brad Husley has no problen either. Her slate is quite experienced and they will take the day on March 24. Also – the County
    Convention is going to be held in Cindye’s State House District 37 to honor her efforts as a relentless and loyal Conservative Leader in an area that is quite liberal.

    I am really ashamed of you, Bill! Cindye spent a lot of time on the phone with you answering your silly questions and reacing out to you and you are disrespecting her like this. You are lower than a snakes belly to speak ill of her.

    I am not sure if you are just saying hateful things to ger attention or if you really mean it, but you are not scoring with the Conservatives…

    Oh FYI — I heard Cindye was at a Cobb Leadership Luncheon today and to her surprise, several of Scott’s friends are going to vote for her because she has the vision for the entire county! That is a first!

    She does not like taking votes away fron Scott. She offered to be his 1st Vice Chair to keep all this from happening. She wanted to serve him and she took the high road.

    Scott just could not talk Bob into moving over to be the Treasurer. That is why Scott will most likely loose this seat. He did not see the right thing to do. That is too bad for him. He is a nice guy, just lacks negotiating skills. Needs to learn how to cut deals and REALLY bring the PARTY together. THAT WOULD have been PERFECT!
    Oh well…

  290. GOPeach says:

    Okay Bill-

    You are lower than a snake’s belly to say bad things about Cindye and her slate. She actually reached out to you and gave you quite a bit of time on the phone. She was very kind to you and you put her down. You should really be ashamed. She does not owe you jack! You were so mean to her and she was so very nice to you. THAT alone shows how she will reach out to moderates to build bridges. If she was what you accuse her of being, she would have NEVER given you the time of day. She is very genuine and responsive. She like phones more than e-mails because phones are more personable.

    Bill – I am so disappointed in you-
    When will you EVER be nice to people who are nice to you? YOU WOULD NEVER NEVER make it in politics.

    Let’s face it, Bill – You are mean and cruel. How can you live with yourself? How can you stand to be so harsh to Cindye and she has been so kind to you? I think she is overly qualified to be involved in “The Party” actually. But she is willing to serve people LIKE YOU! God love her.

  291. Bill Simon says:

    Peachy…I don’t quite see how demanding a standing vote is being “mean” to Cindye.

    By the way, do let Cindye know that I do not fall for her multiple lies she has told me. Whether it is her LIE about the fact that she DID send e-mails out last primary claiming that Ralph Reed had been chosen by “God” to run for Lt. Governor, or the fact that it was actually Frank Molesky (and, not her) who offered a brokered deal to end this race….OR, better yet…the fact that, unlike what she claimed to me, she was RECRUITED by Dawn Strickland and Frank Molesky to run for the seat…both of whom sit on the Nominating Committee and think nothing of the conflict of interest involved.

    Yes, Peachy, your “side” is SO “moral” and “righteous”, isn’t it?

    Peachy, this is quite tiring and boring to deal with people of such immorality and intellect as you. I’m off to beddy-bye now. Ta-ta!

  292. Bill Simon says:

    My final note on this thread AND any other thread concerning Cindye Coates:

    At approximately 12:00 PM today (Saturday, February 17, 2007), I received a phone call from Bob Koncerak, Candidate for Vice-Chair of the Cobb GOP.

    Bob has made a personal request to me to refrain from engaging in any negativity about this race for new leadership of the Cobb GOP.

    It is his wish to bring positive-based leadership to the Cobb GOP for the term of 2007-2009 and he challenged Cindye Coates at this morning’s Cobb GOP breakfast to do the same.

    Though I know that Bob and Scott Johnson will very likely get screwed by the dark forces that currently inhabit the Cobb GOP, as of this point, I am going to abide by Bob’s request to me on this race to:

    1) act in a positive fashion on the candidacy of Bob, Scott, Andre O’Brien, and any other member of their slate of candidates going forward, and

    2) refrain from engaging in any negativity against the other side on the Cobb GOP race.

    Just as a note, this agreement I have with Bob DOES NOT include anything having to do with the current leadership of the Cobb GOP and the 2007 Georgia GOP State Convention. That will be where I direct all of my attention. 😀

  293. Liberty Belle says:

    Bill –

    The current admintsration will not screw Scott and Bob. You and Bob have done an excellent job at screwing it up for Scott. I really feel sorry for him.

    After attending the Cobb GOP Breakfast this morning, I am convinced that Cindye Coates has what it takes to be the next chairman of the Cobb GOP. Bob Koncerak challenged her from the microphone and let’s just say he was in over his head! She can certainly hold her own.

    Oddly enough he brought up Peach Pundit blog posts! How petty. What political leader would ever spend time addressing blog posts? I watched Scott Johnson sit at the head table hanging his head down in shame. Bob ( the loose canon) embarrassed his slate and sadly lost quite a few votes for them.

    Hey Bob – ( I know you are reading this now)

    You need to keep in mind that the older men in teh Cobb GOP see you as a Yankee and Southern men do not like Yankees attacking their ladies. Never debate a Southern lady in public. You can not win. If you “win” you will look like a bully. If you “loose” you will look like a pansy. It is very unwise. Have you ever seen a Southern man speak harshly to ladies in public? Not without getting a good ass whoopin from the SCV’s!

  294. Liberty Belle says:


    Cindye asked me to not blog about her and the Cobb GOP Chairman race. I respected her wishes in the beginning, Then I started seeing other bloggers who do not even know her begin
    slinging mud. You were the worst! I stepped. Then she was being acussed of being me. That was not fair. It is really sad when someone as awesome as Cindye is being attacked not only be democrats, but fellow republicans. It is just horrible and I am not going to MAKE NICE.
    Not until you recant your slanderous accusations!!!

    The ONLY reason Bob called you today is because several GOP members ( including Stan Coates) demanded Bob speak to you in front of quite a few members of the Cobb GOP and Bob’s reputation was on the line. Bob was complaining that I had been blogging too much. 🙂 My phone has rang several times reporting that Bob Koncerak blew it today. I believe it – he attacked Cindye in front of seasoned leaders who saw that Bob is not ready to handle the stress of this role.

    As long as you call Cindye a liar, I will continue to fire back. She is NOT a liar. – YOU ARE A LIAR BILL! You have NO IDEA how your name was brought up today and how many people think you are “EVIL”!

    Cindye Coates has NEVER EVER sent out an e-mail claiming that Ralph Reed had been chosen by “God” to run for Lt. Governor. This is NOT TRUE !!!

    YOU ARE LOWER THAN A SNAKES BELLY! !!! And you are Bob Konserak’s friend! ( Scott’s also) . That is too bad!

    Cindye tried to befriend you. You are wicked.

  295. GOPeach says:


    Cindye Coates asked me to not blog about her either ( as you know). But I am with you. I am so glad I am not alone anymore.

    Finially other people are seeing what we are seeing and know that the Bill Simon’s have had too much say. They can dish it out, BUT they can not take it!

    I agree with you. LOL I see you grabbed my term – “Lower than a snake’s belly”. LOL —

    BTW – I heard my name came up at the Breakfast today and Cindye was accused of not controlling GOPeach by Bob Koncerak.

    I want to see Bob ” CONTROL” Bill Simon! LOL

  296. Jimbo says:

    Apparently Bob Koncerak can not handle what his GOOD friend, Bill Simon dishes. Bob was perfectedly willing to accept it until he was attacked.

    Simon attacking the current GOP leadership is fine with Koncerak. I have news for you, Bob the attacks will continue.

    You, bob, are running a campaign against the current leadership and Simon is doing your bidding when he attacks them.

    What was that quaint little saying I heard Debbie say one time, “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” Bob you have been lying down with your good friend Bill Simon for some time now. You never once objected to the attacks until you were the subject .

    Bob and Bill, (the killer b’s) continue to lose votes for Scott Johnson.

  297. ConservativeCaucus says:

    To all:

    Can we now get back to what this race is all about? I understand the desire to have someone who shares your ideology… I think it is very important. But please, let us be about talking on the issues: what makes a good leader of the county party and specifically what it is about the candidate that makes them qualified.

  298. Jeff Emanuel says:

    YOU ARE A LIAR BILL! You have NO IDEA how your name was brought up today and how many people think you are “EVIL”!

    Ah yes…”judge not, lest not ye be judged.”

    Love all the practicing of what is preached here.

  299. GOPeach says:

    Conservative Caucus-

    I always appriciate you rational thinking.

    You asked (2) questions:

    1. Q. what makes a good leader of the County party?

    A. Someone who has:

    1. THE VISION for the ENTIRE COUNTY ( not just the North and East Side).

    2. Uunderstands the VOTERS and the political climate we are in now.

    3. Been involved in many different organizations outside of politics as well as CONSERVATIVE political groups.

    4. Family very supportive of their efforts as this will take a lot of time away from the family unless the family is involved also.


    6. A Combination of a CHEERLEADER/COACH.

    7. An ability to Plan and Execute in a clear and responsive manner.

    2. Q. what it is about the candidate that makes them qualified?


    FYI- Cindye Coates has been a cheerleader and a COACH. She is a personal life coach for several national leaders presently.

  300. Jimbo says:

    The next Cobb GOP Chairman has to all thi s:

    debbie0040 // Feb 12, 2007 at 10:47 am

    They are both conservative and good. If I reach an impasse on who to support for certain positions, I look at who is supporting who and what they bring to the table.

    The fact of the matter is, the one that is best to lead the Cobb GOP will win. The Cobb GOP Chairman has to be successful in engaging voters, has to be successful in fundraising, has to be successful in getting their message across, has to be successful in getting out the vote. The one that best accomplishes this will win.
    debbie0040 // Feb 12, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Another thing the Cobb GOP Chairman needs to be is a good public speaker that can get their message across. The Cobb GOP Chairman has to get up in front of large groups and be able to articulate the party’s position on issues. They are the public spokesperson for the party.

    Watch both Scott and Cindye when they give their campagin stump speeches and see which does the best job of getting their message across.

  301. Jimbo says:

    Conservative, I would advise you read the malious garbage Bill Simon has been saying about the Cobb GOP for the past 4 years. Especially Anthony-Scott Hobbs and Michael Altman. Simon has made all kinds of wild accusations and has yet to present facts to back them up. Simon has also attacked Congressman Tom Price and other GOP elected officials.

    Both Johnson and Koncerak associate themselves with Simon and in fact Simon and Koncerak have lunch together on occasion.

  302. GOPeach says:

    Bill Simon and Bob Koncerak are so close that Bill is actually “keeping silent” ABOUT THE CANDIDATES in the Cobb GOP race…

    HOWEVER — Bob has given Bill permission to SLAM the current leadership I see.

    Bob – If you are still reading this — Please MAKE BILL stop slamming ALL REPUBLICANS in COBB COUNTY! We know BILL will mind you BOB. You are the only one who is able to connect with Bill in a way that he will be silent!

    AMAZING… What is your secret?

  303. newworld says:

    Do you ever stop talking? Do us all a favor and shut your mouth. All you’ve done is dominate this thread with a lot of crap about why Cindye Coates is a threat to Scott’s victory.

    You talk about her supporters but what real supporters does she have? Liberty Belle, GOPeach? The same person. Everyone else remains undecided.

    You’re nauseating threads literally make me sick.

  304. GOPeach says:

    New World Odor-

    Maybe a few… That’s okay.

    You are STILL VERY WRONG about me being Liberty Belle …

    JUST LIKE YOU WERE WRONG about me being Cindye….

    You just CAN NOT STAND it that there are actually people who are not UNDECIDED!

  305. GOPeach says:

    Stan Coates jacked up Bob Koncerak at the Cobb GOP Breakfast last Saturday and demanded that he stop Bill Simon from slandering HIS WIFE on Peach Pundit.

    Stan Coates can take a whole lot. Trust me. But when Bob attacked Cindye publically at the Breakfast — Stan stepped in and let Bob know that he had supporters on Peach Pundit slandering HIS WIFE: a LADY of GREAT INTERGRITY whom had spent much time on the phone trying to reason with Bill and Bill was very rude and unapologetic!

    Both Bill Simon and Bob Konserack crossed the
    line and THAT IS WHY Bob is standing Bill down.

    Stan Coates is a respected pastor and community leader and when he is upset, it gets a lot of attention!

  306. GOPeach says:

    New World Odor —

    You ask who are Cindye’s supporters???
    Lord child where have you been?

    She grew up in Cobb County –
    Streets are named after her family –
    Her friends and family watched her fight 2 hard races against a democrat who out spent her 5 to 1 in a 75% democrat district and she still had a razor-thin loss ( 150 votes) – She is a war hero! She has ran several companies. She is a founder of 3 volunteer organizations. She is going to be the next CHAIRMAN of the COBB GOP!! NO DOUBT!

    I keep saying she is over-qualified to be the Chairman of the Cobb GOP. She is offering her time free of charge to serve her community AGAIN!!!! COBB COUNTY is lucky to have Cindye Coates willing to serve as a VOLUNTEER LEADER!

    She has P L E N T Y of supporters – On MARCH 24th — you will see that PEACH was right on!!

  307. mainstream GOP says:

    lol..I don’t know, I think maybe being chosen by Frank Molesky and Dawn Strickland would be a near equivalent 😉

  308. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream GOP-

    So are you Jane’s son? I heard he was a mole.

    Always calling Cindye pretending to be a Christian friend and posting on Peach Pundit under another name to back stab her.

    What’s new?

  309. newworld says:

    150 votes, GOPeach? Sometimes when people can’t write well, they make up for it with math. I guess this isn’t so in your case.

    Cindye Coates lost by 307 votes in 2004.

    Cindye Coates lost by 356 votes in 2006.

    I don’t know what’s more shocking…the fact that a lady of great integrity would neglect to give her supporters valid information or the fact that on her second try, that lady had an even greater margin of loss.

  310. mainstream GOP says:

    WOW new world, everytime she is talking at an event she mentions she lost by 150 votes, although 356 is still relatively close, Im simply stunned that she would try and manipulate the numbers…good investigative work lol

  311. debbie0040 says:

    New World, Mainstream, cindye was underfunded and was running against a long time incumbent named Steve Thompson.

    You guys sicken me with slamming Cindye and it will backfire.

    At least she had the guts to take on Steve Thompson, what have you two EVER done besides criticize and tear down?

    Cindye takes a strong stand and would make a great chairman. She would not back down from a fight. She is articulate and I am sorry to say that is something Scott is not.

  312. debbie0040 says:

    New World, Mainstream, Bill, you guys have done nothing but move people to Cindyes’ side that would have otherwise remained uncommitted. You forced the issue and have done nothing but motivated and energized Cindye’s team. With your attacks, you drew the line in the sand so to speak. It is unfortunate that Scott got caught up with Bob Koncerak and the likes of you three. Scott is a good guy but he has become associated with the wrong people and it may cost him the election.

  313. debbie0040 says:

    I j ust read what I posted, I meant Cindye had the guts to take Terry Johnson, long time incumbent and Roy Barnes cousin. Sorry was reading what Mainstream wrote about her good friend Steve Thompson.

  314. newworld says:

    I recognize that Cindye was underfunded. The issue was not about money, though. The issue was with the fact that she claims she lost by 150 votes, when the number was actually 307.

    I’ll be nice and say that I respect her for that number. 307 is still a very close race. I do not respect her for pulling numbers-like 150- out of thin air.

  315. debbie0040 says:

    She was probably referring to the results before absentees and provisional votes were counted. That 150 number came from the night of the election before all the votes came in from absentees.

    The point is she had guts enough to try again after losing the first time. Cindye is not a quitter. She got right back in again

  316. mainstream GOP says:

    Debbie, once again my friend, the problem arises that you like to imagine these comments say what you want them to..rather than reading them for what they are. I did not attack Cindye, and I did not discover this fact..I simply noted In have heard her on numerous occasions rattle off that 15o vote claim, and I was shocked to hear that she actually lost by over double that amount…this is not important to me!!! she still came very close, so you can stop PMSing here!

    To the contrary, you are preventing people from comming on her team, I can remember reading your comments during the Reed v. Cagle ordeal, and you were either ignored or considerd on the verge of insanity..Im sure your credibility isn’t much better in reguards to this race, which by the way should be a clean race if people like you self can stop trying to turn this into a bloody battle.

  317. debbie0040 says:

    It was an attack, call it what you will. You denying it was an attack reminds me of Clinton denying he had sex because oral sex wasn’t sex….

    People like myself? You , New World and Bill need to look in the mirror, you guys have attacked Cindye. The only attack I have made is against Koncerak and he attacked the Cobb GOP first.

  318. debbie0040 says:

    And please don’t call me friend. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Why don’t you stop being hypocritical? You in an around about way attack Cindye, get popped for it, then try to explain it wasn’t really an attack.

    I have gotten calls from people in Cobb that changed their mind on who to support because of Bill, you and New World. A few said it reminded them of the Chadwick-Hobbs race.

  319. Philly says:

    Mainstream just said,” Im simply stunned that she would try and manipulate the numbers…good investigative work lol ”

    Excuse me, how is that not an attack?

    If you think votes are not turning from Scott to Cindye, then you will be in for a rude awakening at the County Convention.

    Debbie is well respected among Cobb GOP activists so you gain no ground by insulting her. You just lose votes for Scott. You are not very intelligent are you, Mainstream?

    With people like you on his team, Scott is assured of a defeat. Word is getting around on who is supporting Scott and minds are changing rather rapidly toward Cindye.

    I see the same group supporting Cindye that soundly won in 2003 and 2005.

  320. mainstream GOP says:

    ..and people are more than ready for a new group of leaders, nothing against the current leadership..but it is time we get some fresh new leaders that aren’t puppets in office this go round.

    We can say all we want here, but as you both learned how accurate your prdictions and punditry worked back in July..we will see how accurate they are once again on March 24th.

    The facts are that unlike some, I have not called Cindye or any one on that slate a derogatory name, and I consistantly point out that she too would do a good job as attacks, if that’s what you insist on calling then, I consider them rebuttals..were directed at Debbie, Philly, Jimbo, GOPeach and Liberty reguards to the comment of mine that Philly pointed out, there was no derogatory name..and I am absolutley sure the five of you would stick it in Scott’s side if he was off in his numbers like that..don’t act like your taking the moral high road here, because no one is buying it.

  321. debbie0040 says:

    I was wrong on Reed in July, but right on with Handel, Black and Eaton. 3 out of four ain’t bad.

    You attack in a round about way. Call it what you will. You are not taking the moral high ground either, so don’t pretend you are. Sorta of Clintonesque

    You insinuated that Cindye deliberately manipulated the numbers, you might not have called her a name, but the inference was there.

  322. newworld says:


    I really can’t see Mainstream’s comment as an attack. We’re stating cold-hard facts and if Cindye Coates’ reputation gets hurt because I tell the truth, that’s really not anyone’s problem but hers.

    On the subject of morals though, would you suggest that I simply sit here and agree with a bold-faced lie?

  323. mainstream GOP says:

    Nothing against Cindye, but Im not sure how you can explain the difference in the numbers she consistantly said vs. the actual numbers..manipulating may sound like a harsh word, so let’s call it a white lie lol..It’s the whole idea of if you keep saying something over and over then people will believe it, I think it actually worked. Until now, I havent seen anybody question those numbers, and she earned my sympathy with the 150 vote story, so why not…Im just saying I was shocked to learn otherwise.

    LOL..I wasnt all that fond of President Clinton, but for some reason I like that word “Clintonesque”..because there is no question he was a great orator…but, I don’t think Im that good.

  324. Philly says:

    Scott Johnson is a horrible public speaker and he has the support of Bill Simon and others that have undermined the Cobb GOP for four years. Scott is also weak and just wants to get along with everyone. Scott is a quitter. He quit the race for the Sixth District .

    Bob Koncerak told a bald face lie when he told Simon that the Cobb GOP had not filed their financial disclosure form like they were supposed to. Simon reported this in the Political Vine, which was false. Koncerak is in bed with Simon and others like him. Koncerak and Simon enjoy lunch together on occasion.

    That is not an attack based on your logic. Hey, this is really fun. GOPeach, join in. After all it is not an attack.

    I believe Debbie was referring to the way Clinton did things. Like oral sex isn’t really sex so he did not lie under oathe. Since you like Steve Thompson so much and would have voted for him over the GOP candidate, I am not at all suprised you like Clinton, too.

    Cindye was quoting the vote totals that came in before the absentees did.

  325. mainstream GOP says:

    Ohh my God, you say I attack? how could anybody talk so bad about Scott? Don’t you dare tell me I have a problem with attacking people and go say this shit about a man who has no quarral with you…at least I am backing up my comments with facts!

    Where did I say I like Clinton? and for the millionth time, I do not live in the 33rd, and did not vote for Steve..but just because a man claims to be Republican, doesnt mean he has a lock on my vote..he has to earn it too!

    If Cindye was quoting totals prior to absentee’s..explain why 4 years after we know exact totals, she still claims she lost by 150 votes?

    Philly, I just lost what little respect I had for you after this malicious attack on someone who has served our party for over a decade now.

    Scott backed out of the 37th district race because his boss was terminally ill and had asked him to assume his role..he understands that some things are more important than politics, I promise you, you will never see or hear him attack ANYONE the way you and all the Cindye supporters on this site for that matter have attacked him, you’d think people like you would try to display some sence of maturity…I guess I expect to much from such a cold hearted person.

  326. newworld says:

    “Scott is a quitter,” an interesting choice of words there, Philly.
    I’m sure that his boss getting cancer doesn’t matter, then. Scott made a difficult decision. In the end, he valued the life of a good friend over politics. Careers are important, but sometimes there are things that are more important. Friendship. Respect. Values. These things came first for him…as well they should have.

    You also said that, “Cindye was quoting the vote totals that came in before the absentees did,”
    Why then, would she continue to proclaim, “150” long after all the votes came in?

  327. Jimbo says:

    Mainstream, you said,”I promise you, you will never see or hear him attack ANYONE the way you and all the Cindye supporters on this site for that matter have attacked him, you’d think people like you would try to display some sence of maturity…I guess I expect to much from such a cold hearted person. ”

    You are kidding , right? What was said about Johnson that was not true? All are known facts, just like you claim with Cindye.

    Let me refresh your memory. Go to the beginning of this thread and see who started the attacks.

    Here is just a portion:
    newworld // Feb 4, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    The fact that Cindye Coates is pretending to be someone else is just a testament to her insanity. The fact that the person she’s pretending to be praises her to high heaven seals the deal. No one wants to hear your egotistical crap, Cindye. Stop hiding behind usernames.
    newworld // Feb 4, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    GOPeach- or Sherry- is an insane character fabricated from the insane mind of Cindye Coates.
    newworld // Feb 4, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    newworld // Feb 4, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    If you were truly, “a clinical psychologist” as you lie, then you would have had Cindye Coates committed a long time ago. I almost take it as a compliment to hear from someone completely insane that I am insane. Good to know my brain’s still functioning properly.
    She’s already on the slate…for chairwoman.
    newworld // Feb 4, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    Are you serious, Bill? I’d think anyone who was this similar to Cindye Coates would have been killed off by now. Survival of the fittest, if you will. A little too much competition. All the signs are pointing to her. Then again, I guess you sort of lump all the insane people in the Party into one group like you would do in an asylum.

  328. newworld says:

    No, no, Jimbo.

    Mainstream never denied the fact that I’m immature, too…which is really half the fun of this.

    The majority of the people on this blog are immature, if you haven’t caught on by now…including me…and I’m having a hell of a time at it, too.

    Just so you’re not confused, though. GOPeach has cutely been calling me New World Odor. She’s very clever in that way.

  329. Bill Simon says:

    (checking my schedule for the last year……not there…no, not THEN either….nope! I’ve never had lunch with Bob Koncerak….maybe I’ve been cloned….gosh, I hope my clone is out there making lots of money for “us”…)

  330. mainstream GOP says:

    Jimbo, what the hell type of rebuttal do you call that?

    My comment: ” I promise you, you will never see or hear him attack ANYONE the way you and all the Cindye supporters on this site for that matter have attacked him, you’d think people like you would try to display some sence of maturity…I guess I expect to much from such a cold hearted person. “…Is still very true!

    All of those comments you listed were NOT Scott’s comments, nor were they authorized or approved by Scott. This is what irks the hell out of me, you, Philly and Debbie always treat comments on this site that are either in favor of Scott or Against Cindye, as if they popped right out of Scott’s mouth.

    If you don’t see anything wrong with what Philly said, then I have also lost what little respect I have for you…sadly, you are also a very cold hearted/ frigid individual.

  331. mainstream GOP says:

    lol..GOPeach, I keep looking at this page every 10 minutes or so as a break from doing my taxes on Turbo Tax ( I highly recomend it by the way)..but anyway, Im interested in seeing your explanation..I just hope for the sake of civility you continue in this new and improved tone 😉

  332. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream , New World, & Bill Simon –

    Dr. Cindye Coates has (2) earned doctorates so she is far from being “bad at Math”! She taught Politicl Science and she lectutres on Campaigns and Elections. I keep thinking she is actually overly qualified for this thankless volunteer position as the Cobb GOP Chairman…

    Anyway — what you all seem to not understand is that Cindye Coates ran ( 2) State House races in a S W I N G district!!! She had approx. 22,000 registered voters and right at 16,000 were SWING! That is huge! Very unusual!

    Now when we report election results in a SWING district – we always slice the SWING MARGIN in half!

    So …. If 150 votes SWUNG Cindye’s way in 2004, she would have won…. and if 180 votes had SWUNG her way in 2006, then she would be in teh State House right now!!!

    This is the just the way we report a swing district loss margin! Cindye is not fabricating numbers, she was simply speaking in ” Swing District” terminology. Soooo please do not speak ill of her integrity or competance. Thank You! 🙂

  333. mainstream GOP says:

    GOPeach, Thank you for explaining that I do the math on paper, I completeley understand what you are talking about.

    If you subtract 157 votes from Terry Johnson in ’04 and add 157 to Cindye’s votes, she wins by one..I apologize for not understanding this and for questioning Cindye’s motives.

    That being said, I have a question for you. I’d like you to take a look at Philly’s above comments:

    “Scott Johnson is a horrible public speaker and he has the support of Bill Simon and others that have undermined the Cobb GOP for four years. Scott is also weak and just wants to get along with everyone. Scott is a quitter. He quit the race for the Sixth District ”

    Would you agree that Philly’s comments were out of line?, and since you are a close friend of Cindye’s, do you believe she would approve of comments like that?

  334. GOPeach says:


    People are wondering why I have had such a harsh tone in my posts… It is because of the posts that you just mentioned…

    What would you do if you were accused of being the very one you are posting about?

    I called Cindye this morning to ask her about precincts and she told me she was thinking of dropping out of this race. She has been reading all these threads and posts from people who are supposed to be her fellow republicans. These are people she worked so hard to reprsensent in the State House – Limited Government, Lower Taxes, Personal Responsibility…

    She asked me to change my tone. She is still
    upset at Bob Konsercak for attacking her at the Cobb GOP Breakfast about the Peach Pundit bloggers and she said that she is havinging a really hard time trusting him for lashing out at a fellow republican in public like that.

    I can’t say that I blame her. She is human.

  335. GOPeach says:


    I am glad you see the Math now. 🙂

    Actually I think Cindye and Scott are closer friends that Cindye and I. She thinks very highly of Scott as a friend.

    I do not think she thinks ill of him. She wanted to serve as his 1st Vice Chair actually and be there for him. Cindye is a public speaker and it is tough to follow her so she always lets Scott speak before her so he will look better actually. ( Not be mean – it’s just the way it is).

    Cindye is not against Scott in any way. She has a vision for the entire county. That is what separates her from Scott.

  336. newworld says:

    Oh, okay, GOPeach. I feel very hateful now for that former post. That said, thank you for explaining that to me and I apologize for questioning Cindye’s integrity.

  337. mainstream GOP says:

    That may be, but In my opinion..I have not seen one post by Philly that was in the slightest positive..I think she is fueling the fire, hoping this race will turn very ugly. I think with the exception of Philly, and Jimbo, we have all made it a point to be more reseptful towards the candidates, which is by all means a good thing.

  338. GOPeach says:

    Mainstream —

    Back to the Math —- Just for clarity …

    In 2004, there was a 299 vote total margin- ( before 8 provisional votes were counted)
    That means that had 150 votes swung her way,
    she would have won. This is why Cindye says she lost by 150 votes – Now that we know 8 provisional voted came in, it totaled 307. She could now say that she lost by 154 votes. But she just says 150 as this is rounding in down to the nearest 10.

    In 2006, there was a 356 total votes and had 180 votes swung her way, she would have won her State House seat. Technically, had 174 votes swung her way, she would have won by 1 vote.
    Perhaps we should just say that she lost by 175 votes in 2006.

    She says this to help people see that her district was winnable!!! Had just a few volunteers stepped up to help her in the Phone Bank or helped her knock on doors, that seat would have belonged to a very viable republican.

    Cindye is such an optomist. She says anyone can be beat and there is no such thing as an “unwinnable” seat. It is very important to see how hard she worked….

    She had 13 precincts and 10 of them were in Steve Thompson’s Senate District and David Scott’s Congressional District. The odds were against her but she kept working with such little help. I watched her family exhaust themselves. It was not right!!! Republicans in Cobb should be ashamed for not working for the most winnable seart in Cobb.

    People like Cindye are very hard to find to serve in Civil Government. We should honor those who step up to the plate and give it their very best…. I hate to see people on this blog degrade
    good people that they do not even personally know. It sickens me.

  339. bowersville says:

    Speaking of “back to the math,” is this the Kabbalistic Gematria thread from hell? 453 and still counting.

  340. GOPeach says:

    Jimbo and Philly seem to have been around a long time. I think they understand Cobb County politics. From reading their posts, I seem to think that they may be connected to the Conservatives who have fought long and hard and are in this with all their heart! I see passion when I read their posts. It is not ” positive” but it is the way they feel.

    I would encourage New World to ask more questions as opposed to making statements. It seems New World lacks information…

    Calling Cindye insane and lacking intergity is a bit over the top —- could cause those who know her to throw off the gloves and start fighting bare fisted.

    I seriously doubt Scott Johnson thinks ill of Cindye. From what I hear, he is a huge supporter! Who knows what will happen.

  341. Jimbo says:

    Philly was trying to make a point in his posts. Mainstream and New World had said that if it was the truth, then it wasn’t an attack. They were defending their attacks against Cindye by saying this so Philly used their logic and did the same thing. That is very clear from his posts. They did not like receiving a taste of ther own medicine.

    You call the things New World and Bill said respectful? Mainstream, go back to the beginning of this thread and read what was said about Cindye and members of the Cobb GOP. That is respectful? You guys think it is ok for a Johnson supprter to go on the attack, but God forbid a Cindye supporter does the same in retaliation. Mainstream, an attack is an attack, no matter how dressed up it is. Stop being a hypocrite!!!!!!

    Scott has associated himself with the wrong people like Bill Simon and Bob Koncerak. Scott is too weak to stand up to these people and tries to appease both sides and that is an impossible job. Hobbs and company reached out to those that did not support him and they basically spit in his face and have fought the Cobb GOP at every turn.

    They spread all kinds of false rumors and undermined at every opportunity.

  342. Jimbo says:

    Scott is honest and a hard worker but his associates will end up costing him the election.

    Sam Olens right hand person, Holly Comer with the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club has endorsed Scott. Holly led the charge to pass the latest SPLOST.

    I also hear the Bill Byrne told Cindye he would support her after Koncerak’s melt down at the Cobb GOP Breakfast Saturday. Do I sense posturing for the Cobb Commission Race ?

  343. ConservativeCaucus says:

    I agree with Bill. Olens’ administration had decided that it needed more income and was bound to get it. In my experience, when government decides it wants to raise taxes, it finds a way to do so.

    At least the tax burden was spread across the whole county (and even those who live outside it but shop here). I am frustrated that the administration wanted to raise taxes instead of cutting spending… but once they decided to do that, splost makes more sense than hanging it on the homeowner.

  344. GOPeach says:

    Bill Simon—

    Do you think SPLOST is going to STOP property taxes from going up????? I own multiple properties in Cobb County and I will tell you that NOTHING will ever stop property taxes from going until we do away with it! SPLOST is putting the cart before the horse.

    I was a member of the CCRWC a long time ago. ButI got sick of their begging for money every time I turned around.

    Then, I saw they did not support Cindye in the 2004 race. It was cruel. She is the best female candidate Cobb County has ever had but she is not a moderate. We know now that they only support moderate women. That is too bad.

    I hope all the conservative women on this blog will stand with Cindye in the days to come. She needs you. She not only faces opposition against liberals, she faces opposition against moderates like Holly Comer ( who should equally as moderate in her eating habits).

  345. GOPeach says:

    I think Holly Comer is a little full of herself. She has lied about Cindye not being involved with the CCRWC. She has spread rumors around about Cindye saying she ONLY attends luches around election time. That is not true. I know for a fact she is at that silly over prices lunches at the Marietta Resort the last Friday of the month often. Holly is just trying to find something to say that will make Cindye look bad. Cindye has been kind to Holly and I think Holly is mean and cruel.

  346. Bill Simon says:

    As it was explained to me, Cobb County was going to BUILD these projects anyway. Teh question was, how to pay for it.

    They could pay for it in only 2 ways:

    1) By issuing BONDS for which the PROPERTY OWNERS would be saddled with paying the fixed interest for over the life of the bonds, along with having to make a lump-sum payment at the end of the bonds’ term.

    2) By increasing the sales tax on a county-wide basis so that everyone, including property owners and people leasing property and daily visitors to this county, could all contribute to the financing.

    That you may own several properties in Cobb, Peachy, and have never seen your “property taxes” decrease, the fact is, that had this SPLOST not gone through, you WOULD have seen your property taxes go up due to the issuance of the fixed debt to finance the improvements.

  347. newworld says:

    All right, GOPeach. I tried playing nice for a little bit…which is regrettable. I am delighted to see now how far that got me. Where to start…

    “Jimbo and Philly seem to have been around a long time,” I won’t disagree with you, there. They actually seem to have a bit of sense.

    “I think they understand Cobb County politics. From reading their posts, I seem to think that they may be connected to the Conservatives who have fought long and hard and are in this with all their heart! I see passion when I read their posts. It is not ” positive” but it is the way they feel.”

    I find it fascinating that those people with whom you agree are the ones-according to you-that best understand Cobb County politics. It’s not difficult to look at something and see it for what it is. Jimbo and Philly seem bright enough. I’m surprised they haven’t caught on yet. You greatly admire Cindye Coates, GOPeach. But, I’m sorry to say this, your comments sometimes sound like they’re coming from the mouth of a four-year old. They are spacey, sometimes irrelevent, and generally childish and I don’t know if you realize this but-four-year old, aside- you’re acting as Cindye’s mouth-piece. You say I lack information? You’re probably right. I have enjoyed this thread strictly for that reason. I am picking up positive and negative things. But I will say that I know some things and one of those things is that Cindye Coates is quite possibly a little insane. And that, Peach is a statement. I apologized for the latter comment, but don’t think I will apologize for the former. I’ll ask questions as I see fit.

    In the meantime, I would encourage you to stop childishly insulting people-such as Holly Comer-whom you apparently do not know.

  348. GOPeach says:

    New World –

    I am not Cindye’s mouth peice and I am sorry I said somethnig bad about Holly. I just think she is a bit upity ( for no reason)…

    that’s too bad.

    I know Cindye likes Holly. I do not.

  349. newworld says:

    Well…that I am glad to hear and thank you for the apology.

    Holly Comer is a very dear friend to me, you see. I’m always quick to defend her.

  350. Bill Simon says:

    “I am wrong?”

    Peach, have you EVER attended a commission meeting?

    Have you ever read the minutes of a commission meeting?

    Have you ever had a class in finance? I don’t care how many degrees you or your friends may possess in “math”..I am talking about finance.

    By the way, you can argue the SPLOST however way you want, but the fact is that a LOT of Republicans voted in favor of it. Republican HOMEOWNERS.

    Republican TAXPAYERS.

    For you to drag Holly Comer’s name through your personal toilet because you disagree with the policy shows everyone EXACTLY what kind of person you are.

  351. Philly says:

    A Bond issue could have been used. When this SPLOST expires the politicians will be coming around to renew the SPLOST again. Look at the school board SPLOST, which I believe you opposed Bill. They are coming around a third time to renew it. The politicians don’t want to give up that revenue.

  352. GOPeach says:

    New World-

    If you are so close to Holly Comer, then maybe you can ask her why she is spreading lies about Cindye not being involved with the CCRWC.

    She is out to make Cindye look bad!!

    Cindye has never spoken ill of Holly. She even has reached out to her and taken her to lunch.

    No matter how many times Cindye reaches out to moderates like Bill Simon or Holly Comer, they will always hate her because she is a Conservative.

    This is clear.

  353. GOPeach says:

    To all Conservatives on this blog….

    Please take note of how you will be treated if Moderates are in charge! They will want your vote and then stab you in the back! Be ware!

  354. Bill Simon says:


    Please allow me to attempt to inform you of the differences between the school SPLOST and the road-building SPLOST vote…because the difference, you see, is why I can still stand by my vote against the school SPLOST and FOR the road-building SPLOST.

    And, it all has to do with my lessons learned in graduate finance courses (so, go blame Georgia State University’s graduate school for my viewpoints, if you don’t like them).

    The school SPLOST was promoted as being necessary to finance the building and construction of “capital projects”…that is, NEW and expanded school construction for the Cobb county school system.

    I was taught that you finance long-term projects with long-term debt, and you finance short-term projects with short-term debt.

    SO, since the planning and construction of schools on a county-wide basis would go on for something like the next 10-20 years, I believe those projects SHOULD HAVE BEEN financed with long-term debt. However, the folks over at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce have apparently never had a basic finance course, since they were some of the biggest backers of the school SPLOST.

    The local roads-building projects in Cobb, for which this most recent SPLOST was initiated for, counts as a series of “short-term construction projects.” So, again, short-term projects should be financed with short-term debt. Therefore, finance them with a SPLOST that will expire.

    That is my reasoning for the difference in how I feel about the two SPLOSTs. They are, literally, apples and oranges when it comes to the types of construction projects involved.

  355. Bill Simon says:


    I am abiding by my promise to not speak negative of Cindye, you, or anyone else in regards to the Cobb GOP race.

    My silence does not mean, however, that you are correct in your assertions (or, Jimbo’s, or Philly’s), especially when it comes to my feelings on Cindye Coates or Conservatives…because, _I_ am a Conservative!

  356. ConservativeCaucus says:

    sorry for the ignorance of this question:

    How do you bold text or copy/indent someone else’s post – are these only moderator features or can the general posting public do these? I have wanted ask for a long time and just haven’t.

  357. Bill Simon says:


    You have to add HTML tags around the block of text you want to bold or italicize, or do both.


    INSERT TEXT HERE will bold any text placed between the first “b” and the 2nd “b”, as long as you include the “” and the “/” before the 2nd “b”.

    To italicize text, place it like this:


    with the “i” where the “b” is to bold things.

  358. Bill Simon says:

    How about this….to bold something, put these tags around the block of text (or, single word):

    Where, “HTML TAG” can either be a “B” for BOLDING, or an “i” for italicizing.

    You must include the “” to designate the tag command.

  359. GOPeach says:


    When I say Conservative – I mean REAGAN
    CONSERATIVE —- Pro-Life, Pro- 2nd Ammendment, Pro- Family , Pro – Heterasexual Marriage, Pro- Economic Empowerment….

    That is a TRUE Red- Blooded Conservative.
    Anything else is a —-m o d e r a t e !!!

    True Conservatives ( like me) , will be called upon to vote for a moderate….

    I know that Moderates in the Cobb GOP actually support DEMOCRATS! A True Conservative would not dream of such a thing. There in lies the difference Billy.

    I wonder if we are going to ever stop disrespecting each other by spelling our names with a “Y” on the end…..??????

  360. Bill Simon says:

    My name is “Bill.” Your name is unknown since you are too chicken to state what it is.

    I wonder if Ronald Reagan was ever too chicken to write under his own name…?

  361. GOPeach says:

    New World-

    I was just told that Holly Comer called Cindye today and told her that she respected her and
    that she would not be telling people that Cindye was not involved in the CCRWC anymore.

    Thank you for getting the message to her!

  362. mainstream GOP says:

    Ok..I think this post has gotten too out of hand , 501 responses latter, and GOPeach, Philly, and Jimbo are still as ignorant as ever. Taking cheap shots at Holly Comer, someone who has done more the Cobb GOP than most people I can think of, with out her the CCRW wouldn’t be anything close to the well run organization that it is today, they are more on the ball than the Cobb GOP itself.

    All of you have obviously condoned and supported Phillys malicious attacks at Scott, and then try to justify it to me using quotes from other people..I did not say those things, and when I did say something that I later felt was wrong I apologized, you cant expect an apology from pigs though.

    I can’t reason with you people, people who think any body who doesnt agree with their views 100% of the time is a moderate and therefore supports Democrats..All I can say, Is I hope Cindye has a much broader base than you people..or she is going down in flames.

    I don’t understand your thinking, and I can’t expect the slightest ounce of maturity or civility from you people..I AM DONE, this thread is rediculous and I am not wasting anymore of my time trying to reason with such ignorant and close-minded people..what’s the point? really…GOOD RIDDENS!

  363. GOPeach says:


    Okay — I like Holly! She is nice.
    If it makes you feel better… I could loose 30 lbs.
    It’s hard after kids and getting older…
    Peach is fat also, Holly!!!!
    Fat girls Rock!

  364. Philly says:

    Mainstream, please show me where I or Jimbo said anything derogatory about Holly Comer. Are you on some kind of meds that causes you to see things that are not there? Then you don’t care about the truth.

    I read about the rumor you were spreading about Congressman Phil Gingrey having a joint fundraiser at his house for Ralph Reed and the Cobb GOP. I saw you post it in another thread. I was there and can tell you that it was a Cobb GOP fundraiser . Ralph Reed was there, but so were other statewide candidates, state senators that supported Cagle and other Cagle supporters.

    You, mainstream, are just like the liberal elitists that call anyone that does not agree with their view point ignorant. You are made out of the same cloth.

    As far as Cindye’s support, I see practically the same group of people supporting Cindye that were victorious at the past two county conventions. Cindye has also picked up support from Bill Byrne from what I gather.

    Byrne is very well liked and he will get my support for Cobb Commission Chairman. I am suspect of any GOP elected official that has a love affair with the liberal news media as Olens has.

    As for my quotes about Scott, I was being facetious, trying to make a point. YOU and New World had said that if it is fact, it was not considered an attack. I just quoted known facts so using your logic, it was not considered an attack. Quit being hypocritical. You have a double standard for Johnson supporters and Coates supporters.

  365. debbie0040 says:

    I am not being critical of Holly and I like Holly, but can tell you that she really did not do anything to help the Cobb GOP, nor did most of the women in the daytime women’s club which she was President. I have heard several members of this women’s group say that there were the Cobb GOP and that is not true at all.

    I would really like to know how you think Holly helped out the Cobb GOP. I was there for almost 4 years and don’t remember her doing very much at all. I do remember the countless volunteers that put in too many hours to mention to assist the party but she was not one of them.

    She was very active with the Cobb women’s group and worked very hard with them. The Cobb Party and the CCRWC are two entirely separate entities.

  366. Bill Simon says:

    Except that, now, ASH is claiming responsibility for starting the organization (which, WE always knew he did) when he repeatedly DENIED the case way back in the beginning of the CCRWC.

  367. debbie0040 says:

    There are two GOP women’s club in Cobb. The day group is the CCRWC. The night group that was started when Anthony was chairman is Cobb Regional Republican women. Anthony did help the night group in forming. His assistance was requested by members forming the group after we decided we were forming the group.

  368. Red Dawg says:

    I am a friend and neighbor of Stan & Cindye Coates. I was on-line looking for her tutoring web-site and came across this web-site with saw more trash than I can stand.

    I have skimmed through these entries and can
    say that most of you do not even know Cindye Coates whatsoever. You have heard very hateful people attempt to smear her name just like they tried to do in the campaigns she ran in. I admire her greatly as well as her awesome family.

    My heart is breaking over this web-site because we need role models like the Coates family and you people are trying to destroy what is left of conservative families in this country by bloging your random thoughts which are permenantly on the internet now. How can you do this to someone who is just trying to help her community be better?

  369. Erick,

    I think we could put an end to whatever all of this is about by attaching a bill to name the road to Oaky Woods the “Go Fish – Go Eat a Cindye Coated Peach Highway.”

    Remind me again, who is Cyndye Coates?



  370. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Red Dawg, perhaps you should look at the comments posted by the “very hateful people” who are some of her supporters, and their “attempt to smear” pretty much everybody else on this board.

    Sorry, but about 300 of the 500 comments on this thread are of that variety. And I’ll be honest — I’d never heard of Cindye Coates before GOPeach started spouting off about her, and demonizing anybody who didn’t immediately join in the worship. I still don’t know who she is, or what she’s run for in the past, but I’m not going to lie: based on her ambassadors here (see 60% of the comments above) my opinion of her, right off the bat, is NOT favorable.

  371. Red Dawg says:

    To Bill Simon:

    I do not know anyone mentioned on this web-site personally but Cindye Coates and I will not stand by and let people smear her name.You have never met her or you would not be saying such things about her. If you have something to discuss with her, I strongly suggest you contact her personally. She told me that she asked everyone to call her or write her if they had any questions about her or her campaign. She is willing to give her time to people. She is most gracious.

    In case you want to contact her:


  372. Red Dawg says:

    To: Jeff Emanuel:

    I do not know who GOPeach is. But I know who Cindye Coates is and she is nothing like GOPeach.
    Your web-site says that Cindye is GOPeach. That is such a lie. This web-site has very little credibility.

  373. Red Dawg says:

    I am amazed that educated people believe what a blogger says about someone without actually calling them or e-mailing them personally. It’s a rumor mill that is as tasteless as a tabloid.

  374. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Your web-site says that Cindye is GOPeach. That is such a lie. This web-site has very little credibility

    Red Dawg: Perhaps you should read more carefully. At the top of this post, it says:


    Perhaps it is you with very little credibility.

    And, unless you are Cindye Coates, DO NOT give out her email address in a public forum. You’ve just sentenced her to being spammed to death by putting that out there in the open — good job.

    I have removed her email address from the comments. DO NOT put it back.

  375. Red Dawg says:

    To Jeff Emanuel:

    I have not harmed her as much as you have. You have allowed people who do not even know her to sling mud at her like she is some target. She is not the type person who deserves any of this. This is dispicable.

  376. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I have not harmed her as much as you have

    Freudian slip there? I never accused you of harming her….I said people like GOPeach harmed her.


    Any info besides that inference is PP-confidential 😉

  377. Bill Simon says:


    I have talked to Ms. Coates on the phone. Twice. Several of the things she told me with regards to who said what and how things came about are in direct conflict with what other people’s recollection of the events discussed are.

    And, I have known those other people longer than I have known Ms. Coates.

    AND, because I have made a promise far above this particular blog post that I will NOT speak ill of the Coates’ team on this blog anymore, I will NOT get into a spitting match with you on this issue OR the disagreement I have with your claims.

    And, I will leave it at that.

  378. This is Cindye Coates. I attempted to ignore this blog thread but after 500 posts, and a visit from a concerned neighbor, I think it’s time to step in and make a few public statements:

    Regarding “GOPeach” – Yes I know who she is. She has obviously voiced her support, but I do not condone all that she says; nor do I agree with her style of communicating. I requested that she refrain.

    However, I simply cannot be held responsible for the actions of all those who support me. I am only responsible for my slate and myself. Having ran in 2 State House campaigns, I have learned to pick and choose my battles. I would like to encourage everyone to do the same.

    It is clear that blogging has become the new battleground for angry people with unresolved disputes. It may be entertaining or some sort of therapy but I would like to suggest that you think about the effects of each post and how slander can be so destructive.

    It is clear that this blog is not moderated with discression and it is basically a free for all –anything goes. This is very dangerous. There is room for great error. Boundaries are good and I think it is good to have rules.

    I have made several attempts to contact Erick Erickson and Jeff Emanuel privately by e-mail and by phone today and I have yet to hear back from them. I always prefer the phone over e-mails as so many things can be misunderstood in an e-mail.

    I am making a public request that my name be removed from this blog and that anyone who desires to ask me any questions, contact me:
    [email protected] as opposed to posting gossip and rumors.

  379. Bill Simon says:

    Wow! WOWEE!….

    I am so surprised about the duplicity of the person who posted as GOPeach” who had the same IP address as “Red Dawg” who also had the same IP address as “Liberty Belle”….

    Checkout this post by Adam Fogle with regards to how this duplicity has been dealth with:

    There are SO many words I can use to express how I fell about this turn of events…but, I will supress my feelings about this.

  380. Bill Simon says:

    “fell” should be “feel”

    And, if all these IP addresses were the same, then Scott Johnson and Bob Koncerak will SWEEP the elections next month because you cannot fake bodies at a county convention. Six people posting under the same IP address means nothing at the county convention.

  381. newworld says:

    I am so glad he told us. It confirms everything I’ve thought the entire time.

    Do you still think that this is Sherry Shivers and not Cindye Coates, Bill?

  382. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Thank God!

    This thread was so annoying. New: I think Sherry was a figment of Cindyes imagination truthfully.

  383. newworld says:

    Yeah, I know. I’ll admit I was a big part of that annoying thread. We did keep pushing it. It was pretty funny, though.

    But I think I agree with you Brian. I know a lot of people want to say “Sherry,” was impersonating Cindye but let’s be honest…it was the opposite.

  384. Brian from Ellijay says:


    I was told by several that Cindye specifically told them that the lady’s name was Sherry, but no one I know had ever seen or heard of her. And many of the folks who were consulted (myself included) have been around the Cobb GOP for at least 4 or 5 years. And at the risk of sounding conceded, Peach knew far to much about Cobb politics for us not to know her.

  385. newworld says:


    That is exactly the way I felt. I received a call from someone telling me the same thing. Truly, there is no way someone could know so many things without you all knowing him or her.

    Really, too, she knew too much about Cindye Coates to be anyone else. All of these people said the same thing about Cindye Coates in precisely the same manner. I’ve suspected it all along.

  386. Bill Simon says:


    I believe there is a Sherry Shivers who is, truly, a separate living entity from Cindye Coates.

    However, I do not believe “Sherry” is “GOPeach” or Liberty Belle, or anyone else on this blog thread.

    HOWEVER, the fact that Adam Fogle points out that the IP address for GOPeach and Cindye Coates’ posts ARE “similar” is beginning to scare the crap out of me that Cindye Coates may just be someone who DOES have multiple personalities of the sort not seen since the movie Sybil.

    Why do I say that? Because, as I said above, I HAVE spoken with the real Cindye Coates… twice. In the first conversation, she said she was “taking time out from her family time to sit down and write responses.”

    Well, Folks, there are 4 responses in this thread that were posted under “Cindye Coates” that DID occur later in the evening on the night I spoke to Cindye Coates (or, at least, that is who the person on the other end of the phone line claimed to be):

    …and in those conversations, she sounded a LOT like the person writing these posts above.

  387. debbie0040 says:

    debbie0040 // Feb 23, 2007 at 7:33 am

    You guys are disgusting and this will be my last post on PP. I encourage all others to avoid PP like the plague because you engage in censorship.

    You just banned anyone form that ISP from posting on PP. Way to go. As for as posting the personal contact info, how do you know that Cindye did not give them permission to do so? You all were just looking for excuses to ban them and you make me SICK!!

    This is my last post on PP

    I have had it with the Coates detractors like Mainstream, New World and others. I am no longer neutral in this chairman’s race. I am supporting Coates and will encourage all my friends in cobb to support and work for her. I am emailing your nasty comments about her to all I know.

    You censor people whose opinion you don’t like. You just threw off a group of people whose opinion because the IP was the same. Just about anyone on the Bellsouth ISP network has the same external IP. They have many behind the DMZ, but only one appears to the external world.

    I know who GOPeach is and it is not Liberty Belle. Liberty Belle is a man.

    The same IP means nothing and I hope GOPEAch does not take this laying down.

    There is something called NAT . This is probably over your heads and you apparently don’t care about facts, but here it is anyway.

    If you are reading this article, you are most likely connected to the Internet and viewing it at the HowStuffWorks Web site. There’s a very good chance that you are using Network Address Translation (NAT) right now.
    This is where NAT (RFC 1631) comes to the rescue. Network Address Translation allows a single device, such as a router, to act as an agent between the Internet (or “public network”) and a local (or “private”) network. This means that only a single, unique IP address is required to represent an entire group of computers.

    To see if the ISP you use uses NAT go to your start menu then go to start then run type in cmd. Then type in ipconfig and hit enter Look at your ip address.

    To see the IP address the external world sees go to:

  388. Philly says:

    Right on Debbie, preach it sister!!! I will continue to post, though and all of this have really charged me up. I was pretty blah about the upcoming chairman’s race until I saw the nastiness of Johnson’s supporters and the fact they had Cindye’s supporters thrown off. Hey, PP censors, I guess I will be next huh?

    I fully intend on taking up the slack of GOPeach and others. I also emailed my friends and urged them to sign up and post on PP and notified them of PP censorship of Cindye’s supporters.

    To Bill, Mainstream, New World and Brian: If you trash Cindye, then we will trash Koncerak and Johnson. Tit for Tat

    Scott Johnson can not raise money and neither can Koncerak. They were both in charge of the recent legislative luncheon fundraiser and they failed miserably.

    Scott is in bed with Bill Simon and the same group that has been trying to destroy the Cobb GOP the last four years. Scott is weak and is a quitter and not dedicated . He is a terrible public speaker. The Cobb Chairman is the spokesperson for the party. If Johnson is elected, it will be like having Elmer Fudd as party spokesperson.

  389. debbie0040 says:

    One last post for you braindead morons that htink GOPeach is Cindye try checking out facts first instead of spreading false rumors that you are so good at.

    If you reserach you will find that GOPeach was posting during the last GOP primary in favor of Ralph Reed. Long before Cindye Coates even thought about running for Cobb GOP Chairman. Cindye had a race of her own to run during this time.

    BTW, I can damn well assure you that Cindye’s supporters will turn out for the county convention, just like the past two conventions…

  390. Bill Simon says:


    I understand the concept of the NAT…BUT, tell me, what is the geographical range of the router used for this? Is it measured in feet or miles as to how close the actual computers have to be to each other to all take advantage of the same router to log-on to the Internet?

  391. debbie0040 says:

    The router is the Bellsouth router not the local personal router. I am not sure how Bellsouth or any other ISP have their network set up. It could be set up by city, area or neighborhood. It would not be economically feasible to have one router assigned to each household. Routers ain’t cheap.

    In the company I work for, we have many switches and routers but only one router in each city that access the external internet network. For example we have an office in Jackson county that has their own router that routes back to our network in Duluth via an IPSEC Tunnel. The router they use to access the internet is one in Duluth. We only have one external router in Duluth and office in Norcross, Duluth and Pendergrass access the external network through one router.

  392. newworld says:

    I don’t know…I just have an incredibly hard time believing that Cindye Coates would travel all the way Vinings in order to make a statement under her own name at midnight.

  393. Philly says:

    I can gurantee that my penis is not doing the thinking for me in regard to Debbie. I have never had any dealing with her other than her being up front with me and honest, even if I did not like what she had to say. I am not someone that just blindly believes what I am told and I check things out. In fact, I find ASH somewhat arrogant at times and like a typical car salesman type, but have never found Debbie to be that way. You have dislike for Debbie, Michael and others because they support ASH and that is not right. But then again, people don’t like Scott or Bob because they are associated with you so I guess that is human nature.

    You have made such wild accusations about ASH, have you any facts to back them up? You have accused him of misusing Cobb GOP funds to benefit his business, have any facts to back that up?

    I have heard of slander and libel…..

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