Tax Dollars at Work Watch

From the supremely wonderful AJC Capitol Updates:

3 p.m.: Georgia’s best varsity wheelchair basketball team goes head-to-head against members of the Georgia House of Representatives.

I am trying to decide what is most offensive about this. Either the use of our hard-earned for such a frivolous activity, or that Georgia Representatives wanted to compete against disabled athletes (were they trying to prove a point).

Out of curiosity, what was the score?


  1. Clint Austin says:

    Come on! You really have got to be a cynic to find some fault in this with that mindless use of the “waste of my taxpayer dollars” line.

    It was a game designed to bring attention to the positive things that disabled people are achieving.

    Lay off a little and decide that – perhaps – even your state representatives can do a little good “on your dime” by taking part in something that was nothing more than a chance to help some disabled folks feel good about what they are doing in life.

    And by the way – the disabled team spanked the reps 31-2.

  2. Adam says:

    The wheelchair basketball team should just be happy it wasn’t a bar fight. We know those Reps would win that every time. Haha.

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