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  1. Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Other Business Groups Endorse Certificate of Need

    1) The Georgia Chamber’s Board of Directors voted 209-to-1 earlier this month to include the following endorsement of CON in its 2007 Legislative Agenda:

    “Hospitals are essential to the economic development, welfare and stability of our state, are the largest employer in many Georgia communities, and are an integral part of the delivery of quality healthcare to Georgians. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce supports inclusion of all hospitals, single specialty hospitals, imaging centers, and ambulatory surgery centers under the same Certificate of Need laws currently applicable to Georgia hospitals, including the requirement for indigent care and Medicaid participation. In addition, the current law should be streamlined by adopting all the procedural recommendations on which the CON commission reached unanimous agreement.”

    2) “A small group of investors and doctors is lobbying the General Assembly to repeal or weaken CON so they can open limited-service hospitals, ASCs and imaging centers that perform the most profitable procedures now done in hospitals without the obligation to share the hospitals’ burden to care for indigent and Medicaid patients. The General Assembly is expected to consider CON legislation in 2007.”


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