The Commemorative SpaceyG Open Thread

Because she asked.

Hey People! This is going back to the top of the page. SpaceyG ain’t happy with your lack of participation in this open thread. Get to it!


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Awwww Erik: I’ll never say ugly things about your “style” again. And I MAY even start spelling your name right! If you’re really really super nice to me! Love ya. Don’t go changin’. Air kisses all around!! Smiley faces… well, you’re all big boys here. You get the point…

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Oh Jason… don’t be a pill. You’re just scared of my “waaahamahlon heat.”

    I see the open thread went over like a lead balloon… this blog’s no fun at all.

  3. 1/31/07
    Okay Muse Spacey,

    You give up too easily. Here’s a poem for you: “You are like a fragrant spaceflower’s seedpod with roots planted in eternal wet red clay.” -vj

    Now that we’ve covered bloggereyecontact101, podiatricfashion & desperatemommiesofgeorgiapodcastequestrian-menridingisms can we go back to Senator Clinton and share some cookies?

    In between wonderfully choreographed bambino eruptions; didn’t she like attempt to “conscience d’augmenter” about our looming health care crisis, like over a decade ago, yanno, yanno, yanno???

    Ex-Ga State Senator Connie Stokes held a series of hearings on “The Future of Georgia Health Care” in 2002. My velcros, unaware that they had a “valvule mitrale ‘eclatee” during the hearings were present at the hearings and “dans leur visages.“

    So my reincarnated Southern Sole leads me to write a 2007 Future of Georgia Health Care multi act play for y’all:


    Setting: March 20, 2007. Oaky Woods at Clinchfield, Houston County Georgia, USA

    Caste Members: Governor Sonny Perdue(GSP), Rep Larry O’neal (LO), GDOT Chair Harold Linnekold (HL), Rep Tom Knox (TK), Sen Ralph Hudgens (RH), EPD Chair Dr Carol Couch (CCC), DNR Commissioner Noel Holcomb (NH) , DHR Commissioner B.J. Walker (BJ), Sen Robert Brown (RB), Rep David Lucas (DL), Rep Allen Peake (AP), Rep Allen Freeman (AF), Rep Tony Sellier (TS) Rep Jim Cole (JC), Sen Don Balfour (DB), Dekalb Commissioner Connie Stokes (CS), Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine (JO), Various & assorted Good Ole Boys (GOB), Paris Hilton (PH), Andre (Andre) Cathy Cox (CC), Kathy Cox (KC), Karen Handel (KH), Rev Daddy Rick (RDR) and Sonny’s favorite cousin VictoratGaImproper ( Count Vagicuz)…

    GSP: “Wheee doggies fokes, I wanna thank all y’all fer grabbin yer “peche’ poteaux” and comin down to thuh Oaky Woods Crayfish Fishin hole for the GOB Future of Georgia Health Care Summit. When my 19 million dollar “Go Fish” plan for Georgians with pre-existing medical conditions hit the International podcastpress; I have to be honest injuns, I was fishin in Lake Juliette with RDR and we wuz both a little “visage rouged” from the Plant Scherer Mercury coal dust fumes and were not quite ready for the thunder of the overwhelming global applause and adoration. HL almost upstaged me with his Projected 200 billion GDOT shortfall and LO was down in Orlando on a trade mission with Mayor Ellis from Macon. If there wuz any “Americain Africain” fokes in Houston County, I‘d swear LO and JE wuz cuzzins.”

    Vagicuz: “Cousin Sonny, can we ditch the Disney-Maconga jokes, I‘m trying to get Disney Film Studios to film a show called Mickey Mouse does Oaky Woods, here in HOCO?”

    GSP: “Why Vagicuz, if you don’t appreciate my Presidential “sens de l’humour” you kin jest go back to Granary Burying Ground. “

    Vagicuz: “Yessuh your Majestycuz but you realize one of our common ancestors, Mother Mary Goose is buried up there and I got them golden eggs to prove it…”

    GSP: “”Ferme-la Vagizuz, cessez et renoncez!” Anyway, however, on the other hand, this pristine, politically woven, privately taxed, gated-community, 200 acre, man-made fishin hole is dedicated to my Historic Perdue family landholding heritage, which dates back to Shropshire. That radical rascal Shakespeare bastardized his Latin and French and changed our family name; which back in the good ole days, used to be spelt Pardie.” Therefore, hitherto, anyway, on the other, non-blind, trusty hand; I proclaim this the HOCO PARDIE CENTRAL GOB FISHIN HOLE.”

    PH: “That’s HOT GSP, i can’t resist, may i kiss your hand? I love it when you talk French. So where is my HOT Hundred Millionaire Only Hilton Hotel going?”

    GSP: “Good question my little chickadee, you must have gotten your dangling participles mixed up on the invitation. The HHMOHH is going right on the corner of HL’s highway through the Ocmulgee National Monument Indian Mounds down in Maconga.”

    PH: “I beg your pardon your Majesty but my dangling participles are laser like HOT and I am certainly not anything resembling your teeny, tiny, dangling, barbecued weeny chicken wingy things that we were so barbarically served over at the chicken fat rendering plant, right next to Oaky Woods…”

    GSP: “Vagicuz, this is why you were invited, do your duty.”

    Vagicuz: “Un moment” Sire, lemme pull out my Strunk and White, PH’s dangling participles have my “titanie valvule mitrale” in retro active glam mode, “svp“?”

    DB: “Hey where is my Maison de Gaufre” going to fit in around here???”

    GSP: “Right next to the NONCON Gastric Bypass Trauma Care Center. Smother & cover it will ya DB? PH is applying for a CON “Maison de Huddle.” It’s part of my Healthy Georgia Initiative. PH is in charge of the “grosses personages” habla espanol deportment division. We can’t show any “virilite favoitisme” just because you serve the HHMOHH club so well.”

    JO: “What type of limo will be picking my “epouse et I” up for the bon fire of the fish “avec mercure sauce“, later this evening?

    GSP: “Merci JO, that is a very important question. Since we overlooked implementing “limite limite’s” for the Duke of Fire Safety & “secondairement” Health Insurance in Georgia; you have performed your St Simonly duties so well that we are awarding you a “Blue Voyages en Jet l’avion. at your and Larry Glascock’s beckon call.”

    JO: “Je boirai a celui,” your majesty.”

    RH: “Where does Comer, Georgia fit into this?”

    GSP: RH, radical Hispanic sources aka King George Bush’s Nephew, indicate that none of your kin foke are buried in Comer, Georgia USA you’re gonna have to prove your lineage to our GOB family before we elaborate on that, in the meantime, Gullah country ain’t too far north of you, you been hiking lately?”

    RH: “If by hikin, you mean sitting across from PH, then yes Sire, I have gotten an “oeill comple’tement remerciez vous.”

    To be Continued…

  4. bowersville says:

    I don’t know whether this is purple haze and if not, whether it’s sensitive to oxygen, ultra violent light, and chlorine or just creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ordinary fetters. I guess Friday will offer more clues.

  5. jsm says:

    Congrats to Al Gore on winning the world’s most useless, politically driven prize for his movie about global fearmongering. This only further discredits the nobel peace prize.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    I would just like to say that the fricking recent comments dealie on the right hasn’t been working properly for quite a while now and it is really annoying for those of us who cannot spend all day on here (anymore.)

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