Serious Posting Time

One of our own here on the front page, Adam Fogle, fresh off the Max Burns campaign and finished with college is in the job market. In fact, if someone out there would hurry up and offer him a job, it’d free him up to get him back on the front page here.

So, serious posting time — he’s well qualified. I’ll vouch for him. And he’s committed to the cause.

I know you GOP’ers read this blog. I’d even be willing to have to give up Adam on the front page if you offer him a cushy job. He deserves one and won’t disappoint.

Now back to sunday sales ridicule.


  1. Jace Walden says:

    From what he’s posted on this site, he seems to be a pretty smart guy.

    Kind of off topic, if you click on the link Erick provided, you’ll see that the “Days Until Max Burns is Elected to Congress” counter is actually still running…except, now it’s in negative numbers…

    Just thought it was kind of funny. I’m done now.

  2. mercergirl says:

    I feel your pain Adam- two days after I got married (and didn’t even take a honeymoon) I come back to find out that a new owner has bought into my company and I no longer have a job. (Thanks a lot)

  3. For Christ’ sake, send the kid off to Spain or Iraq to learn a foreign language and international culture. If he ends up at a Multinational Conglomerate, the skill set may come in handy to attract non third world jobs to Georgia. Otherwise, he’s just doomed to be another good ole boy Georgia hick, suckin off Erick’s big peach.

  4. You’re right Bowersville… “the ants are my friend, they’re blowin’ in the wind, there’s a bathroom on the right, i see a Renoir and I want to paint it black…”

    We should be analyzing what the skill set of a field campaign worker transalates into in the global arena to help him with the transition.

    Doit etre une pleine lune

  5. Demonbeck says:


    Either you’re a nutbag and that made no sense, or I am just plain stupid and don’t get what you just said – neither are too far out of reach from what I can see.

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