Ralph Reed raises his head…

I guess there is some speculation that convicted felon Jack Abramoff’s friend and former business partner Ralph Reed may be on the verge of signing on to the Romney team.  How do people like Reed seem to have staying power in the game of politics?  Someone answer that for me!  If you’ve got the answer, that might be why the nation seems to be losing trust in Republicans.     

From Hotline On Call…

Ralph Reed likes Giuliani too…


  1. Josh D Ondich says:

    It is offical stay away from Mitt Romney. Ralph Reed has a presidential candidate. Any presidential candidate Ralph Reed endorses will bring that candidates poll numbers down. Ralph Reed as VP nominee is a nightmare for the GOP and America.

  2. David says:

    I can’t understand why mainstream candidates would go anywhere near this snake. He’ll have more baggage than the sleaziest candidate he hooks up with him. Does anyone know anything about the suits rumored to have been filed against him by his Indian clients?

  3. Bull Moose says:

    David, that’s why I’m asking the question. If Romney does indeed court Reed, it just shows you the desperation that the Romney camp finds itself in.

    It won’t hurt Guiliani because he’s already larger than life, but it certainly won’t help him because Reed is seen as a man for hire to the highest bidder.

  4. Josh D Ondich says:

    If any presidential campaign is that desperate to court Ralph Reed, then that campaign is not a winning ticket. I hope the GOP never allows Ralph Reed to be a VP nominee because that would political suscide for the GOP . I do not care how good the Presidential nominee is. I would never for any presidential campaign that has Ralph Reed as VP.

  5. David says:

    I agree totally, Bull. And Guiliani even came down here and campaigned for him. Why he’s even being seen in the same room with Ralph these days is puzzling.

  6. bowersville says:

    The best thing any candidate has to hope for is Reed in the opposing camp. All they have to do is run the Cagle add themes of ’06.

  7. Calybos1 says:

    Convicted criminals from the Republican and Christian-Right side tend to be of the white-collar variety, with True Believers as their faithful followers. Their careers aren’t destroyed by exposure of their crimes; indeed, they often do BETTER thanks to the “victim of the liberal smear machine” excuse.

    You’re aware of Oliver North, yes? How about Kissinger being dredged up as a proposed “terrorism advisor” to the Bush administration? Then there’s Bob Novak, G. Gordon Liddy, Tom Delay, Chuck Colson, Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris… all crimimals and proven liars, and yet all still darlings of the Faux News crowd.

    Remember the unspoken motto of this administration: “Accountability is for OTHER people.”

  8. David says:

    What did Novak do that was criminal? And all Morris did was get his toes sucked by a hooker while talking to Clinton getting blown by Monica. And none on your list is alleged to have been involved with the cheating of a minority group out of millions.

  9. 2/1/07
    “I truly love Jesus and everything but”
    by Victor Jones, Macon, Georgia USA

    -“John 2:15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.”

    I truly love Jesus and everything but didn’t he like use whips & chains on folks like this and on hypocritical, pseudo flip flop, free market legislators who try to turn God‘s creations such as Jekyll Island into another billionaire’s only, G-8 Sea Island or worse yet into an over developed, traffic jammed St Simons Island? Erick, if you’ve never been there, I question your Georgianism and we need to have a “amistoso, hombre to hombre talk.”

    Remind me to tell you the story about when Ralph Reed was in Macon this summer, ironically for some reason at a local Hospital, which peripherally has my dear departed Dad‘s name carved in Georgia Marble, right by the elevator going up. Ralph seemed nervously pleasant enough but he encouraged the middle Georgia illiteracy rate by insisting that the Republican & Demican audience not read any newspaper accounts about him, Jack Abramoff and the Tribe until after the election.

    Senator Cecil Staton was the ambassador for Ralph Reed and did quite a glowing introduction. It’s obvious Cecil is a true Christian in that he hopefully loves the sinner but hates the sin. I’d love to sit in on Cecil’s Sunday School class if he’d ever invite me and some of the bright and colorful inner city kids. “Le amamos” Cecil.

    Yeshua Dave was there too, representing the Republican lady Doctor who had like almost a dozen kids, but admirably put herself through medical school while unashamedly raising them on food stamps and welfare.

    As Georgia showed an obvious distaste and prejudice for female legislators in the Fall of 2006 and with a little help from my legendary friend Georgia Legislator Robert Ray, she got walloped by Trinidad born great American Tony Sellier, “quien habla espanol” and who is proudly serving on the Latino Community Development Fund board as of 12/06 and has nobly served as immigrant liaison in his Church.

    I think Dave has a big story to tell about RR in the days after he endorsed my favorite Demican Casey Cagle. I‘m sincerely interested in how it all shook out in the end, if indeed it has yet ended.

    I’ve already visited Dave’s Yeshua based church. It was a fascinating sermon by a fiery young GQish gentleman preacher who obviously spends a lot of time in the tanning booth to the delight of the ladies present. But the three hour sermon was a little long in the tooth. He almost convinced us that Jesus didn‘t rise after the currently accepted biblical version of three days.. . I have more “en la busqueda de la verdad,” theological questions later but would love to attend Church and “Escuela de Dominga” with all of you.

    After the hospital based Mid-Georgia Republican political rally, one of the ex hospital V.P.s that severely grilled Ralph by publicly asking him such questions as “Boy, what type of real work have you ever done?“ turned to me and demonstratively declared, “Boy, you need a haircut.” Ralph was standing with us after his talk and had to fight back laughter when I gently reminded the wheel chair bound exVP whose tenure was served in the hospital laundry department that “”Perdoneme” me but Jesus had long hair and a beard and if we are encouraged to be Christ like, what is the problem?”

    Dad once suggested to me that there was only one perfect person in the world and he departed a couple of thousand years ago. That was way before Zell Miller & Cecil Staton wrote the “Dueling Gospels According to Zell book.” I wonder if Dad would change his opinion now under threat of a televised duel challenge from Zell. Remind me to tell you the story about when Legendary Boxer W.L. Stripling’s brother spit on Dad’s shoes at the 1931 Georgia State Fair in Macon, Georgia USA.

    So, if we keep blending Church and State. And the messengers of “Las Buenas Noticias” & guardians of the truth are all under the Gold Dome, aren’t’ we like gonna end up paying for our sins of omission in not using whips, chains, tar, feathers, and repeated unconditional forgiveness on them to set the truth free? Maybe I’ll have a broader and deeper understanding after visiting y’alls churches. Remind me to share a long short story called, “Addicted to Forgiveness.”

    As retired Mercer University President and visionary Kirby Godsey will hopefully say if he announces his Macon, Ga USA Mayoral Candidacy, “When we talk about Jesus, let’s be honest.”

    Okay Bowersville, it’s your turn. What’s shakin up near Gullah land and Great Great GrandDad, CSA Captain Calvin Logue‘s Gibson, Ga, Washingtonian style Monument? Remind me to tell you about the St Helena, S.C. Gullah cemetery project and the religious persecution of the Mormons in Hell’s Half Acre, Georgia USA…

    reverently yours in brotherly love,
    Victor at Georgia Improper

  10. Bull Moose says:

    Funny Demon, did Ralph Reed see his shadow? If he did, does it mean more corruption in Republican politics? If he didn’t, that means corruption is over!

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