Internet safety.

Erick mentioned Sen. Staton’s plan to give parents access to their kid’s MySpace accounts. Personally I think there are better ways to deal with this issue. However, the issue is an emotional one – and a real one – especially for parents of teenagers. Teenagers, in the words of Red Forman, are ‘idiots.’

Last night at Hull Middle School in Gwinnett some parents discussed the issue of internet safety and a father related this story:

DULUTH — About a week after David Richardson’s daughter graduated Mill Creek High School, she moved away from home to live with a person she had met online.
She was 18, and she was in love — and nothing her parents said to her stopped her from leaving.

It’s been almost a year since she moved away, and Richardson said as far as he knows, his daughter is physically OK, but “an otherwise smart girl” gave up acceptance to Georgia Tech to move in with a stranger.

Richardson said his daughter was making good grades in school, had good SAT scores, and had been driving for a year without receiving any tickets or getting into any accidents. But he did not know what she was doing online.

“When they’re running their lives in a responsible manner, you don’t want to fight all the time,” he said.


  1. ColinATL says:

    Sad anecdote, but really, it’s more a cautionary tale for parents than it is a cry for legislation.

    Seriously, if this girl gave up an acceptance for FREE college at a top notch school, then maybe she wouldn’t have lasted at Tech anyway.

    I’m not a frequent watcher, but I caught Wife Swap on Monday, and they had a father who had no idea that his 13 year old daughter had posted soft-core pictures of herself on her MySpace page. (Sadly, the mom knew about it and did nothing.) All parents need to be engaged in their children’s lives, both online and offline, period.

  2. memberg says:

    I think it just comes down to the fact that people would rather believe that a predator is waiting to seduce their teen, than believe that their teen is seeking a walk on the wild side.

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