Who knew that it mattered?

Athens newstalk radio 1340AM is using its seven minutes at the top of the hour, and three minutes at the bottom of the hour — usually reserved for state and national news — to report on today’s Student Government Association elections at the University of Georgia.

I didn’t realize it was actually news. Then again, I also didn’t know that today was “election day.”

Maybe the real story will be whether or not they broke the 1% mark in student participation.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Ehh, I dunno… your point would have more punch behind it if Peach Pundit hadn’t already beat this story to death over the past couple of weeks. Since we have, it’s kind of a pot-kettle-black sort of deal. The saga of the UGA student government has been a “reality television” sort of story… everyone pretends it’s silly and beneath them, but we’ve all been watching anyway.

  2. In case anyone really is interested:

    Voter turnout was 12%, which, historically is near average.

    The big news piece surrounded the “vote of confidence” which had the potential to dissolve the SGA. The vote, was 86% in the affirmative, effectively mandating that the SGA continue to operate.

    I think we all agree it must have been a slow news day when they decided this was state-wide news worthy…or at least ATL newsworthy. And I’m in SGA.

  3. UGAchris says:

    “Voter turnout was 12%, which, historically is near average.”

    I don’t know where Matthew got these numbers from. This year 3,662 students voted. In 2006, 4,081 students voted. In 2005, 6,002 students voted.

    It seems to be a downward trend to me.

  4. Not that anyone else is paying attention…

    Given that the race was uncontested, twelve percent is as near to on track as we can ask for…of course more would be better.

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