Is Robert Brown Running?

A tipster sends this in:

You have bad information on Robert Brown for mayor. While he is considering a mayoral run, he sees building the Democratic caucus in the Senate as his possible legacy. I have discussed this with him as recently as this week and I can assure you that he is truly undecided but leaning towards not running–and I’m in a position in which he would tell me his actual intentions.

While I sympathize with the tipster, Robert Brown is running for mayor. It’s all but done and would be done now except he does not want to undermine his current position. He’ll announce as soon as the session ends.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Erick, what makes you think that Robert Brown is running for Mayor? Do you feel that he’s looking into it, or that he’s made up his mind to run? I’m curious too.

  2. Erick says:


    Several local leaders tell me that Brown confirmed to them he is running and sought help clearing the field.

    Likewise, a couple of folks who thought of running tell me they were discouraged from doing so by Congressman Marshall because Brown was going to run. Brown and Marshall are very close confidants.

    There’s a bit more, but I’d be giving away stuff I’d prefer not to if I even mentioned it.

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