Consolidation in Barrow?

While new cities are spreading like a bad rash in Fulton county, people in Barrow county are talking consolidation:

County Commission Chairman Doug Garrison, who has said he favors a combined city/county government, asked Barrow County’s six mayors to consider forming a 17-member citizens’ unification commission. The commission, consisting of laypeople rather than politicians, would investigate establishing a countywide government, or at least consolidating services like police, fire and utilities. Each governing authority would contribute $5,000 to the commission for its work.

“We are the eighth smallest county and we have six municipalities,” Garrison said. “Who’s to say we won’t have a John’s Creek? I don’t know how we could survive that growth.”

I certainly understand the desire for folks in Fulton to be free of that county’s government, but for a county like Barrow, consolidation is perhaps a good thing. Fewer layers of government are better in my opinion.

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  1. JRM2016 says:

    Consolidation is not only right for Barrow but many counties throughout the State. I can only speak from my experience in Muscogee County, but I cannot imagine having municipal and county governments to deal with separately. It is hard enough getting things done with one City Council!

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