24 Open Thread

Let’s have it.

For those who do not know who Piglet McBluetooth is, go here and scroll to the bottom. Excerpts:

00:31:00 SWEET Smokin’ JUDAS: Jack’s brother is THAT GUY from LAST SEASON. The technocratic scotch-drinking offspring of Jason Alexander and the Voice of Piglet. I didn’t even know they were dating.

It’s a small world. A small, vicious, irradiated world.

Season six’s extra added bonus: fratricide!

. . . .

00:38 Mission Accomplished, screenwriters: Jack’s brother is now the guy I most want dead. With that stupid cellphone earpiece he reminds me of that mute fellow who communicated telepathically with Billy Dee Williams in the Cloud City. If you know what I mean.

00:39 Ah: the bad guy’s wife and Jack had a thing. Which probably explains why Piglet McBluetooth turned against his country and set up the president.

00:47 Bill Buchanan shakes hands with Yasser Jr. That was quick. Indicates betrayal in hour eight.

00:53 America wanted to see Piglet McBluetooth decked. Jack Bauer delivers.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Piglet McBluetooth!! Priceless. It’s even funnier that I went directly from a “social media” meeting right to the end of 24. Most of the men at the “social media” event looked just like Piglet Mac, avoiding eye contact with humans, especially women, with their little widgets attatched to their shiney bald heads and/or overly-trendy glasses. Will somebody please tell the losers who strut about with their Bluetooth piece wired into their brain that women are laughing — at them.

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