It’s official, Sue’s in.

Sue Everhart officially declared her candidacy for Georgia GOP Chairman with this press release:

Press Release

MARIETTA, GA—Sue P. Everhart, current First Vice-Chair of the Georgia Republican Party, and a long-time Republican Party leader and grassroots activist, has announced that she will run for Chairman of the Georgia State Republican Party. The election will be held at the state convention at the Gwinnett Convention Center May 19, 2007.

Georgia Republicans now hold the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, a majority of the Georgia Senate and Georgia House of Representatives, as well as the two US Senate seats and the majority of the Georgia members of the US House of Republicans. These election victories were the result of a strong state Party supported by a solid statewide grassroots organization.

“My goal as Chairman will be to build on this success. The success of Republican candidates in Georgia depends on maintaining our statewide volunteers and supporting them through more sophisticated and extensive training. We need to strengthen grassroots networks where Party volunteers are weak and Republicans are losing close races.

“We lost two close Congressional races in the 2006 election cycle—one race by only 864 votes and another by 1,752 votes—and I want to avoid these types of losses in the future by making sure that Republican candidates in every area of the state have the strong support of a well-organized state party organization and a well-trained grassroots volunteer network. I also want to make sure that we maintain the positions we’ve won. I am particularly looking forward to working to reelect Sen. Saxby Chambliss for another term.”

Mrs. Everhart worked her way up the Republican Party hierarchy through the grassroots. She has worked on dozens of local, state and national campaigns. She has also served in various capacities in the Georgia Republican Party including coordinating their last 3 State Conventions and was the the Georgia Coordination for the 2004 National Convention in New York. She served two terns as Sixth District Chairman and is now Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. She was named the Georgia Republican Party’s Volunteer of the year in 2000 and received their Pioneer Award in 2005 for her long and continued service to the Party.

She is a tireless organizer, believes strongly in developing and maintaining a grassroots organization, and has outstanding political instincts and in-depth knowledge of the Republican Party organization and the candidates and volunteers in the state. She will be an outstanding Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Mrs. Everhart is the widow of Guy O. Everhart, MD and has one son. She is a former banker and lives in Marietta, Georgia. She has been very active in her community including serving as Chairman of the Cobb County Election Commission. Chairman of the Cobb County Arts Board, Board Member of the Cobb County Conventions and Visitors Bureau and serves on the Advisory Board for the Cobb County Symphony.


  1. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Congratulations and good luck to Sue. She has certainly worked hard for Republicans in the state of Georgia for a long time.

    I know that Anthony-Scott Hobbs has also indicated an interest in running. Pardon me for not knowing, but who else has declared? I seem to remember that there is at least one other.

  2. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Yes, John Watson was the name I couldn’t remember. I don’t know much about him. Who is he and where is he from? Is there any truth to the rumor that he is Alec’s chosen successor?

  3. atlantaman says:

    I don’t know if he is Alec’s chosen successor, although it’s plausible.

    He worked for the State GOP a few years ago and most recently has been Sonny Perdue’s Chief of Staff. I think John he’s also been in and out of lobbying over the years.

  4. Jack S says:

    The name you might be thinking of is chip pearson. When I spoke with my state rep the other day, he said most of the electeds are scared to death of ash and sue is a nice lady but they don’t think she can run an effective campaign operation.

    I don’t know if pearson is interested or not but my friend there in the house told me that a bunch of legislators are planning a draft pearson effort.

    They think too much is on the line.

  5. landman says:

    Jack, You are absolutely correct,I have heard Senator Pearson”s name come up several times in the last few weeks as someone we need in this position.
    The General consensus seems to be ASH is a wacko and operates with hidden agenda’s and ulterior motives and is not very trust-worthy and while Sue is likable she doesnt possess the skill set to effectively run a multi-million dollar operation and lead us to the next level.Im in total agreement with what seems to be a growing concern among our elected leaders and Republican loyalist that are not apart of the totally wacko segment of our party.
    What all Republicans must remember is this is not a position that is bestowed upon someone merely on years of service,but rather one that should go to the person who has the ability and credentials to lead the organization in the best way possible.The last election cycle was very telling of what lengths some of these out of touch old line party wackos would do to push their agendas,we do not need any more of this and now is the time to “flush” the system and put someone in this position that can unify our Party and take us to the next level.
    If Senator Pearson were to be willing to do this he is the PERSON for the job and I think will make a viable option to the status quo.

  6. MountainThinker says:

    I believe that the Chairmanship of the party is not supposed to be some position of authoritarian top-down rule, but as a teamleader position. Sue is an intelligent woman, capable of measuring strengths and weaknesses in others as well as herself. I know of noone who can and will do everything perfectly, single-handedly. However, I know Sue well enough to know that she will work tirelessly on anything she puts her mind to and that she can and will organize the party and its management effectively, delegating the tasks she thinks best to someone equal to the task for the greater good of the party. That, to me, is true LEADERSHIP. That’s why I’ll be supporting Sue Everhart.

  7. shep1975 says:

    Slight probelm with that…

    State Party Rule 2.12: “An officer who qualifies as a candidate for an elected public office for which no other Republican has also qualified shall be deemed to have resigned immediately upon being elected to that office.”

    You cannot be an elected official and a party officer in the GAGOP.

    Unless Chip is planning on stepping down from the state sentate (a definite loss for the caucus), or we have a Rule change allowing elected officials to serve, he is not an option.

    What a lot of people seem to either forget or don’t know is Sue was an extremely effective administrator of the 6th Cong. District as Chair. She set both fundraising records for the Congressional district level.

    She has put together every past party event and convention over the last four years.

    If you have ever had t put together a party convention, it’s not just about making a few phone calls, but coordinating venues, caterers, printing, fundraising, etc, etc.

    Sue more than has the organizational skills, the fundraising ability and political clout to be party chair.

    If you believe the GAGOP can “get to the net level” by giving a collective middle finger to anyone who can’t write a $10,000 check, we will soon find our state party in the same situation the national party is in.

    I have better things to do than continue to waste my time on a party that could care less about the thousands of hours I volunteer when I could be engaged in more personally productive persuits.

  8. atlantaman says:


    I was unaware of that rule, but since you printed it I’m sure it’s correct. It must be a fairly recent rule, because I remember when Don Balfour ran for State Party Chair.

  9. shep1975 says:

    Acyually, Chip has been affected by the rule. He was 5th Vice Chairman of the Party when he had to resign when he ran for Senate. Jerry Wyatt was famous for haivng to resign several times as 3rd Vice-Chairman because of his frequent runs for office. He faced a tough challenge at his last race for Party VC because people were tired of electing him so he could just resign a year later.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Sue cannot run a “multi-million dollar operation?”

    Really? Maybe you’re right. Maybe all those years she spent at a BANK as an officer didn’t prepare her too well for managing a money-based operation.

    Landman, you’re ignorant, my friend. That’s not a good trait to possess in politics. Quit talking out of your ass about the “general consensus” bullshit.

  11. SevenHillsDem says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the GAGOP elected a female chair. That seems to be where the battleground is now–white women.

  12. landman says:

    Yea, Simon Im ignorant and you are all knowing.I know alot of good Bankers that would make terrible multifaceted,multi layered organizational managers but thats my opinion,and I only own and operate three regional Real Estate Developement Companies and deal with bankers everyday as opposed to a political pundit like yourself,whom Im sure deals with alot of bankers.
    I dont talk out of my ass Pal,and if you dont think there is a great concern among our elected leaders and the non-wacko”s about options in this race, you are the dumbass my friend.

  13. Jack S says:

    Bill, landman touches on the key point. Regardless of whether its pearson or eric johnson or glenn richardson is irrelevant. There’s real concern among the electeds that millions of dollars would be following through an organization whose leader is questionable. The state gop would collapse financially if our elected leaders decided to stop helping it raise money. There needs to be a balance that landman talked about between building the grassroots and running effective multi million dollar campaigns. Its not about running a convention.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Landman, just because YOU folks in Savannah might have the intellectual capacity of Jack Kingston (who REALLY thinks Stephen Colbert IS a conservative Republican), that doesn’t mean the rest of the state does.

    AND, just because you folks in Savannah (i.e., you, Bull Moose, Senator Johnson, et al.) are against the concept of having a female run for chairman and WIN, that doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    I’m not sure what kind of operation you run in “real estate development”, Landman, but you don’t know what you’re talking about when you make presumptions and ASSumptions based on not having enough information to fill a pisspot.

    You don’t know Sue, you’ve never heard of her, yet you jump to a conclusion without having ANY facts to substantiate your ASSumptions…other than you know she’s a female. And that is likely enough information for you to spout off nonsense.

    And, again, I contend that you’re just talking out of your ass on this entire matter. Thank you for your lucidity on this whole subject.

  15. landman says:

    Bill, so because someone disagrees that Sue is the ONLY person for the job it makes them a member of the anti-female movement,get a clue and grow up.I have said nothing personal against Sue and will vote for her if the feild remains as is with her and ASH,but I like many others hope that isnt the case come May 19th.

    And,again I contend you truly are a dumbass and way over sensitive.

  16. jsm says:

    I received emails this weekend about Sue from a District GOP Chair and the webmaster that most of us in the GOP know. Sue seems to have a lot of support in NE Ga. Whether perception matches reality will be interesting to see.

  17. MountainThinker says:

    As a Northeast Georgian who is actively involved at the local, regional, and district levels, you bet Sue’s got our support. NW GA is in the same column from all I’ve seen.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    No, Landman, it’s not that you “disagree” with me…it is that you make assinine statements like “Sue cannot run a multi-million dollar operation” when you don’t know that…you have no knowledge one way or the other.

    However, for you to stand your ground so strongly on that statement when you know NOTHING else about Sue Everhart other than she’s a female, that pretty much tells me you’ve drawn a conclusion based on no other information.

    You presume that whatever someone is doing now, or whatever role they have in politics now, is what they’ve done all their life. I know that is correct because you ASSume that all I am is a “political pundit” and that’s all I’ve ever been.

    I’m the “dumbass?” Ha-ha-ha. Go back to developing your nursery-school playgrounds and the sandbox you obviously spend too much time in.

  19. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Don’t elect Sue. She is a woman, and probably emotional. That is enough of a reason not to elect her.

    I’ve heard from tons of people from within the ’06 GaGOP that she is incapable of getting anything done. I believe them, they ran a great organization that was inclusive at all levels. That is the model to strive for, so I am waiting for a chosen successor before I decide who to vote for in this race.

  20. shep1975 says:

    There are three competing interests out there in this race:

    1. Grassroots volunteers: Their candidate is Sue. The reason is they know Sue and what Sue is capable of. Sue has served her time with them in the political trenches and they know her.

    2. The Idealogues: These are people who strive for idealogical purity within the party. They believe the party has moved too far to the left and it is the party’s job on the local and state level to push issues. Their candidate will be Anthony. Anthony’s job is pushing issues on his radio talk show and would seem to be a perfect fit.

    3. The Old Guard: This is what is normally termed “Rockefeller” or “Country Club Republicans.” They could care less if you’re prolife or prochoice, as long as you vote Republican and make over 6 figures a year. Hobb-nobbing with powerful people is all they want from their work with the party and their work consists of writing large checks until their hands cramp. They are almost embarrassed that they have to put up with the great unwashed.

    They believe in promently displaying the entrance to the VIP area at party events so those who qualify can be seen by all who don’t.

    They are also the lifeblood of the party. They pay for the mailings, the tv and the salaries of the staff. Without them, we can’t win. They will be representated by a candidate unknown at this time.

    All three of these groups are important to win on election day. This is a three legged stool, and without one leg, the thing falls.

    I used to be a member of the Foundation when they had a special “young Republican” membership of $500 if you were under 36.

    Now that I can afford $1,000 a year, I won’t, because during the last 4 years, the party decided to eliminate the $500 membership. An extra $2,000 isn’t needed when the party is raking in millions from lobbyists.

    Let me let you in on a little secret…the second the party in power switches, the money starts flowing back the other way and $1 million in the bank account will start seeming like a lot again.

    When that happens, we’ll need the grassroots volunteers and the ideologues to pick off the slack. The country club group has done a lot to push the grassroots people away. Campaigning gets a lot more expensive when you have to pay for your door-to-door people.

    We need someone who can appeal to all three groups.

    Alec runs an animal feed business. No one has said he is unqualified because all he does is process a bunch of corn.

    Ralph ran a small staffed consulting business.

    Chuck Clay was a lawyer.

    Rusty Paul had a small business as well.

    I’ve seen state party chairmen barely out of their 20s with no experience running multi-million dollar enterprises run rings around the Democrats in their state. Just look up Chip Saltsman from Tennessee.

    Sue has worked her way up through the party ranks.

    She can fundraise. No one has offered any proof otherwise while I have posted disclosures.

    She knows election law. She’s served forever on the Cobb election board and a lot of that time as Chair.

    She knows finances. She was a bank executive. I’ve also known developers who funbled their way through business. Just because you know one bad banker doesn’t mean everyone is an idiot. If that were the case, no one would keep their money in banks.

    Sue has worked for the company long enough and in almost every job imaginable. It’s time for her promotion.

    And in a year where we may have Hillary Clinton as the nominee and Jane Kidd as the face of the GA Democrat Party, we would be complete morons to not put a competent woman in place as the spokesperson for the Republican Party in Georgia.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    law303…your anonymity says it all about the depth of your statement. It’s not even “Stephen Colbert-funny” if that happens to be what you were aiming for.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    By the way…it’s not just that I feel Sue is competent enough for the job, but also her integrity and character trumps anyone else’s out there…you, included, landman, as evidenced by YOUR continued anonymity on this blog.

  23. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Sue is definately the best choice for chair as of this moment. She has paid her dues and should be promoted.

  24. Headin\' South says:

    Nicely put, Shep. I concur that Sue is a wonderful candidate. All my interactions with her have been quite nice, and I think she has the capacity to be a strong Chair.

  25. Jerry Wyatt says:

    As some of you who have known me over the years you know that I am what I am and I make no excuses. I live in the heart of the forth district and you know the 4th votes 90% democrat. Again, if you were not aware I was a DINO in the 06 primary for state senate.

    I continue to hold true to conservative principles regardless of party label. After reading that a true political friend is seeking the Chairmanship of the GAGOP I found it necessary to comment on Sue Everhart as a person I have known to be hard working for the GAGOP,honest, humble, committed to do what is right inspite of what others may want her to do. Sue is loyal not only to the party but loyal to others who are loyal to the GAGOP.

    I have never know Sue to seek the spotlight for any of the work she had did on behalf of anyone or the GAGOP.

    Sue simply did what was right. When others in leadership within the party attempted to undermind my efforts within the party Sue never supported anything or anyone who was attemping to cut a grass root GAGOP activist off at the knee.

    I know when sue becomes the next GOP Chairperson, Sue will do us all proud. I attended my last GOP convention on any level because I saw the party over the pass 8 years go from a bottom up party to a top down party. I believe Sue will change that.

    We went from having State Committee Meeting to having teleconferences. I believe Sue will bring back the State Committee meeting to allow open debate and discussion

    We went from allowing open GOP primaries to protecting incumbents. I know Sue will allow open GOP Primaries.

    If a incumbent has done their job the state party chair does not need to protect that incumbent and I don’t think Sue will protect a incumbent during a GOP primary.

    Because Sue Everhart is running for State Party Chair I will attend this years convention so I may work for and cast my vote for Sue Everhart as the next State Party Chair of the Georgia Republican party.

    I ask everyone who has supported me in the past with your vote and support to bring 5 old or new republicans to the process to meet me at the next state convention to vote for Sue Everhart. Let bring 5000 votes to the state convention for Sue Everhart and continue to make GOP history in Georgia.

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