They All Suck

For those of you interested in my views of the GOP’s 2008 field, this is how it begins:

They all suck. Let’s just admit it. Every one of the thus far announced Republican candidates for President sucks. From the lecherous adulterer to the egomaniacal nut job to the flip-flopping opportunist with the perfect hair to the guy who hates brown people to the guy we’ve never heard of to the guy who has a better chance of getting hit by a meteor while being consumed by a blue whale being struck by lightening.

They all suck

You can read it all here.


  1. blazer says:

    I am with you Erick,

    Idealogically, I don’t line-up with any of the major frontrunners.

    I like Huckabee (no chance), Gilmore (little chance), and Brownback (Senator…gag).

    So I am at a complete loss for who to support…

    and yes Bull, i hate McCain too. 😉

  2. ColinATL says:

    Congrats, Erick, you got an Yglesias Award from Andrew Sullivan for this post. That’s the award for people who are willing to criticize their own side.


  3. Bull Moose says:

    I’m with McCain still but if the war doesn’t turn by summer, I’ll be looking for someone like Chuck Hagel.

  4. shep1975 says:

    Taking out the fact the Newt is as polarizing as Hillary, his personal failing will disqualify him. Democrats don’t care if their candidates have cheated on their spouses (I think it actually is considered a bonus in a Democrat candidate), but Republicans have a hard time accepting that. And with Newt, it’s not a indiscretion that happened just 30 years ago, but something he’s done in recent years.

    Newt is brilliant, but he’s not Presidential material. I would like to see him Sec. of State or Defense…he has expertise in both and has spent years teaching strategy at the Army’s war college.

    His heath care ideas may make him a good pick for Sec. of Health and Human Services.

  5. GOPeach says:

    I am willing to cut a deal with Rudy.

    If he can be a REAL CATHOLIC and
    be PRO-LIFE 100%, we can live with
    his relational issues.

    After all, if his wife can deal with him-
    who am I to criticize what he does?

    He would be my president not my
    rabbi/ minister.

    He needs to PROTECT the weak as
    the president with the RIGHT TO LIFE!

  6. Harry says:

    I agree. I love Rudy, he’s a great leadership personality and patriot. If he will promise to endeavor to appoint strict constructionists to the supreme court, then I’ll be fine with him.

  7. David says:

    Erick, Tancredo hates brown people? C’mon, he doesn’t hate them. Our country is being subjected to a massive illegal invasion, primarily from those folks south of the border. Just as those who are primarily responsible for the wave of terrorist acts for the last 40 years are radical Islamic fanatics, Tancredo calls it as it is. It seems that our current leadership will do nothing to enforce existing immigration laws, he’s making this disaster the centerpiece of his campaign and I’m glad to see it. It’s not a question of race. It’s a question of how much we value the rule of law. As was brought up recently during the funeral services of Gerald Ford, Ford said after Watergate “…Our great republic is a nation of laws and not of men…” This crisis must be addressed or political correctness will destroy this country.

  8. shep1975 says:

    Unfortunately for Tancredo, no one has ever gone from the House to the White House. But there’s always a first time.

    Newt has a better shot in that regard…there was one President who only have one term in the House before becoming President. There was an almost 20 year gap between the time he left the House and was elected to the WH…Lincoln.

  9. bowersville says:

    Besides, Tancredo doesn’t articulate in an understandable soundbite, the difference between an invader from south of the border and an Islamic terrorist.

  10. bowersville says:

    Chuck Hagel SUCKS. up-Chuck should put up or shut up. If up-Chuck doesn’t support the Iraq situation, he should introduce a bill to cut off the funding. Everyone wants to put this criteria on the Democrats, why not Hagel? His posture is sickening and nothing but political grandstanding.

  11. Bill Simon says:


    Did you get into an accident recently? What happened to your usual “praise and reward” schtick about all things Republican? Are you trying to take my place as a grumpy political critic? 😉

  12. drjay says:

    “Unfortunately for Tancredo, no one has ever gone from the House to the White House. But there’s always a first time.”


  13. jsm says:

    On another site, Shep once floated Tom Ridge as a possible candidate. I’ve thought about it, and think he could possibly be a good president. I wonder if anyone has tried to draft him to run.

  14. shep1975 says:

    You’re right, I did miss Garfield…still not good odds for Tancredo or Hunter.

    I think Ridge has been prety up front that he’s not interested right now, which is unfortunate.

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