The Gwinnett Democrats

So, the other day I mentioned a tip we had gotten that Bobby Kahn and Michael Jablonski had filed a complaint against the Gwinnett Democratic Party. Bobby said it wasn’t so.

Here now are the real details:

A complaint has been filed about Mike Berlon and the Gwinnett Dems. The complaint challenges the validity of the Gwinnett Party because they did not have an election before December 31st, as required by DPG rules.

Bobby Kahn and Mike Jablonski have received copies of the complaint and have been asked to send the matter to the county affairs committee.

No word on where it will go from there.


  1. GeorgiaProgressive says:

    Well, after tomorrow’s vote, hopefully this won’t be an issue for Georgia Democrats as they elect someone other than Berlon. And, hopefully, that will be Jane Kidd and we can get on with business and try, try, try to become a political party that can take on the Republicans again.

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