Off on the Wrong Foot

Not the best way to start a campaign, but does it really even matter?

A 20-page proposal that a likely Macon mayoral candidate has issued as his own strategic “vision” for the city contains substantial portions of a plan written two years ago for a town in Indiana. . . .

A brief perusal of the document and subsequent Internet search for some of its more generic language turned up a nearly identical strategic plan for Valparaiso, Ind., a town of nearly 30,000 people in a county about the same size as Bibb. That plan was completed in January 2005 and includes passages that are repeated verbatim in Randall’s document.

Nowhere in Randall’s plan is credit given to its source material. He did not volunteer the plan’s specific origin until he was asked about it by a reporter. . . .

Randall’s letter also includes phrases found in a letter the Valparaiso mayor wrote to his city’s residents in 2005 introducing the plan there.

The internets are a pesky thing.


  1. BD Smith says:

    Do you think Randall will really follow Valparaiso and insist on zoning regulations for affordable housing in Macon? Now that would be real progressive thinking.

    found on

    Question from Nancy Pekarek, Valparaiso, Indiana:
    The City of Valparaiso, Indiana, is considering an inclusionary zoning to help create more affordable housing opportunities. Do you have a recommendation of an ordinance that you think is one of the best?

    Answer from author Lynn M. Ross:
    This is actually a somewhat difficult question to answer. Certainly, there are inclusionary regulations that are particularly well written or have been successful in practice. However, recommending any ordinance as “one of the best” presents a problem because what is best for community A is not necessarily best for community B. Given the nature of inclusionary zoning, it is especially important that the regulations address the best solution to the affordable housing situation in your particular community.

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