Lucas not running, but is Godsey?

Rep. David Lucas will not be running for mayor of Macon.

But here is something interesting. Peach Pundit has been wondering with former representative Robert Richert has been rushing to have a big announcement and stuffing mail boxes to let everyone know he is running.

Several business leaders tell Peach Pundit he is trying to pre-empt a run by former Mercer President Kirby Godsey. The thinking is that if he can get out first and get public commitments, Godsey might think twice about running.

Richert and the business leaders he is approaching might want to think again. There is increased speculation that Godsey just might run and, as a result, community and business leaders in Macon just might want to hold off on backing Richert.


  1. Jennie B says:

    Godsey for Mayor? Its about time. Bringing to the table a unique mix of ethics, political savvy and an open minded intellectual theory, it would be a shame to see this candidate even close to “retired”. Let’s pun it…”Godsey- He’s Got More to Give”

  2. Jennie B says:

    Go, Godsey! Bringing to the table business savvy, ethics and an open minded intellectual theory, this candidate should never be labelled “retured”…Let’s pun it “Godsey, He’s Got More to Give”

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