God Knows This Is Too Much

Good grief.

The story of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks is on its way to a Gwinnett County theater in the form of a rock opera.

The show is scheduled to open in October at the Red Clay Theatre and Arts Center in Duluth.

Will they include the part where everyone thinks that the fiance is a murderer until she turns up and then goes postal on him over money that he deserved more than her for having put up with her crap and seen the nation view him under suspicion for murder?


  1. ColinATL says:

    I’m not taking sides in this case, but didn’t he keep money for HER book deal? If he wants money, he should write his own damn book.

  2. gatormathis says:

    You might be right on this one.

    Besides, without her flight, there would be no book to write, right?

    Folks, tired of working your fingers to the bone and being completely stressed out trying to make a living?

    Do something completely stupid and asinine, and the world will show up at your door, sometimes with the money.

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