Whitey Must Subside Fulton County

Good grief. How dare the crackers want their own county in North Fulton after their County Chairman and others proclaimed white Republicans chairing the County Commission was the most dangerous challenge to life since, well, the crackers broke out dogs and batons in the sixties.

It is so clearly racist of North Fulton to dare to dream that it might one day not have to subsidize the rest of Fulton County and the inept county commission. How dare they.

Can I just say I’m tired of Vincent Fort screaming racism every time he doesn’t get his way. That he hates white people is no big deal to me, but failing to see beyond race as an issue is just so 1970’s. Nonetheless, I get he won’t support Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because Obama is the wrong kind of black for him.


  1. Decaturguy says:

    You Republicans just don’t get it and that is why you will never get anything more than a fraction of African American support. Sort of like voter ID, just because something doesn’t have an explicit racist purpose, doesn’t mean that it will not be percieved that way. See this story entitled “White Atlanta Suburbs Push For Secession” by the AP: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070123/ap_on_re_us/atlanta_split

  2. Bill Simon says:


    The “perception” part is due to the myopic morons who seek jobs in journalism these days. The very way the story is titled from the AP proves my point.

  3. foray says:

    How is it racist? Campbell County (now South Fulton) has the oppurtunity to split also, and many folks in that area do want to escape.

    Fulton County is larger than 6 states, it is way to big to be run efficiently and effectivley.

    North County has suffered under the likes of Emma Darnell and Nancy Boxill too long

  4. griftdrift says:

    Putting aside the racial implications for the moment although pretending like they don’t exist is a bit pollyannish, let’s look at some political realities.

    1. Either we would have to amend the consistution AGAIN or a rural south Georgia county would have to bite the dust. I wonder how the people of Echols or Baker will feel about that.

    2. It would be a PR disaster for the state. Forget the racial angle for a moment and consider something Bill Shipp said. Whether you like it or not Atlanta is the brand name. This would potentially kill Atlanta once and for all. Rural people might yell “hell yeah!” as corporate leaders watch our ability to attract major business slowly fade into the sunset.

    3. Finally and possibly most importantly, exactly how the hell do you sort out the current debt load including the responsibility for Marta and Grady. For those so short sighted to say “screw em” see number 2.

    It’s a shame that there is not more competent leadership in Fulton County. On both sides. If there is blood, the commission must share some of the blame, all Georgians will suffer. Even those in Macon and parts south.

  5. Mike Hassinger says:

    Grift, you lost me.
    1. I know of more than one rural county struggling financially (neither Echols nor Baker, btw) that would be glad to consolidate with a nearby County. It’s already being talked about.
    2. If you “take the racial angle out,” where, exactly, is the PR disaster? How does a suburb of Atlanta forming its own County “kill Atlanta?” Aren’t major businesses attracted to low-tax environments?
    3. Not certain, but I think Milton is talking about taking at least some of the debt load with them. If not, they got lots of accountants with sharp pencils in Atlanta and Alpharetta, and they know which end makes the numbers. Sorry, but “the math is too hard!” is just not a valid argument against this…

    “All Georgians will suffer?” Puh-leaze.

  6. Know Nothing says:

    The AP article highlights what everyone has known all along- the taxes from the gernous people in north Fulton are going to the subsidize the living of the people in south Fulton.

    The article claims that $193 million would be lost in property taxes alone to south Fulton. Considering these taxes go to fund the school systems, imagine what almost $200 million would do for high school districts such as Roswell, Milton, Chattahoochee, etc. They would become the premiere highschools in the nation.

    Parents shop for school systems when they think about moving into any area (or at least they should). With better schools, I believe corporate leaders will actually have an easier time attracting major business considering more people would want to live in that area.

  7. Jmac says:

    The article claims that $193 million would be lost in property taxes alone to south Fulton. Considering these taxes go to fund the school systems, imagine what almost $200 million would do for high school districts such as Roswell, Milton, Chattahoochee, etc. They would become the premiere highschools in the nation.

    Forgetting any racial aspects of this or whether or not you think the seccession idea is good or not … how in the world do you make up that lost revenue if you’re the remaining parts of Fulton County, which are considerably poorer than North Fulton? Just because they want autonomy doesn’t mean those children don’t have to be educated, does it?

  8. Mike Hassinger says:

    Jmac + Know Nothing-
    There’s a State constitutional cap on the number of school systems, so even if Milton County is created, the school system remains basically the same -at least for the time being.

    School Board taxes are levied independently of County taxes, though they are both based on the same assessment and collected on the same bill.

    Maurice, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. jsm says:

    “…imagine what almost $200 million would do for high school districts such as Roswell, Milton, Chattahoochee, etc.”

    Milton County residents would no doubt want a tax break rather than using the surplus for school systems that they’re already happy with. School tax on a $3 million home is a lot.

  10. griftdrift says:


    1. Which ones? I hadn’t heard that. As for consolidation, I’ve been for a Mitchell Baker consolidation for years. I’m just saying we would have to screw with an already convoluted consistution and even though its being talked about don’t discount south georgia passions if people start talking about them losing their “identity”.

    2. I’m talking about Atlanta as a marketing concept. The fact is the continued balkanization of the region along with lost tax revenues continue to wound the “city core”. Think of boxing and the saying kill the body and the head will die. One of the most short sighted fallacies in the fever to create new entities is “we don’t need Atlanta”. We all need Atlanta and if we kill it from the death of a thousand cuts, we will all suffer. Major businesses are also attracted to places with international name recognition and reputation, once again branding. Do you think Cingular tells investors they are located in Sandy Springs?

    3. I’m not talking about accountants. I’m talking about lawyers. One estimate I’ve heard for the lawsuits that would erupt in trying to figure out that mess is $25 million. Money that would once again come from the tax base. A little like dividing an estate, the harder the sides fight, the more the only people who win are lawyers.

    Ultimately, what I am saying is there is a problem but this ain’t a solution. All of this is fruit from the poision tree of Sandy Springs. And I’m not slamming Sandy Springs. There was plenty of fault on all sides of that mess. But ultimately the bitterness of that fight has led to brinkmanship being the pro forma tactic in trying to solve problems in the metro area.

    What we really need are leaders (new leaders maybe) on both sides to step up and say let’s figure this thing out so that we all benefit.

  11. Decaturguy says:

    Where, exactly, is the PR disaster?

    Do you not think national headlines like “White Atlanta Suburbs Push For Secession,” is a PR disaster for the entire region?

  12. foray says:

    As someone close to Jan Jones, this fall when it was used as a campaign issue she made it clear that Milton would take on a fair share of the debt load as stated in the MARTA and Grady contract.

  13. CobbGOPer says:

    Sorry, but if I lived in North Fulton and had to bear the tax burden that they do, I would be irate as well. When you’re paying nearly half the taxes in the county and only a small portion of that is coming back to your communities in the form of better roads, improved infrastructure, etc., it gets very frustrating.

    That frustration only doubles when you basically have the new county commission chairman tell you that you’re a racist if you vote for Republicans who want to see more of North Fulton’s tax money actually spent improving North Fulton communities.

  14. spaceygracey says:

    Ahhhh, the verbage we can toss out like candy….

    I hate the imagery invoked by “Bloody Fort.” You go looking for a fight, you certainly will find one.

    I also hate that Upper Fulton wants to secede. And honestly, and this is where the Libertarian (or just plain longtime Fulton resident) rubber meets the road, who can really blame them?

    But the word “secession” is as abhorant to a contemporary, progressive southern ear as a foolhearted, hollow bellow of “racism.” (Even if, as Grift implies, some, not all by any means, of that stuff could stick quite well where it’s tossed. Mixing those metaphors again, sorry.)

    Our secession-minded, race-bating ways only continue to propell us nowhere fast. Anyone who thinks things are bad now in (southern)Fulton, rest assured they will only get worse when all those good folks with all their good money pull out. And we’ll all pay dearly – somehow, someway. And not just monetarily.

    As for a PR disaster, rest assured that the rest of the world is already laughing their butts off at our backwater ways.

    I can’t believe we’re STILL carrying on this way. So yeah, if there was ever a time for strong, rational, responsible, thoughtful, dispassionate, cerebral, unifying leadership in Atlanta, then now is surely that time. Tall order, eh?

  15. DutchDawg says:

    “Do you not think national headlines like ‘White Atlanta Suburbs Push For Secession,’ is a PR disaster for the entire region?”

    DecaturGuy – that is precisely why racism will always be a part of politics here. People like you think everything is a racial slight. And it is precisely race-baiting people like you who have swung and missed in this state by refusing to let the politics of racial fear go away. Keep up your rhetoric, you’ll only disgust more people, all the while turning them on to the candidates that won’t act like race pimps to get their way. Keep it up.

  16. Decaturguy says:

    Huh? I didn’t make up that headline which was prominently displayed on the conservative Drudge Report this morning. Despite someone’s good intentions, this is how we are being portrayed and that should matter because it is our future and our children’s futures in this region that matter.

  17. Decaturguy says:

    What do people know about Atlanta and Georgia today? Well, if they look at the newpaper they’ll see that our Christianist Governor wants to keep Sunday holy and will not give us an opportunity to vote on Sunday beer and wine sales and our white northern suburbs want to secede from Fulton county because they do not want to subsidize the black part of the county.

    That is a real good image to bring good paying jobs to our area!

  18. bird says:

    Can anyone tell me what Fulton Co. contributes financially to the City of Atlanta? I pay both Fulton and Atlanta taxes, but I have no idea what I get from Fulton. Every service that I see is paid by the City. If Fulton contributes less to me than what I pay, then maybe we need a consolidated city/county. I am tired of paying all this money to Fulton County when it invariably ends up building sidewalks in North Fulton! 🙂

    Also, the argument that Fulton is larger than a state is silly. NYC (ably managed by Guilliani) is larger than Georgia–should it be split up? Georgia has the second most counties of any state in the country (please check my facts, I remember that from a Ga. history class)–more balkanization is probably not the answer.

  19. CobbGOPer says:

    Bird – just to clarify, your tax money isn’t building sidewalks in North Fulton, it’s building sidewalks in South Fulton. That’s why the NF residents are so pissed, because their tax money is going to the same thing…

  20. foray says:

    NYC is 5 Counties; the Mayor’s power is similar to that of a Governor.

    Whats great about this Constitutional Amendment is we don’t have to listen to what anyone on the Fulton County Commission has to say . . . they can cry their way to consolidated Government with Shirley Franklin at the helm

  21. Screw the lame ass north fulton suburbs anyway. I had to go up there for the 1st time in 9 months yesterday & all I could think about was how mansell road will look like memorial drive or buford highway in 20 years. There is just no ‘there’ there. Good riddance to that cheesy traffic ridden hellhole.

    They may not like Atlanta & those of us who live work & play inside 285 feel the same way about them!

  22. bird says:

    With NYC, the point is, a consolidated government can be more effective.

    Try some stats with your argument.

    Largest county is LA with 9.5 million people (more people than the state of Georgia). Rather have a red state comparison? Dallas County has 2.2 million.


    Fulton has 915,000.


    That argument that the county is too big because it is bigger than a state just doesn’t hold water.

  23. Trackboy1 says:

    I’ve dealt with the Fulton Co. gov’t on multiple fronts, and it’s the most bloated, incompetent, blatant job program, corrupt, despicable gov’t entity in the country. Bill Edwards is truly one of the most pwer hungry, corrupt, reverse racist, hateful, shameless elected officials on the planet.

    The Fulton Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Tax Assessors, Fulton-Atlanta Recreation Authority? As wasteful and incompetent as any gov’t can be.

    What I don’t get is the close to a million people in Fulton don’t give a damn about their high taxes, lack of services and the blatant corruption…someone please explain…seriously.

  24. Headin\' South says:

    Anyone who studies Fulton County knows that it is remarkably disfunctional and that residents of north Fulton pay a substantially disproportionate share of taxes in comparison to the benefit received. I understand that we have an obligation to help those less fortunate, but I always understood that to be a personal obligation, not one imposed by local government.

    That said, I think the politics will work as follows. With legislation now introduced that would allow a referendum, legislative leaders from north Fulton can go to a few rural counties and make a deal. Basically, they can point out that the legislation has been introduced and offer a nice building project or special allocation to the two counties that agree to consolidate — first come, first served.

    Just a thought …

  25. emilie.blankenship says:

    “Bird – just to clarify, your tax money isn’t building sidewalks in North Fulton, it’s building sidewalks in South Fulton. That’s why the NF residents are so pissed, because their tax money is going to the same thing…”

    Have you ever been to East Point, College Park, Hapeville, West End or ANYWHERE in South Fulton? How can you say northsider’s taxes are buying their sidewalks? South Fulton is a complete shit hole, and I find it hard to believe all of our taxes are going to them. look around somewhere more closely like mansell, holcomb bridge or North Point Pkwy. those expensive roads didn’t come from nowhere

  26. Jace Walden says:

    I support the succession…Apparently it’s because I’m a greedy white capitalist.

    But it is rather ironic that when “Milton County” had money problems during the Great Depression, it had no problem being merged with Fulton County. Now that South Fulton has the “money problems”, “Milton County” wants out. When the shoe is on the other foot, the folks of “Milton County” don’t seem to be as concerned.

    Anyway, I support the succession…but it is very, very ironic.

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